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  1. The level of detail Modelsvit is incorporating into their kits is simply amazing, perhaps the best on the planet right now. Just my opinion, but the kits I have are on another level of quality. I think Eduard and Modelsvit are the leaders of the pack right now.
  2. Libor, Since there is so much interest in your builds, is there a chace you might produce a DVD video of one or two of your builds? Perhaps produce one video on a twin engined aircraft like this Beaufort and another video on a biplane so that we can observe your complete rigging process from beginning to end. I'm sure they would sell well. JM Villalba has produced two videos showing his techniques and they are excellent - I've learned so much from them. He included subtitles in many different languages to explain what you are watching. You decide which language you want before the video starts. Just a suggestion. By the way, will this Beaufort model appear in a future Valiant Wings book? Thanks!
  3. Incredible build Libor; one of your best ever. I hope a build article will appear in a future Valiant Wings book. What technique did you use to create the underfuselage formation lights?
  4. Help me out folks because I am no Phantom expert. I count 11 major variants, assuming they will duplicate the Tamiya kits. Would be so nice to add the British Phantoms to this list, but I would assume they are avoiding those as HK is supposedly working on them. What do you think? F-4B, F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, F-4J, F-4N, F-4S, RF-4B, RF-4C, RF-4E,
  5. Bravo ClearProp! The weapon loads look fantastic. Hope you issue them in 1/48 also. So many beautiful schemes for these aircraft.
  6. That is some beautiful resin from Black Dog.
  7. Wow! Thank you JWM for the link. That's an incredibly good website. Great find and much appreciated.
  8. This is going to be a really nice kit. Thank you Mikro-Mir!
  9. Does anyone know if someone has purchased the Ardpol moulds with the aim of rereleasing some of these excellent kits? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. Thank you.
  10. Beautiful build and beautiful photography. Really impressive Andy.
  11. Great news. I can now complete my Vautour collection. Thanks much Homebee for posting this.
  12. Thank you A&A Models! We modelers are getting really spoiled. Check out the Swedish and Algerian schemes - nice.
  13. Yet another stunning result Libor. Sorry for asking this again, but was the camo airbrushed freehand and if so, what were the paint mixture ratios? By the way, what airbrush do you use? Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work. By the way, I recently picked up the Air War Over Italy and Battle of Midway books and your build articles were excellent. Look forward to your next completion.
  14. I agree 100%. The Hasegawa kits from the late 1980's and 1990's are gorgeous. The engraved panel lines are perfect and not overdone. Believe it or not, many Fujimi kits from the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's also have beautiful panel lines that are finely engraved.
  15. Yes!!! I love Latin America schemes also. By the way, the book "Latin American Air Wars" by Dan Hagedorn is absolutely superb. It covers all time periods and includes many color drawings and photos. Well worth it if you can find one at a reasonable price. Here is the listing on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Latin-American-Air-Wars-1912-1969/dp/1902109449
  16. Yes, I have heard rumors that the folks behind CMR are helping AZ produce a DH.9 series. As for CMR, they were the best of the best and it is a shame so many of their kits are getting harder and harder to find, even on ebay. It would be a dream come true to see someone release them again.
  17. I am so glad that Helion has finally decided to utilize the ENTIRE PAGE, rather than only three-fourths of it. The earlier titles wasted so much space which could have been used to enlarge the beautiful drawings and most importantly, MAKE THE PHOTOGRAPHS LARGER. Many photos in their earlier volumes are postage stamp size and can only be viewed properly under a magnifying glass! I am extremely interested in the small air forces of the world and I own many of their titles, but it is so frustrating to think about all of the wasted page space in their earlier volumes.
  18. I'll pick one of these up, but would also love to see the DH-9 family, Junkers CL.1, Caudron R.11, and a Hanriot HD.1 (never been produced by a major manufacturer in 1/72).
  19. I believe they were working on a 1/48 Tupolev SB-2. I remember seeing a test build on the internet and it looked beautiful. I'm really looking forward to that kit - hope they still plan to release it.
  20. All I can say is WOW. That is one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen. Pure perfection. Well worth all of the effort Ivan.
  21. What an incredible build Thant. You are a master craftsman and I really appreciate you sharing your work with us. The weathering you manage to achieve is extremely convincing. This model would look great in an Eastern Front diorama. Look forward to your next build.
  22. Those 3D printed parts look excellent. I hope Dekno re-releases a lot of their older kits using this new technology. They have a great range of subject matter that no other manufacturer touches, plus they have a large range of Spanish Civil War stuff too. Count me in and I look forward to their future releases. Good luck Dekno!
  23. Beautiful collection Paul! Something very different and eye-catching.
  24. Very much looking forward to this release. Are there any updates?
  25. They are tanker aircraft. True long-range attack capabilities when paired with Rafales, Su-35s, and other MiG-29s. The Su-35s are on the way. I've read that Saudi Arabia paid for these new acquisitions, but that is not confirmed. Nice new equipment for the Egyptian Air Force!
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