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  1. Bolosun

    Primer Paint

    Cheers for the pointers Paul, I'll give it a try.
  2. Bolosun

    Primer Paint

    Not sure on nozzle size, will check. Air pressure is fine for normal spraying; 2 bar. Retarders?
  3. Bolosun

    Primer Paint

    I am using Vallejo's light grey surface primer, to well prime my models using my airbrush. The issue I have is it keeps blocking my airbrush after approx 1/2 a cup. I have tried diluting it with Tamiya thinners 50/50 but still the same. Am I doing something wrong or can someone recommend another thinner I can use with my airbrush. The issue I have with the Tamiya primer from the can, is it stinks the house out. Cheers Dave
  4. Thanks for the pointers. Have got some enamel oils and turpentine thinners to mix and try.
  5. Cheers will give that a go. I have given the model 3 coats of clear, so will let it dry and have a play.
  6. Hi, what paints/washes/etc do you use to highlight the panel lines on your cars/bikes/truck models. I have seen on-line what to use for planes etc, but before I go down that path was curious what everyone else uses. Cheers Dave
  7. Thanks for the link. I am going to the local arts shop over the weekend and see if they have any before resorting to the t'internet
  8. I did do a quick search but couldn't find any. Will have another look now I know they exist. Thanks for the pointer.
  9. I have a look. Unfortunately the window trim I am doing is black, not chrome.
  10. Well my first go was a disaster, so have reprimed and about to have another go.
  11. Now I like that idea. I'll give it a go, cheers
  12. I'll give the foil trick a go. But what is bare metal foil?
  13. Well before I lose my temper again and trash another model, does anyone have any tips on how to best paint the window trim on car models? I have tried painting the body of the car and then try to mask off and paint the trim, but the masking never "masks" off properly. The models are the 1/24 Tamiya cars. My latest plan is to paint the trim and then mask them off before the main body colour. But as the trim is very thin, not sure this will work any better .
  14. I am using Vallejo light grey surface primer. It leaves a very good even finish, but is forever clogging up my spray gun. I think the trick is to thin it down more than I have been. Normally I do 30 - 70 thinners to primer, but need to go more 50 - 50.
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