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  1. Thanks, gentlemen. I guess I need to learn how to talk to my search engine.
  2. Early B-24Ds, prior to the later installation of a ball turret, had a swivel gun mounted in the ventral position. Does anyone have an illustration of the location and shape of this arrangement?
  3. Pretty sure those are P-40Fs of the 57th FG bound for Accra, 19 July, 1942. Called Desert Sand, it's frequently referred to as Desert Pink.
  4. Found this on FalkeEins. Seems to be a yellow band around the rear fuselage:
  5. Considering their role, and the practices of other KGs, did KG-40 pack any forward-firing weaponry in their ventral cupolas? Photos seem to show either nothing, or, perhaps, a couple 7.92mm guns. I've seen nothing like the 20mm cannon other units have installed. Also--outside shot--does anyone know if the 2013 edition of Chris Goss' "Bloody Biscay" contains any new or different information than the 2001 edition? Thanks!
  6. Never mind. After closer inspection it seems they're Dark Earth and Dark Green a/c partially painted over with a light grey. Foolish me.
  7. I noticed in a recent excerpted video ("The Son of Lassie" 1943) from Barry Swinn on Scale Aircraft Modelling's (SAM) Facebook site ( https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Scale Aircraft Modelling &epa=SEARCH_BOX ) a couple points ( 1:12 and 0:09) where the sunlight reflects satiny off the RAF Dark Green (or equivalent) but not at all off the Extra Dark Sea Grey. I get this all the time mixing paints of differing manufacturers, and feel obliged to fix it. Can I stop feeling guilty about it? Was this a common effect with wartime paints?
  8. "The biggest frustration for the pilots of 616 Squadron was that they never clashed with the Me 262, or indeed with any German fighter aircraft." Thanks you, gentlemen.
  9. For diorama idea. I know they never spatted with ME-262s, and destroyed a few planes on the ground, but did they ever meet with German piston-engined aircraft in the air?
  10. Ryan B.

    P-40 Desert Filters?

    Asked and answered. Thanks, gentlemen!
  11. Did Desert Air Force P-40s have any equivalent sand/dust filtration system similar in purpose to the Vokes filters used on Spitfires and Hurricanes--or, indeed, the sand filters used on Me-109s and C.202s?
  12. Note also that the paint on the port wing extends down the leading edge to the bottom of the cannon housings, while the starboard wings paint scheme seems two toned, lighter, and extends only to the midpoint of the cannon housing. Replacement wing? Repainting? Idunno.
  13. John "Knights Cross" Weal in Osprey's Messerschmitt BF 110 Zerstorer Aces of World War 2, writes on p.78, "In addition to 20 aircraft shot down, [Oberleutnant Johannes Kiel] had destroyed a further 62 on the ground, plus nine tanks and 20 artillery pieces, as well as sinking one submarine, three MTBs and a transport vessel!" 110s were also used in Russia to interdict river traffic.
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