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  1. I'll write to them and tell them I would be willing, as a compromise, to accept the "first flight" fuselage. As gesture of good-will, they could have given a refund or a replacement. This is the first this has happened to me for many years and it has made me very grumpy. Maybe I'll just get one at £9.99 from Modelzone. Still cheaper than normal price. Maybe the wings might be missing from that one!
  2. In the Christmas Sales I picked up the Revell 1/144 A380 in the Emirates scheme for only £9.99. Bargain I thought. Got it home to discover a couple of parts missing from the box. Nothing important - only the two fuselage halves! I e-mailed Revell - twice- and eventually got a reply about 6 weeks later. Send the instructions, the barcode and cheque for £3 and they would send the bits. Great I thought. That was 7 weeks ago. Today I got everything returned with a letter saying that model is now discontinued and they don't have any spare parts. Brilliant. They advised me to return it to the store for exchange or refund. Easier said than done. Good advice though. Wish I had done that in the first place rather than deal with Revell. Interesting that the "First flight" kit still appears on the web-site. Don't Revell realize that it has the same fuselage? I now have an A380 kit I can only build as a flying wing. Be a long time before I buy another Revell kit again. Does anyone need some A380 bits? Wings, engine gear etc?
  3. Thanks for the comments folks. That's very nice Nico. It's always interesting to see another interpretation. Looks like you made a better job of the transparencies than I did.
  4. Finished this trio recently. All brush painted with Xtracrylics. Varnished with Humbrol Flat Cote The Airfix Halifax. Quite enjoyable apart from the really soft light blue plastic that Airfix used for a while. The Italeri(MPM) Wellington. With Xtradecal decals. Terrible instructions of the "it goes here somewhere" variety. Some of the fit was suprisingly bad. Good detail though - 15 parts for one gun turret and it didn't even fit properly anyway. Nice clear transparencies though. The Maquette/Novo/Frog Whitley. Bit of a shocker really. The plastic was really brittle but with thick sprues that were difficult to cut. Mostly held together with filler and poor language. Transparencies wouldn't look out of place in a toilet window! Looks like a Whitley though. Fed up with Dark Earth/Green/Black for now so I'll leave the Lancaster and Stirling. I'll post pics of the Matchbox Halifax, Airfix Hampden and Blenheim later.
  5. Surely the real fault lies with BAE Systems failure to provide the aircraft within the contracted timescales and budget rather a lack of funding - how much more do they want? Also bearing in mind it was going to be 21 aircraft not 9. BAE completely underestimated how much it would for a "simple" re-engining job. 8 years late? They could have built a new one in that time... no wait a minute.... maybe not. The MOD must shoulder some of the blame as among other things, they wanted to use the old fuselages as a cost saving exercise...duh. Net result they didn't fit the computer designed shiny new wings and .. there are very few MR2s left either. Brilliant. The "pitch stability" problem was known about for a while but it accepted as a "risk", which means do nothing and maybe the problem will go away- it didn't. This is true of many other "issues" as they are called. Some the engineering decisions I know about on this project really would make your hair curl. The problem is that the RAF needs MRA4 now, or rather 8 years ago, so I don't believe cancellation is an option and BAE knows it too. The combination of BAE Systems Military division and MOD - unbeatable.
  6. Ah well. Kept me in "work" for 5 years. Glad I'm out of it now.
  7. I think it is cowardice in the face of natural metal finishes.
  8. For my first, here's one I finished last year. Trumpeter's 1/48 Grumman Panther. Finished as it came out of the box. Not a great fan of 1950s US jets but always had a fascination for the Panther since I saw "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" when I was (much) younger. Quite an enjoyable build.
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