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  1. my ardpol sum..yhe same kit ,what Imade of it .used hataka lacquers for painting ,the polish air force colours set
  2. ....I don't care what many people seem to think of this junker project....but I love it!....did we loose our fantasy somewhere earlier during our live times ?..what happened to our imaginations?...... building kits is supposed to be fun!.....everything is allowed ,from rivet counters-idiots in my eyes ,but let them do what they like to do -to spitfire addicts - the most boring plane of the whole ww2 ,in my eyes ,the hurricane is much more interesting .....libullella's ,or pterodacryls ,we don't like them either I guess ?......why so negative my dear friends,was it a bad day at work maybe? make something nice out of it . ... but if the imagination and fantasy is gone from someone's mind so you have no idea what to do with a junkers 128 . , what makes life worth living?.....
  3. after I posted about one week ago my beloved 1/72 airfix bristol belvedere on the wrong forum-it was surrounded by a lot of very intimidating 1/35 armour ,the poor old veteran-I have taken extra care to post my 1dewoitine 520 on the aircraft forum. so I'm happy that I can show the result of my latest project,finished about a week ago . a 1/72 rs models Dewoitine D.520 in bulgarian service ,with roundels they had between 1945-1950 [if I'm not mistaken too much]. brush painted with humbrol enamels.....cockpit will be finished soon..
  4. ...I notice only now that I placed in the wrong department!...................it is not armoir ,but it is ready for inspection...so it could have been worse ..like work in progress for example.....
  5. this is a very old airfix kit and has already been around a very long time in this world,made in 1960-ies I guess. some months ago I watched the bbc tv-series the last post and wanted to build such a lovely bristol belvedere myself .I have a second kit since two weeks ,and that one will have camo -colours ..ps ,I loved the colours of the jeeps and other cars in the last post too , that beautifull desert pink teint!! ...very inspirational too!... it is brush painted with humbrol enamels, the white is oil paint from a tube. the moders white [and yellow] paints need so many layers that I decided oiol paint from a tube and this works ok . funny that the blue decal line looks green on this photo. on the site where I had posted these pictures so I could upload them to britmodeeler ,someone told me my paintwork might a little sloppy ,he advised me to remove that brush hair near the cockpit . sloppy paintwork ,I must confess is very well possible ,but this time it is not a bush hair ,it is a scratch in the plastic .this is a very old kit -from the 1960-ies I think ,more or less my age-
  6. the link is not working ! this one is ok: http://www.waroverholland.nl/index.php?page=douglas-8a-3n
  7. .....neighbour walter had some time to spare earlier today .he made over fifty photo's of my latest projects. we start with the dutch 1/72 DouglasNorthrop 8A [the dutch version was numbered ba-3n] mpm models.this is first because I used the only recently available hataka lacquer paint set with the dutch colours from the 1930-ies and may 1940 . this plane has a tragic history .it was intended to be used as a bomber ,but the americans had not delivered the bombs .so it was used as a fighter ,and consequently met the same fate like the me-110 did in the battle of britain : almost all were destroyed , went down fighting. read this for more information. http://www.waroverholland.nl/index.php?page=douglas-8a-3n… must confess that I am not unhappy with this final result.,it is not such an easy kit to make something nice out of it ,this one was not the first one I tried to build.the antenna will come later ,but the position of that thing is awkward :every time you lift the model your thumb will push the thread on the wings and than it is too late and the damage is done [I'll use ez line from [deutsche mádel?] uschi van [von?] der rosten] ........the second plane is an 1/72 rwd 5 ,a very basic kit made by pladtyk models . it was like a vacu kit ,the polystyreen! but it is very cheap ,less than four euro ,on ebay.. and and and and and and and and ps ,I still have in my stash a plastyk kit of a rwd 6 ,was in the same lot of six kits for 14 euro on ebay some time ago
  8. two planes are to inspected here today ,both built by me [who else?], both painyed with hataka lacquers ,orange line . the first one is my 1/72 martin m-187 maryland .kit is from ark models and really very affordable!! there is not much to say about it besides that from a distant it looks best,it is not perfect ,but the gay colours can cheer up someone who is wrestling with a sad or depressing day /time/mood/whatever . I used the french hataka orange line lacquers colours set for my contraption.I must say that I like working with those lacquers very much . I am a beginner with the airbrush so I guess this means something ,exactly what I do not know [hopefully] yet. my second plane, here to be seen, is a 1/72 italeri cant z-501. also painted with the hataka orange line lacquers .for this one the sets with french colours and the set with raf desert colours were used. I am quite happy with the result. ps ,only now I notice some details on the martin that need attention ,guns[?] in the wings+pitot [I remembrt having seen the "fork".. and an ugly piece of cockpit frame is ennoying me loudly! all things have been taking care of by the time you read these words and and and and and and maybe some photo are uploaded twice ,I lost my panoramic view over all my creations that I uploaded at imgur mea culpa.....time for the cant-z.501 now and and and and and .
  9. my 1/72 italeri cant z-1007bis monoderiva ,painted with humbrol enamels and my glelcoe 1/74 martin b-10 bomber in general I saw .the martin b-10 painted completely green . I chose for a more colourful interpretation,not in the last place because there is already a green giant 1/72 airfix handley page WWI bomber in my collection .and I like those interbellum american colours ,the yellow especiaLl ,but yellow and green is fine too .the martin was also painted with humbrol enamels. and my neighbour was so good to take some photo's with his handy telephone and who succeeded in eternalizing a not un-importanr part of the genial creator of those two aircraft models...... .yes people ,you believe it or not ,but I am one of those people who don't possess [funny word for a not native english speaker when he starts to think about it .two ss's?four ss"s?two times ses-ses if it would not have a negation?] and doesn"t want a i-phone/tablet/whatever ps , I see that the "2" on the left fuselage side of the monoderiva has moved and must be re-paired! quite unforbidding those gigantic pictures concerning the details! reminds me a little watching a passport photo of yourself ,or, even better maybe ,hearing your own voice recorded on a tape! and and and and and and and and and . and now the american martin b-10 and and and and and both were built earlier this year=2018
  10. I'd to show you here a grumman avenger from just after wwII, in the colours how it was stationed on the dutch airforce carrier the "karel doorma" [everybody reading these words of course knows the man behind the name ,and his deeds of fame which caused his fame his [rightful,and I am not a miltary lover!]] fame. if not ,than we have ggogle nowadays. bytheway ,any idea what happened whith his ship ,on which he perished? four or five tears ago ,a dutch expedition wanted to find the wreck of his flagship,the "de hr.ms. deruyter . the exact spot was wellknown but when they arrived, the wreck could not be found .only a trench in the ocean floor .the ship was salvaged ,cut in pieces by old iron dealers ,from indonesia and malaysia .all the dead were still on board ,or their remains or at least the memory of them .it was a war grave https://www.maritiem-erfgoed.nl/sites/default/files/field_attachments/report_verification_mission_feb_2017_java_seapublic_210217.pdf] and https://www.indonesia-investments.com/culture/culture-columns/ahead-of-trade-mission-to-indonesia-dutch-war-graves-vanish-in-java-sea/item7364? and finally https://explorers.org/flag_reports/EC_Flag-192_Battle_of_the_Java_sea_revisited_report.pdf but so far this information for the historical awareness .I built an grumman avenger in 1/72 from sword models . it is painted with hataka lacquers from the orange line ,a kind of paint I like very much .most times I use humbrol enamel ,and acrylics from vallejo and especially lifecolor too .acrylics are quite a cause of problems when I work with them ,but mastership comes from stubbornly continuing trying, and especially with the lifecolour sets I get nice results ,at least in my eyes . but I had not to my disposal from hataka the colours used by the dutch marine navy ,so I had to improvise ,especially the dark sea grey was missing dearly ,and I had to use the blueish grey from the franch airforce set. but the result is not too bad and there will come a second one in future. besides the avenger I show some pictures of my stampe-vertongen SV-4b .it is a vacu kit from ??? I don't remember now, and it is not too bad I think.rigging not done yet,but not too complicated here. and and and now the avenger and and and people having a facebookaccount can visit this site made people who served on the aircraft carrier "karel doorman" .it is a very nice site ,with all kind of stories and photographs of the men who lived the aircraft carrier life and spent years of their lives on that ship .many will like it,I'm sure ,despite potentiall language problems ,most probably minor thanks to google translate ,or the dutchman whi is always close ,wherever you are! https://www.facebook.com/Vliegkampschip-Karel-Doorman-R81-371996726321073/ I hope some people will like at least some of it
  11. mr dazey ,I had not considered a willow up till now .I wasn't even aware of the existence of such a plane up till now. but thanks to you I saw the light and found a valom 1/72 on ebay ,for a very reasonable price too! one of those kits will be mine. https://www.ebay.nl/itm/Valom-1-72-Yokosuka-K5Y1-Willow-72048/322789985986?hash=item4b27c84ec2:g:iiYAAOSwgYVZzLsN. or this one ,even cheaper ,but the colour it was made in, hurts my eyes. [and please believe me when I say that I know what it looks like when whole streets , the people included ,have been painted orange].https://www.ebay.nl/itm/Arii-320075-Japanese-Trainer-Kawanishi-K5Y1-Type-93-WILLOW-1-72-scale-Microace/361567576150?hash=item542f1b6056:g:EGEAAOSw9N1VubJU one plane that will come too ,once, is this one ,from an a little later era than those bi-planes[1947] . it stole my heart for some reason , https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-c/vliegtuigen-c-commonw-wackett
  12. a long time has passed since I posted some of the things I build , so it is time now to show some aircraft of mine that were built in 2018? we start with an irish gloster gladiator ,from airfix in 1/72 <a href="https://imgur.com/Eh5pfUf"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/Eh5pfUf.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> and and .......followed by an roden se-5 ,1/72 and in the colours of the first south africa airforce https://jaapvdlaan.imgur.com/all/?third_party=1#_=_ and and the next photo shows a choroszy 1/72 parnall plover that I have posted in 2017 [I believe] and my blue koolhoven fk-56 with war roundels/triangles used in 1940. it is in 1/72 and I think it is an omega models kit ,but I am not sure ,it is resin.it was bought on ebay for ridiculously little money -less than 20 euro's posting included- and I was a happy man on the day the deal was done. small details on the aircraft were perfected some time after taking the pictures and and and and . now the last pictures for today .yesterday I asked my personal photographer neighbour walter to make some pictures of kits which were built latest summer by me and it is my intention to show these photo's shortly ,if I can find inspiration for a next posting . this time I will end with a revell 1/72 fiat cr-42 -six euro's on ebay- in swedish colours and a manchukuo tachikawa ki-9 ,in 1/72 too and a rs models kit ,very nice kit I think ,I have another kit in my stash from the same aircraft ,but this one is a resin kit from choroszy ,looks beautifull! and inspirational when looking at it , and and and and [yes ,it is stabilized again now!] and and and . as a final appetizer I'll show a picture of my cant z-501 ,from italeri 1/72, that I am still working on . I want to show the camo , airbrushed with hataka lacquer paints and the result is a big inspiration to me for the rest of the work that still has to be done...I started with two shades of grey ,I air-brushed it freehand,on the fuselage it worked out fine in my eyes ,but I was not pleased by the result on the wings .after some days I got the idea-listening to the new spititualized/jason pierce album [and nothing hurt] that was published on 8th of september,excellent album!!!- to see what adding of little french khaki would do . the result was surprisingly satisfying ,for me at least ,and the thing will end in my room so all is ok!...... so far at least..... to be continued,I hope
  13. four pictures of a1/72 messerschmitt me-110 that I built earlier this year. there is not much to say ,it is revell kit that I could buy surprisingly cheap on ebay, without many subtilities and no high expectation a result that would be acceptable to me . humbrol RLM enamel paints, a crude airbrush ,blueish grey and black green ,if I remember well . and and and thank you neighbour walter for making these pictures!
  14. hi mr pat, here as promised my interpretation of the heller/azur/smer breguet 693. I re-started this hobby three maybe four years ago ,after I had discovered in 1960-ies and my teens the existence of airfix kits. this was one of the first planes that I built fter starting again,looking for rusty memories of how to do things.things like weathering ,dry brushing ,using an airbrush,photo etch and a lot more are new to me.the breguet is brush painted ,the potez en the leo+oliver are airbrushed. paints on the breguet are enamels from humbrol,I'll show you two french heller planes that were painted with the hataka french colours acrylic paints set . maybe you understand ,looking at my breguet ,that seeing your creation made me think of my own breguet? old and tested workhorse of an airforce that just had lost a war...... and and I see these are not the best photo's ever made ,and I am sorry for that.I did not do it myself ,which is a pretty lame excuse I guess? to give you an impression of the vivid colours that the hataka acrylics produced ,some pictures in which all six colours can be seen .succes ,and good luck with your creative projects and till a next time! and and and
  15. thank you ,succes with your bristol. till a next time.I'll will follow your work,progress with it .
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