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  1. here are photos of my fleet, now I'm working on a Batavia model from Revell .
  2. after two years, the Victory ship from Heller is completed in 1/100 scale. I have pulleys and accessories from the company "His Model". Sails made at home, I used paints from the Tamiya company - acrylic, "Umton" oils, polishable "Agama" paints and "Tamiya" pigments. When I have the opportunity and more time, I will take better photos and create photos of my entire fleet.
  3. my latest model of the ship Hansa Kogge from the company Zvezda in 1/72 scale. I completely redesigned the ship's deck and cut it according to the model - the shipwreck in the Bremen Museum. I used pulleys from Radekship. The sail and flags are made at home.
  4. I finished the ship La Sirene, the kit is from Heller. It was a six-month job, I used accessories from "Radekship" , I also used acrylic Tamiya paints, UMTON oil paints and a wiper method. I made sails and sewed them at home
  5. while working on the Victoria ship, I also finished the Bounty ship from the Rewell company, scale 1/110. The tarpaulins are sewn and made at home, the only accessory bought outside the kit are pulleys from the company "Radekship". Perhaps I succeeded in the construction, I am curious about your evaluation. I still have a broken boat "La Sirene" from the company Heller and also a car "Bentley" 4.5 l Blower scale 1/24, also from the company Heller.
  6. after a long time I built a model of combat equipment. It is a Kingtiger from the Tamiya company, scale 1/35. And now I'm going back to building ships.
  7. this is a beautiful model, perfect !!! I also built LeChebec and posted a photo here on the forum, she liked it, but yours is just unbeatable.
  8. and the Chinese junk ship from Trumpeter is finally finished. The worst thing was to tie and tighten the ropes. The scale is estimated to be about 1/60. How do you like it ? now I'm starting the most complicated building I've ever done, the Victory 1/100 from Heller
  9. they are polishable pastes from Agama, they are easy to work with
  10. invention of destruction, Model is Brasin from Eduard, 1/35 scale. Every participant of the Czech Plastic Modeling Championship got it. At the championship I won first place in the category "Czech-Slovak Maritime Regatta" and second place in the hobby category.
  11. The beautiful Titanic building, I really like the time it took you to build? I would also like to build the Titanic kit, but I am rather a sailboat.
  12. After three months, I finished the construction of the Le CHebec, 1/50, from Heller. The model size is about 1 meter long, about 0.9 meter high. The model is well processed, built very well. I made the sails, sewed them at home, guns and pulleys I bought from e-shop by Radekship. I used acrylic, oil paints and used my traditional techniques.
  13. I decided to rebuild the Mayflower ship kit. I completely disassembled the old built kit and rebuilt it. I used my usual methods. Acrylic paints, oils, pulleys from Radek. I made the sails, made it at home.
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