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  1. jtrb

    New at this - some very basic questions

    Thanks guys, really appreciate your help. I was actually thinking about testing with a bit of sprue on the varnish coat so I'll take a view when I see the result. Hopefully as I've properly washed the kit, adhesion will be less of an issue anyway. Also, I've realised I've used the wrong terminology here - when I said 'weathering', I was really thinking 'panel lines'. What's the right technique - is it acrylic clear coat -> enamel wash -> clean-up -> decals -> final acrylic clear coat? Also....how do I use the washes for panels - is it a case of getting the very smallest brush and using it to gently touch each groove, and then let it level out and spread naturally? Or am I using the brush to effectively 'wipe' all over the model? Thanks again in advance...I've a feeling in a week or so I might be posting a picture that'll get a laugh....
  2. Ok, firstly apologies for asking what are probably some very, very basic questions...but everyone is new at this once! I've recently just finished my first model as a fully-grown adult and it's fair to say the result was disappointing. It was an Airfix starter kit where I didn't really stir the acrylic paint properly and generally did an awful job of it. I then really made things worse by spraying on some Humbrol acrylic clear gloss which then crazed the paint. I'm now going in for round 2 and I'd really appreciate everyone's help on how to not screw things up quite as much. Ok, so to begin, I HAVE actually given the parts a wash first this time around. For this build, I'll be using Humbrol acrylics (new ones, not the ones that came with the starter kit) - I know that's probably not the best of the best but it's what I'm comfortable with for now. I've also got some spray acrylic plastic primer as I have been trying to read up on this. Question 1: When's the best time to use the primer? Should I: a)Spray everything while it's all on the sprues b)Spray everything when it's all put together c)Spray the fiddly bits (inside the cockpit, undercarriage etc.) first, with a view to painting them first and then assembling d)Something else entirely Question 2: I'll be painting with brushes. Do I need to thin the acrylic paint first? Question 3: I want to avoid paint crazing. Is it safe to use acrylic clear gloss on acrylic paint, and if so, what might I have done wrong the first time? I did spray the gloss directly onto the model and possibly sprayed more than required, but I'm also wondering if my lack of washing, priming, stirring and thinning might have played a part. Question 4: because I'm overly ambitious, I've also bought some Humbrol enamel wash because I've read that you can seal in the acrylic with the varnish, then use the enamel wash to add weathering detail, use enamel thinners for clean-up without affecting the underlying acrylic paint, and then finally seal in with the acrylic varnish. Is this correct, and if not...what's the right approach? Question 5: what's the right technique to use a wash to add weathering...and do I do it before or after adding decals? Sorry for what probably seem like really basic and stupid questions - thanks in advance for anyone who's happy to help.