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  1. and the Chinese junk ship from Trumpeter is finally finished. The worst thing was to tie and tighten the ropes. The scale is estimated to be about 1/60. How do you like it ? now I'm starting the most complicated building I've ever done, the Victory 1/100 from Heller
  2. they are polishable pastes from Agama, they are easy to work with
  3. invention of destruction, Model is Brasin from Eduard, 1/35 scale. Every participant of the Czech Plastic Modeling Championship got it. At the championship I won first place in the category "Czech-Slovak Maritime Regatta" and second place in the hobby category.
  4. The beautiful Titanic building, I really like the time it took you to build? I would also like to build the Titanic kit, but I am rather a sailboat.
  5. After three months, I finished the construction of the Le CHebec, 1/50, from Heller. The model size is about 1 meter long, about 0.9 meter high. The model is well processed, built very well. I made the sails, sewed them at home, guns and pulleys I bought from e-shop by Radekship. I used acrylic, oil paints and used my traditional techniques.
  6. I decided to rebuild the Mayflower ship kit. I completely disassembled the old built kit and rebuilt it. I used my usual methods. Acrylic paints, oils, pulleys from Radek. I made the sails, made it at home.
  7. This kit is from Rewell. The ship is a sailboat sailboat and discoverer Vasco de Gama, who traveled on it - found a way to India. I built it in my usual ways, I used Tamiya acrylic primers, then I applied the Umton oils. The sails are made of 100% cotton fabric. Every one of my model colleagues will always create a tattoo print. Accessories, pulleys, barrels, cannons are from Radekship, for me it is the best deal in the field of boat modeling. How do you like it ?
  8. hello, you have a beautifully crafted model, perfectly polished, I like it very much, I have not seen such a thing here. I do not care about modern combat ships, I can not do much about them, I rather do sailboats.
  9. hello, I set out to rebuild the Pinta and Nina from Heller on a 1/75 scale. I used the sails from Elkan, the flag from Radka. Otherwise, the procedure was classic, acrylic paint, oil, etc. It was challenging to remove the old paint and the whole hull of the ship to clean, so I have to say that it is easier to build a new ship from the box. Do you like it?
  10. I was mostly engaged in ship-sailing, so I wanted to relax and I made my military equipment, specifically MASTER KARL from Hasegava on the scale of 1/72. The model is set in a landscape I created from a variety of things the house gave. The whole model is just a kit, no accessories.
  11. FOR CHewbacca: My Wood Imitation Instruction: 1) after the hull composition and grinding of the ship's hull, I spray the base gray acrylic color tamiya. The shade does not matter, but the lighter is better. Leave the color one day to dry 2) I mix a shade of wood from the brown, yellow, white (all acrylic) tamiya. It depends on you what shade you mix, darker or lighter. Stir or brush with a mixed paint and let it dry for two days 3) now come in a row of oil paint. You can use what brand you want, but I have the best tested Umton. I dilute the petrol into the "ZIPPO" cigarette lighter. The procedure is as follows: I squeeze a bit of color on the plastic plate and put some fuel into the crucible. I slightly dip a bigger brush into it and I dab a little bit of color on the plate. Then I put it on the hull of the ship and immediately wipe it with a paper handkerchief. I use a shadowed, shiny, yellow, and sometimes a bit black shadow. He wants to try and try, you will see. I hope you understand the instructions, I use the compiler.
  12. I know it looks like "The Blind Dutchman," but I have 15 figures ready, I still have to paint them. This brings the ship to life. Thanks for your inspiration.
  13. This model of the Golden Hind in the 1/72 scale is from Rewell. Sails made at home, flags from a friend of Elkan. I bought the pulleys and cannons in the "Radekshipmodel" (it's a unique ship and accessories company). Wood imitation is made with Tamiya acrylic paints and Umton oil paint wiping method. The sea level was made from toilet paper and painted with acrylic spray on cars. The frame for the model was made by a brother-in-law joiner. How do you like it ?
  14. this kit was built nicely, everything is out of the box, only sails are sewn at home. How do you like it ? PS: I now have a Golden Hind 1/72 and a diorama Morser Karl 1/72
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