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  1. 13 hours ago, exdraken said:

    Exhausts are the onky place an inprovement is advisable over then plastic parts, no?


    I had the exhausts from a previous project and I thought they looked a little better. The kit comes with two full engines that slot in. They looked OK though.

    1 hour ago, FIGHTS ON said:

    what weapons fit & drop tanks does GWH offer etc


    It comes with the three tanks, 2xAIM9Xs, 2xAIM120As and 2xAIM120Cs. I've fitted them all!

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  2. Another F-15C. This time Great Wall's F-15C in its MSIP II guise. The Great Wall kit is excellent and goes together very well, a pleasure to build. I might do another one to have all the hatches and engines open.
    Rather than use the kit decals I used Caracal decal sheet to finish it as 84-0019, an F-15C of the 493rd FTS at Lakenheath. It is sprayed in Xtracrylix 36251  and 36176. I also used Aires engine exhausts as replacements for the kit items.


    42277010325_7de07b0f3d_b.jpg20180703_211040_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    29309764848_5c3f0f8b5e_b.jpg20180703_211048_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    42277010005_e9cb3a205a_b.jpg20180703_211100_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    29309764508_938bd93b9e_b.jpg20180703_211110_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    43181186891_03a2eed4e3_b.jpg20180703_211122_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    29309764268_5b7e87cd83_b.jpg20180703_211131_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    With the Hasegawa F-15C.

    43181186471_8c8bf4f840_b.jpg20180703_211158_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  3. Another long-term stash lurker. I think I bought it at a Woodford air show in 1997.
    Not a particularly difficult build but its sheer size made construction and painting difficult. Careful dry-fitting meant I didn't have too many problem with fit, a bit of sanding and filling but nothing too serious. As it wouldn't fit in the spray booth, I had to wait on a calm dry day to spray with Halfords Appliance White. I ended up with a bit of an orange-peel finish but not too bad. Decals were few and far between and went on easily. Finished as the first XB-70A 62-0001 as it ended up at NASA.
    Even photographing the model was difficult due to the size.










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  4. Following quickly on the heels of the Albatross, another silver effort. This time Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIIC Weekend edition. Lovely kit that goes together very well. Nice decals as well but I used Berna decals to finish the kit in the markings of "2-EG" EC1/2 'Cigognes' at Dijon in 1967 that appeared the French TV series 'les Chevaliers du Ciel' or "The Aeronauts" as we knew it


    40351087280_75fd83d20b_b.jpg20180516_224757_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27286768277_337904b7f0_b.jpg20180516_224741_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40351087580_7ba15c53f1_b.jpg20180516_224726_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27286768827_0b3c9e6271_b.jpg20180516_224715_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27286769007_c6fa29906b_b.jpg20180516_224705_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  5. Not long released is the Valom version of one of the prettiest aeroplanes ever built. A pretty easy kit to build with no obvious flaws. Sprayed with Revell acrylic silver and finished in the markings of G-AFDJ "Falcon" of Imperial Airways.

    41393563934_e2203cfc56_b.jpg20180514_203216_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41393564144_d0947ceba3_b.jpg20180514_203157_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    28240886438_9d6326e6c0_b.jpg20180514_203145_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41393564464_b104f65620_b.jpg20180514_203124_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  6. Another long-term stash lurker. Nice kit except for the red plastic. The decals are very "see-through" when first applied so I was fortunate to get a second set of decals so I was able to double up the white markings.
    If I broke the nose probe once I must have broken it 10 times and I also had trouble with the gloss varnish. It still comes out matt....


    41027241224_af8293a596_b.jpg20180427_151745_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41027241454_a9f97054cc_b.jpg20180427_151716_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41745034011_5382b5a556_b.jpg20180427_151656_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41745034291_2f75c56d0c_b.jpg20180427_151641_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41027241794_151fc38619_b.jpg20180427_151622_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41745034791_a0a6bf88c8_b.jpg20180427_151613_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  7. Not my normal scale for aeroplanes this size. For a resin kit it was quite easy to put together but some parts were unbelievably fiddly. I did have problems with the cabin windows and with adding enough nose weight.


    41007541434_25284ae485_b.jpg20180425_205453_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27856270938_e09359fa01_b.jpg20180425_205443_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    41007541674_af449473ed_b.jpg20180425_205434_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27856271148_567ac65f7f_b.jpg20180425_205424_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  8. This my attempt at the Anigrand 1/72 XF-12/XR-12 Rainbow, one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built and the epitome of piston-engined aircraft design. Flown in 1946, the XF-12 was capable of 400mph at 40000ft. Only two were flown before the project was cancelled.


    The Anigrand kit is in resin and quite heavy so the landing gear has wire inserts for extra strength. Construction was actually pretty straight forward and the fit was pretty decent. The only area I had difficulty with was the vacform cockpit parts. New ones are on order from Angrand....
    An astonishing amount of weight was needed in the nose, even in the engine nacelles. I ended up by putting more weight in the nosegear bay as well.
    Finished in Vallejo silver and aluminium and the rather sparse markings of the first Rainbow prototype.

    40269672775_10ec77c09e_b.jpg20180401_192851_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40269673185_ea5a83fefa_b.jpg20180401_192837_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40269673405_7ddb9a2bf5_b.jpg20180401_192827_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27291468438_a1657d0cc9_b.jpg20180401_192803_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40269673755_475d034f6c_b.jpg20180401_192758_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  9. My effort at an ancient Airfix kit from 1965 and in places it shows. Not too difficult to build although the bomb doors weren't a great fit. Took a fair bit of weight to sit properly.  I modified it to represent the Enola Gay as it was in 1945. This involved removing the four remote gun turrets and using a Superscale sheet for the markings. Sprayed using Vallejo silver and aluminum.


    27291469128_1fb88f17eb_b.jpg20180401_192711_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40269674145_daf8fe7387_b.jpg20180401_192650_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27291469498_80ee934d67_b.jpg20180401_192639_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40269674465_b23fe5da74_b.jpg20180401_192624_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  10. A bit of a disaster this one. The AFV kit goes together very well with excellent detail and fit. The instructions are clear on which bits needed to be painted red and which bits were white. When it came to decal placement I could not get them to settle over the curves, no amount Microsol was helping and the decals ended up disintegrating. So it sat on the shelf of doom for a few weeks while I sourced decals courtesy of an OH models sheet. With hindsight I should have masked and painted the underside cross as it was less than successful. I think my radome colour is too dark as well. Anyway here it is (without photos of the underside) :oops:

    39724455485_c617b8b90f_b.jpg20180304_111720_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40619712191_b708518b6a_b.jpg20180304_111716_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    39724456055_eea14ce603_b.jpg20180304_111707_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40619712631_f3fe61b9da_b.jpg20180304_111659_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  11. My attempt at Revell's 1/32 Tornado GR.1. Built as it comes except for a couple of resin ejection seats. A thoroughly enjoyable kit to build with decent fit all round and some excellent detail. Painted with Xtracrylix paints and using tons of masking tape. Finished in the kit decals as ZA462 AJ-M of 617Sqn at RAF Lossiemouth. Big though.....


    26651660188_971e2d1f73_b.jpg20180227_191939_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    25652256037_c9f25e9d09_b.jpg20180227_191931_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    26651660468_bac87289de_b.jpg20180227_191859_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    40480193462_ce1e4a05b1_b.jpg20180227_191850_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    26651660778_1c63d72ab5_b.jpg20180227_191815_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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  12. A kit that has been lurking in the stash for a while. Decent enough but I did have trouble lining up the engines and wings to the fuselage. And it needs huge amounts of weight in the nose. Finished in Vallejo Modelair silver and white.

    Quite a big aeroplane, almost the size of  the Nimrod I finished a few weeks ago.








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  13. My latest effort and one that has been in the loft for a year or two. Not the easiest kit but goes together fairly quickly. Some of the instructions were a bit vague and sometimes plain wrong and the kit decals are pretty poor. The model is finished as XV233 of 42Sqn as it appeared in 1998. Painted with Xtracrylix Hemp and Light Aircraft Grey and Model Alliance decals Part III.


    27539798309_b80749af81_o.jpg20171226_143033_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    24453228837_1c174a69d7_o.jpg20171226_143024_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27539798549_80b70a4080_o.jpg20171226_143004_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27539798789_d5af38a689_o.jpg20171226_143000_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

    27539798899_89ba39376a_o.jpg20171226_142951_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

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