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  1. Hmmmm. I have the same tiger. I'll be interested too see how it turns out!
  2. It's basically almost $100 Canadian with shipping so that might not benefit me too much.
  3. I know, but I'm not prepaired to pay $100 dollars for a kit. If someone could make a kit in plastic for not to much then it souldn't be too bad. Maybe Dora Wing??
  4. Hmmmmmm..... Maybe if we all think really hard... What I'd like too see that hasn't been made in plastic. P-40Q!
  5. Huh, I saw the post also, this could be good news, if they do 1/72 then it won't be too expensive needed p-51.
  6. I soo happy! I like the tank, even thought it wasn't very successful. WOTBlitz has it on there and the front armor is good. I've been wanting to build this kit but there was only 1/72 resin kits on the market. Hopefully there isn't much wrong with it. I know that on other kits they developed there were accuracy issues. Time will tell.
  7. Oh good! A spitfire that won't cost a fortune to update! (I hope!) I've always liked the bubble canopy spits!
  8. OHHHHH!!! The kit that I wanted to build was a FW-190 with the eagle markings. Got AMT's 190A-8 but the decals fell apart.
  9. Well, My 1st kit. Can't remember the kit or manufacturer but I remember it was a jet, maybe U.S. navy with airbrakes. Bought it from salvation army 5 or 6 years ago.
  10. Too bad I didn't have any resin around..................
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