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  1. Good rhino there got the kit as soon as it came out! Lovely clean build!
  2. All I can say is wow !!! Fantastic looking mig, got one in the stash hoping it will look as good as yours really stunning !
  3. Looks great indeed, great painting skills looks very smart, had seen the other day in Hawkins bizzare the 109 and spitfire half price was impressed.......however the missus was not , how did you find the fit of the panels at the front ? I'm struggling on mine .
  4. Have this beast also but am very apprehensive about starting it as I want to do it justice it's a whopper chopper ? Have you decided on a scheme yet? Look forward to next update
  5. my mistake matey , not reading and trying to multi task again ,
  6. Very sorry to hear about this losing a dog is very hard , especially in these circumstances, not a lot what we write on forums will help however am sure All of us as an online community are thinking of you, this may be of some use though for you:https://basc.org.uk/airgunning/advice/basc-air-rifle-code-of-practice/
  7. looks fantastic that does, really worth the effort fella, love the DDR flag.
  8. Very very nice that , how did you find the decals? hoping to get to Austria soon and the hangar is number 1 on my list to do and see nice one !
  9. Mother in law has self invited her self for Christmas ! goody I can't wait ......

  10. Currently building a sea venom same kit may have some spares if you need anything give me a shout
  11. Like this one dude been following your wip think youve done the nighthawk justice, gotta love the revell kits!
  12. Nice fighting falcon there, awesome paint job too, tempting myself for one, nice one .
  13. Can I join with a kit maybe a bolkow 105 or f4 phantom ?
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