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  1. Hi everyone! I finished the EMHAR Whippet kit. It was painted with Gunze and weathered with oils and pigments. Everything out-of-the-box except for string wrapped around the mufflers. Hope you like it! Marco
  2. I'm glad you liked it! It was my first attempt using white glue and pigments (three colours).
  3. Hi folks! This is a P-40N with Eduard PE. The decals are from the box. The fuel tank is the wrong way round on purpose. Best regards! Marco
  4. It builds really easily. The cockpit is rather bare but that doesn't bother me. Thanks! Thank you! 72 rules! Thanks! Thank you! It looks odd but interesting. Thanks!
  5. Nice work, Doc! The OD looks beautiful, specially on the wings. Nice worn look.
  6. Thank you, Toryu. The OD is Gunze H-52 overall and with some white added for the nose. After that, oil filters and dot filters with burnt umber, white, black and naples yellow. More or less the same way you would weather a Sherman tank.
  7. Thanks, Steve. I built it first the right way but, as soon as I saw this picture, I ripped it out and turned it around. Thank you! I wonder if the Napalm story is true.
  8. Thanks! The original picture is wonderful. You can see the mud and grime and how the paint faded. It's great fun trying to replicate that.
  9. Thank you Meatbox! Some say the tank was adapted for using Napalm and had to be fitted this way. Others say they ran out of P-40N tanks and had to use earlier versions that were left over and would only fit this way round.
  10. Hi everyone! I´m building the EMHAR Whippet kit. I´ve completed the build and basic paintwork and I'm going to start on the weathering now. I haven´t built a tank since 2012 or so and now I see there are dozens of new weathering techniques. I know there are all these fancy new products around but, for now, I'll use stuff from my stash applying the techniques shown on MIG and AK videos. The kit is very basic... but so was the real thing. It builds up very nicely. This is the only spot I needed putty: Everything primed with Gunze Black Primer:
  11. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    And finished with the kit. Now I´ll work on the scenery.
  12. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    Continuing... I wrapped the mufflers with string and dyed them with a brown wash.
  13. Hi everyone! I finished ths Henschel Hs-129 This is the Italeri 1/72 kit OOB except for the Eduard PE cockpit (which is completely hidden). I used Gunze Mr. Hobby paints and the swastikas came from an Extradecal sheet (the kit has none). Hope you like it! Marco
  14. Thank you! Thanks, Greg. Keeping them even was the hardest part. I had to stop several times to see if I wasn't straying.
  15. Wow! Excelent! The new pictures are much better.
  16. Thank you, Jean! Nice to know about the flag. My only references were profile drawings (one was brown and the other green). Thanks! The kit builds nicely but I didn't like the canopy (it doesn't look like the real thing).
  17. Beautiful! Great weathering.
  18. Marco

    Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

    Nice work! I love these little scenes.
  19. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    Thank you! I still don't like the light dust. I'll have to fix that.
  20. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    I got the mud down on the tank. But now the light dust on the top looks too white. I'm thinking on putting some darkish wash on the light dust to blend it in. Would that work? On the rear part I added a second colour of dust. I think it looks better than the first picture but still needs blending. More muddy pictures:
  21. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    Here is how I painted the tracks. First Dark Earth letting the black primer show through. A Van Dyck Brown wash: And finally dry brushed with Gunze Tire Black.
  22. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    There will be so much mud involved (see next posts) that I will just leave the original tracks .
  23. Beautiful colours and shades. An artist´s work.
  24. Marco

    Whippet Mk.A - EMHAR - 1/35

    Never-ending weathering. Now i put on burnt umber oil to try to add contrast to the previous streaking.