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  1. The Planet models Manchester is way out of my price league (the Paragon conversion might be as well but I can't find one). Mark, I still have the bomb tractor and trolley.
  2. Thanks for the comments folks. I quite like "theme" builds, but yes I would like to do a Mosquito (Tamiya probably) Manchester (if I can get a Paragon conversion). I like my models fairly clean due to lack of confidence in weathering techniques (and competence as well I suspect). Next - US bombers - an Academy B-17 and an Airfix B-29 if I can get over my natural metal phobia (is this a medical condition I wonder?) or maybe an Airfix HP O/400 (with associated riggingophobia) or an Italeri B-66 or...................
  3. Here is my last trio of RAF WW2 bombers (until I can get a Manchester and a Battle) Firstly the Airfix Stirling. I got a cheap one from Ebay that had been started - big mistake. Wasn't too bad in the end. Finished with Xtradecals. Next the Matchbox Wellesley. Nice little kit. Even the 30 year old decals were fine. Finally the Airfix Lancaster. Nice kit all-round with excellent fit. Again with Xtradecals as the "Phantom of the Ruhr" I've photographed all 9 bombers together. Interesting size comparison, but not much colour variety! Lancaster, Stirling, Halifax III, Wellington, Halifax
  4. That is very nice. I have the OKB one in the stash myself
  5. Thanks for the kind comments folks. Point taken but not sure why it needs to be so complex. The fuselage is double thickness along the top and down the side at the rear. Some of it is to provide moving tailplanes and fins - not really necessary.As far as re-flying it is concerned, all it would do revisit the probems that were never solved in 1964. It only flew a handful of times in what would have been a flight test programme lasting several years. It never achieved anything like a service clearance and who knows what issues may have been found in other parts of the envelope. Why Thatcher w
  6. Here is my effort at the Airfix TSR-2 with Xtradecals 617Sqn markings. This kit fought me all the way. Some of it was due to modeller stupidity, some due to very poor parts fit. The wing/fuselage join is especially poor. Why it needs three extra fuselage panels, two of them forward and aft of the wing I don't know. The main gear doors are also a poor fit. If you want to fit exhaust nozzles last like I wanted to - don't. With the tailplanes in place, the rear fuselage section won't fit. I never did work out how the air intake interior is supposed to fit - the instructions are very vague. Stu
  7. Is the Bilek one a rebox of the Airfix kit? Kingkit have it for a tenner.
  8. I er... got it from my Dad. He had built an original Frog one years ago and had the Maquette version as loft lining. He was clearly impressed with it as a kit as he had no qualms about handing it over! I would suspect an original Frog one might have better quality plastic and it would certainly have better instructions.
  9. Here is batch of Handley Page bombers I completed last year. Matchbox Halifax Pretty good for it's age,landing gear was a bit of a swine though. Airfix Hampden Simple and good fun kit. Matchbox Heyford Actually a Chinese version. Had Chinese instructions - no English at all. Enjoyed building this one. Extra dust applied! All part of a grand plan to build a set of Handley Page bombers. Built the Victor but still summoning the courage to build the Airfix 0/400.
  10. Returning it to the shop wasn't an easy option but I take your point. It hasn't worked then. If they have changed the process I shudder to think what it was like before! I'll put it down to experience. Just a warning to anyone else who needs spares from Revell not to expect too much.
  11. I'll write to them and tell them I would be willing, as a compromise, to accept the "first flight" fuselage. As gesture of good-will, they could have given a refund or a replacement. This is the first this has happened to me for many years and it has made me very grumpy. Maybe I'll just get one at £9.99 from Modelzone. Still cheaper than normal price. Maybe the wings might be missing from that one!
  12. In the Christmas Sales I picked up the Revell 1/144 A380 in the Emirates scheme for only £9.99. Bargain I thought. Got it home to discover a couple of parts missing from the box. Nothing important - only the two fuselage halves! I e-mailed Revell - twice- and eventually got a reply about 6 weeks later. Send the instructions, the barcode and cheque for £3 and they would send the bits. Great I thought. That was 7 weeks ago. Today I got everything returned with a letter saying that model is now discontinued and they don't have any spare parts. Brilliant. They advised me to return it to the store
  13. Thanks for the comments folks. That's very nice Nico. It's always interesting to see another interpretation. Looks like you made a better job of the transparencies than I did.
  14. Finished this trio recently. All brush painted with Xtracrylics. Varnished with Humbrol Flat Cote The Airfix Halifax. Quite enjoyable apart from the really soft light blue plastic that Airfix used for a while. The Italeri(MPM) Wellington. With Xtradecal decals. Terrible instructions of the "it goes here somewhere" variety. Some of the fit was suprisingly bad. Good detail though - 15 parts for one gun turret and it didn't even fit properly anyway. Nice clear transparencies though. The Maquette/Novo/Frog Whitley. Bit of a shocker really. The plastic was really brittle but with thick spru
  15. Surely the real fault lies with BAE Systems failure to provide the aircraft within the contracted timescales and budget rather a lack of funding - how much more do they want? Also bearing in mind it was going to be 21 aircraft not 9. BAE completely underestimated how much it would for a "simple" re-engining job. 8 years late? They could have built a new one in that time... no wait a minute.... maybe not. The MOD must shoulder some of the blame as among other things, they wanted to use the old fuselages as a cost saving exercise...duh. Net result they didn't fit the computer designed shin
  16. Ah well. Kept me in "work" for 5 years. Glad I'm out of it now.
  17. I think it is cowardice in the face of natural metal finishes.
  18. For my first, here's one I finished last year. Trumpeter's 1/48 Grumman Panther. Finished as it came out of the box. Not a great fan of 1950s US jets but always had a fascination for the Panther since I saw "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" when I was (much) younger. Quite an enjoyable build.
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