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  1. Thanks for that. No real issues around the nose. The etched metal aerials needed a bit of care though. They are very fine. Indeed. I'm not a great fan of panel washes at the best of times.
  2. Firstly the Dragon Me262A-1a. Not the easiest kit with some poor fit in places. Lots of detail and some very small etched metal parts. Finished with Hataka and Vallejo colours in an RLM 76, 81 and 82 scheme with decals of Yellow 5 KG(J)6 from Xtradecal sheet 48-179. z20190908_202705 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190908_202649 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190908_202640 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190908_202630 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr Secondly the Hasegawa/Dragon Me262B-1a. Essentially the same kit as the A-1a with
  3. Thanks for the comments folks. much appreciated. After a Blinder and a Backfire, I want to add a Bear and a Blackjack but space is becoming an issue......
  4. Yet another long term stash resident gets built. This is the old Esci Tu-22. I have no idea on its accuracy but it builds quite nicely and needs only a small amount of filler. One build note. Leave the engines off until after it's painted.... It's finished using Iraqi decals from the Revell version of the kit. The colours were a bit of a mystery so I've gone for a green scheme that appeared in a few photos. z20190814_195950 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190814_195924 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190814_195913 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr
  5. Go for it. It isn't too bad. The only issue is its sheer size.
  6. I've built a Mk.XII using the Grey Matter conversion and a PR.XIX, using the Warbird conversion, both using the Hasegawa Mk.V or Mk.VI kit. In both cases I also bought a set of Grey Matter "C" wings, modified a bit for the PR.XIX. A better base for the PR.XIX would be the Revell Mk.IX. I've built the Pacific Coast Mk.XIV as well and found it a reasonably easy build - if you can find one.
  7. Thanks for the comments folks. Much appreciated. Blinder next...
  8. This one has been around for a while and I can't comment on its accuracy but it goes together quite well with decent fit all round. Not a lot of detail for its size and it is big. Sprayed with Vallejo undersides and medium sea grey on top. 20190731_205755 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190731_205734 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190731_205713 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190731_205700 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190731_205647 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190731_205612 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr
  9. When this one was announced last year, it was one I had to build. I was involved in the development and testing of the U-125A in 1994 and having built this, I think I'll do another one in the primer paint and test markings. Anyway, the Sword kit is pretty decent with good fit and external detail. Internal detail is a bit fictitious but not much can be seen anyway. Colour wise, I had a stab at RAF sky with a touch of white for the undersides and Vallejo Sky Blue with added Medium Sea Grey for the top surfaces. It might still be little blue but it is difficult to get a decent match. The
  10. I think I might have had a failing elastic issue! You're right about the walkway. I completely missed that. You may be right. I checked each one and they both fitted in both positions . Tha part was tricky right enough. It sort of fits where it touches at the moment.
  11. Thanks for the comments folks. Much appreciated.
  12. Another long-term stash lurker. A very enjoyable kit to build with nice fit. Sprayed in Xtracylix RAF Trainer Yellow. The markings are slightly fictitious. The serial is correct but I have no idea that airframe flew in those colours. The rigging was a bit of a faff but worked out quite well. 20190707_195230 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190707_195212 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190707_195203 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190707_195151 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr 20190707_195138 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr
  13. Thanks for the kind comments folks. Much appreciated.
  14. A bit of conversion this one. Based on the Hasegawa 1/32 Mk.VI kit and the Warbirds resin conversion for the majority of the fuselage and modified Grey Matter wings. Not a lot left of the original kit but a lot of filler needed. Sprayed with Vallejo PRU blue and decals were from the spares box. PicsArt_06-26-01.59.05 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr PicsArt_06-26-01.59.47 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr PicsArt_06-26-02.01.42 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr PicsArt_06-26-02.03.20 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr PicsArt_06-26-02.02.17 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Fli
  15. So I believe. I compared the colours I used to the Mr.Color shades and they looked pretty close. Thanks all for the comments folks.
  16. This is the Hasegawa Mitsubishi F-2A. A very nice kit with good fit and fine detail. I struggled with the colours but in the end went for Xtracrylix RAF Azure blue underneath and Hataka US Navy dark sea blue on top. If anything the underside is a bit on the light side but I'm pretty happy with it. z20190605_202525 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190605_202515 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190605_202503 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr z20190605_202451 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr
  17. I agree. The fit in general was excellent. Most of the cock-ups were entirely of my own making. The instructions could do with a bit of tweak in one or two areas though. Sadly not. I'm not sure why I didn't to be honest.
  18. My latest effort. This the Academy F-4B with the Brigade model resin conversion. Not the easiest conversion I've done. I had a little difficulty with the canopy and with the nose contours. The decals were a little fragile as well. Finished as prototype F4H-1 142259 with Xtracrylix Light Gull Grey on the top and Vallejo white undersides. Anyway, here it is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  19. Thanks for taking the time to comment Greg. I'll bear your comment about the photography in mind.
  20. Not sure where I'm going wrong with these but they appear to be of little interest. Time to pause for a while I think.
  21. Firstly Tamiya's Fw190F-8. I quite enjoyed building this one. Pretty good detail and fit. Finished in a mixture of Hataka, Xtracrylix and Vallejo paints with the kit decals 1. 2. 3. 4. Secondly a Dragon Fw190A-8/R-11 nightfighter. Not such a good kit. Some poor fit and over-complicated in places. Finished in RLM 74/75/76 in Hataka, Xtracrylix and Vallejo. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  22. As far as I know the colours were designed to stop friendly being directed at them.
  23. Continuing the Luftwaffe fighters theme I've been building recently. Firstly the Revell boxing of the Fw-190D-11 which I believe is the old Dragon kit. Reasonable kit with only a few problems. Finished in Vallejo arcrylics as a JV44 example from 1945. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Next is the Dragon Ta-152H. Similar to the Fw190D kit this goes together fairly easily with only the landing gear posing any problems. Again finished in Vallejo paint with Model Alliance decals. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  24. Thanks folks. I'll need to try and work out where I'm going wrong with these.
  25. The 109 build continues. Firstly the old Revell Bf109G-10. Nice simple kit but goes together quickly and easily. Finished with Xtracrylix RLM 74,75, 76 and with Model Alliance decals from sheet ML489028 1. 2. 3. 4. Next, a Hasegawa Bf109K-4. Very nice kit. Finished in RLM 76, 75 and 82 and with the it decals. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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