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  1. Good spot wiv the layve my mayn. Superb recovery from the roller faux pas.
  2. I like low back Griffons,they look like they're going very fast even when they're not.
  3. Ta Tone. Is le moteur a variable speed variety I vonder?,you know,not much speed and lotsa feed(see below)..... Some clever sort must've come up with a tool holder(steady Cedders)and tool tips(steady again Cedders)so that one can turn soft metals(mild steel,brarss,aluminium,etc)forrit by now I'd imagine. (thinking of bits for the RC off road racer and RC Tiger 1)
  4. One of the perils of being a professional paintsprayer I'm afraid my dear fellow.
  5. Ta Hawk. The old FAA colours eye certainly thought EDSG.
  6. Anychance some sort of measuring deeevice(Stanley tapemeasure or si-mu-lar)can be brandished around noo layve so that we can get a grasp of it's dimenshee-er at all,at all dear fellow. As someone that likes to dabble,nay,sample a frisson of RC toys(he's got a naughty 1/10th scale proper race off-roader and a 1/16th Tiger 1), one wonders what devious tasks such a smow layve could be employed for y'see. Biggest difficulty is getting The Financial Department to sanction such a poichasse,bit of slick subterfuge needed there...........
  7. Murro,I can pull you some screenshots from a very good accurate Flightsim RAF B-25 Mk.II that I have if you want. The I/P and pedestal are very good.
  8. That sounds more like it Wez,but option 14(the SEAC marked number) does look more like PRU blue. Ta Ross. Always like a nice Billy,one of my favorite aeroplanes.
  9. What's the EDSG/option 15(though the instructions say "Royal Blue) one at the bottom?
  10. You mad impetuous fool you(says he whom has to mask for a living). S'looking awfully good Mr Consul,lots more haile selassie than the last time I had a go at it....(no,no,no,absolutely no publicity for it).
  11. Forgotten how "Blousey" the Servalan woman could be,good snap that one. I'd have given Billy Perdue a dog'n'bone(or even a pm)and bent his ear'ole about making those duck'eads(I said DUCK'EADS) pour moi Towniy,he is after all,the master of such minute productia in plastikard and that. No scaley working drybaulics!!!,oh I say,how much of a let down is that dear friends? We the Massiv were all a-gog and I don't mean in a swish pair of Hunters either(other brands of posh welliegogs are available) in anticipation of scale drybilauc oil squirting about the fuzzelage............ The entertainment factor would have been immense I tell Eeee,immense. And before anyone else goes there,yes,small scale hydraulics can be done. Maybe a little large for your needs though Toni Baroni:
  12. Certainly 15 thou. with Charlie chally(eh?) and at 120-150 ASI(again certainly easier to do with Charlie). I had a gander at the USAF's own film done onboard a Dollar 19 and could'nt see any oxy-masks on the back end crew, hence my suspicion of 10 thou and below,but the Buck 19's ceiling is quoted at 30000,so oxygen must've been used somewhere.
  13. Thought you'd like that Tony. Nice brarss work BTW. My obs.with recovery is thus,assuming: 1/. The a/c was being operated at 10,000 or less,no oxygen masks on the recovery crew in th'back(that I can see)and opening the beaver tail meant de-pressurerising(was the 119 pressurised?). 2/ A ROD of 1500 fpm means that after acquiring visuals,from 10,000,the Buck 19 crew only had a bee's wing over 6 1/2 minutes to perform intercept and capture before the bucket splashed down in oggin. 3/ Viewing a snatch from the 7-8'o clock posit.( Goo-on Ced,you know you want to)on the a/c's rear port quarter, it can be seen that the target's brolly isn't much below the a/c's belly,so I'm guessing the a/c ROD was decreased slightly and the nose possibly put on the horizon(possibly an increase of power or flaps up to gain a little speed too). 4/Once capture was effected(dependant on final capture alt.)the a/c possibly goes into a slight climb so that the joes "down the back" can reel the goodies in. I dunno any "real" 119 pilots,so can't really have a chat about what they'd reckon would be the best approach speeds. Don't forget that the 119's flaps aren't particularly powerful(the kite accelerates well,but isn't to good at slowing down) so it'd all have to be set up at a good distance from the predicted intercept point.
  14. Here you go Baroni,you like jazzy formulae and calculation: http://www.pcprg.com/rounddes.htm
  15. Bad news is that Yippee is no longer available for Fs. In other news it's been your birthday,Tanqueray and resin bits,what more could an Englishman want. Happy Birthday Jonny Gin.
  16. The Discover jobbie is 21000 lbs and has three 110 footers on it. The Corona recovery bucket was easily liftable by two blokes,sooooo I'm thinkin'(and looking at the shots of a 119 catching one), you probably looking at a 35-50 footer possibly. Think of the rate of descent and work from there,too fast and they'd miss,too slow and they'd risk spearing it on the 119's hooter.
  17. Knowing what he's like Tomo,that was exactly my train of thought too........ What size brolly was ye satellite/camera doofer floated down under?can it's dimenshuns be assertaineth from t'internet?
  18. RC guys in Dublin!!!! Should've got the Martian to razz over in his Hullabaloo thingy and pick it up forree. Does no one flog the stuff West of the Meridian? Like the "spacey" magnety do-hickies,what are we going for? some kind of anti-grav.drive???
  19. And enjoying every minute of watching the victi,er,"patient" squirming about as the rubber gloves are being slipped on,stretched,slapped and anticipating fingers wriggled into them with the usual statement,"Now this won't hurt........"
  20. Certainly 38 Group Graham. By June 1945 it had transferred to Transport Command,so possibly "T/38" on vehicles?(if that desgnation style was still being used in 1945/46.) No.1 PTS didn't move from Ringway to Upper Heyford until 28 March 1946,so the Dak(KK138/S)I'm doing must've certainly been at Ringway. The airframe was C-47B-15DK, Bu no.43-45459,C/N 26720,serial KK138 and from my research,only seems to have ever been with No.1 PTS,no service with other units(except the Yugoslav AF)is listed.
  21. Well that's a start,cheers Graham. I'll do a bit of research on 38 Group,see what that throws up.
  22. I need some elements of the Airfix set(DB tractor,oil bowser and Bedford MW) for a March 1946 No.1 PTS vignette with a Dakota. Am I still looking at brown(ish)/black(ish)Mickey Mouse type cammo or something else. Also what about vehicle markings? A Ringway/Upper Heyford DBtractor wouldn't have a "B/5" for "Bomber/5 Group" on it would it?
  23. That is indeed one smart Tiger. I'd go for Dunkelgelb/Olivegrun too.
  24. Eh,eh? Good work Johnny Cockpit. Hoo btw,I can soon d/l and give Yippee some stick if I can find it for the old Flaht Simmolater. Fancy a few screenies Jonno?
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