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  1. Thanks. All-sorts. Mostly Tamiya. I spent far too long trying to research what the actual scheme was, and in the end I decided that I liked the look of RLM02/71/65 rather than the other possibilities, so I went with that. The 02 and 65 were Tamiya mixes. I think the 71 was Tamiya XF-81 (though it may have been the Gunze RAF Dark Green - I tried both). Prop was XF-27.
  2. No problem Mike. I'm not just posting here for an ego massage. It's great to get some specific and constructive feedback... in addition to the ego massage. Aww, shucks. Thank you so much for all the kind words, everyone.
  3. Thanks both. I tried weathering this one with some oils. I applied various amounts of black/brown tones around panel edges and recesses, then blended them out by stippling with a soft brush. I think it's given some nice subtle definition to things without looking overly prominent. I'm glad you like it. I did do some black-basing with stencils, but I had to do a couple of touch-ups on the camo and around some tide marks from the decal solution, so if it's visible, it's very subtle. Thank you. Thanks for that. Very interesting read. The flaps on this were added at the end with a dab of CA. If I feel the urge, I may pop them out, cut off the locating tabs, and stick them back in a less deployed position to match that reference image linked above. That would be easier than trying to saw off the ailerons!
  4. Sorry I’m late to the lanc party. I’ll pull up a slightly realigned pilot’s chair if I may. It’s been a while since I followed a lanc build. Your rendition was a cracker @The Spadgent
  5. Love it. The effect of paint rubbed off the rivets on the upper surfaces is particularly nice.
  6. Nice job Cris. I have the FRS1 in the stash with all the Eduard goodies. I really must get around to it.
  7. Thank you @ColinChipmunkfan, @Tokyo Raider Thanks for the kind words. I was eyeing-up one of the bigger kits in the future. I will bear it in mind about the ailerons. Do you know if that only happened over a certain degree of flap deployment? One of the reference shots I found for this aircraft doesn't show the ailerons drooped, but then the flaps are not as far deployed as the Airfix kit depicts them. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/JG20/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109E4-Stab-I.JG20-Hofe-WNr-1490-France-1940-01.html
  8. Thank you. I got the Das Werk 1/35 Tiger II for Christmas, so there's more armour coming in the future (I'm not doing the full Takom interior, just the outside will do!! ).
  9. This started as a "what do I have in the stash that I can do as a simple build to get my mojo back" project. Of course, that's never how it goes... Kit is what Airfix list as the E-3, though I'm not entirely convinced whether this particular subject wasn't actually an E-4. Some sources say one thing, some another. If it's an E-3, it's been brought up to E-4 spec with the canopy - which is good, because that's what the kit has. The aspirations for doing this OOB went out of the window as soon as I saw the moulded belts on the seat. They were sanded off and replaced with some made from Tamiya tape. I also broke one of the wing-mounted guns, and the antenna pylon. The pylon I made from stretched sprue. Barrels are from Master. Canopy opening limiter is made from stretched sprue, and I added the some UvdR line for the antenna. Also added some riveting detail. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hello everyone. Thread From the Dead! Updates didn't resume in the holidays. * hangs head in shame * This little chap has spent most of the last 2 years in a tuppaware box. I got it out for a week or so at some point and started weathering it, but wasn't that happy with what I did, so I put it away again. I'm trying to clear out a few shelf queens at the moment, so I will try and finish it off. This is where we're at:
  11. Well. I'm still plodding along here and there. I may have got a little carried away with the razor saw. I cut the nose off the body shell. Added the small sliver of bodywork that goes under the front wishbone and steering arm with some plasticard. Cut a kerf into the main shell in order to adjust the rake of the nose in front of the cockpit. This was strengthened with some .025 on the underside and filled with sprue-goo on the top before sanding. The tub was also split at the nose and parts built up with plasticard. The locating points for mounting the suspension arm parts where ground off the inside of the tub, and I cut the arms off the parts where they exit the bodywork so they can be mounted with pins later. I also cut the small tabs from the floor that form part of the tub sides where they sandwich the suspension arms. They have been glued onto the tub sides so they can be filled and smoothed. I also cut the slot that locates the nose bodywork to the very front of the tub, and the underside of the nose has been filled and I have added a locating tab that marries to the slot. Still a long way to go with this work, but I thought I would share progress so far.
  12. Like a couple of unsure teenagers, this week has seen lots of fiddling about and not much action. Test fitting of parts has shown that, as happens to most of us, time has not been kind to the bodywork. The nose doesn't sit properly in any direction. I've tried a few times to tease her back into shape with a hot bath and some thinning of the underside of the nose where it fouls on the tub, but It's still not where I want. I think the only option is going to be some serious rhinoplasty. This could be make or break the build. As I'm not a qualified plastic surgeon, hopefully the outcome will not end up resembling Gérard Depardieu. As you can also see in the last pic, I chopped off the front wing flaps ready for the PE parts. I also chopped the rear wing support off the gearbox as that is going to be PE, and got on with filling some ejector pin marks. Hopefully some more interesting progress to report soon.
  13. No Marlboro decals in the kit either. Many places around the world were banning tobacco advertising in the 90s. Guessing it would limit Tamiya in what markets they could sell to. The cars did run with a livery like that at some race. British GP, fo example: https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1016152413-formula-one-world-championship/1016152413/?race_type_id=0&search=mclaren 1990&p=23&is_popup=1 I've been paralysed with procrastination about them. Have to start some time though. That makes two of us then. Let's hope someone drops in who knows what they're doing! Completely agree. Personally, it's my favourite. Probably followed by the FW15C (not with the double wing). Maybe some of the 50s or early 60s cars are in the picture for best looking ever. But the early 90s was the golden age for looks in the modern era. Though I do realise that for me this has a lot to do with my own experiences of F1 as a kid. I could walk to the maggots gate from where I lived, and I went to most of the races from 88 to 94. Somewhere I have an old photo I took of Senna's car parked-up after the race. IIRC I paid about £45 for mine (it was originally £9.99 from Ace Models, Fountain Avenue, Dudley). I think the 4/4 was about £60, but when it came I discovered a set of Studio27 carbon decals in the box. Welcome along everyone.
  14. Been having a look through the instructions for kit and detail parts to acquaint myself, and there seem to be some parts on the detail-up set that don't appear on the Top Studio instructions. They're obviously Dzus fasteners. But it's not clear to me where they are intended to be fitted. I'm assuming they are supposed to be the bodywork clips such as in front of the upper wishbone, and in front and below the 'E' by the wing mirror in this picture. Though the do look a bit large for this. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-mclaren-mp4-5b-front-left2-honda-collection-hall-84410129.html
  15. I managed to snag this for a really good price on Ebay about 4 or 5 years ago and I've slowly been adding some extras to the stash over time. I think it's finally time to get cracking. It's older brother will have to wait for a little longer. Kit was all as-new and sealed in the bags. Looks good. Extras are the Top Studio cockpit set... Top Studio detail-up set... Hobby Design decals and tyre mask... And some Gravity Colors paint. Which from a test spray, matches the Hobby Design decals nicely. My current plan is to build 'ready-to-race'. So bodywork on, and keep the detailing predominantly on the outside. Time at the bench is quite sporadic, and I'm _very_ slow anyway, so this make take some time.
  16. Thanks @Neil. Lots of really useful stuff to chew on there. I've ordered a couple of decal sets that I could find in stock from UK suppliers. I may grab some other ones from overseas to get some extra fine and 1:43 scale to compare. There's a Studio27 set that looks like it contains various different layup patterns dependent on location. Only seem to be available on eBay at the moment for extortional cost.
  17. I haven't seen that forum before @Kitkent. I'll take a look.Thanks. And that's my problem with the CF decals. To me, the weave often seems comically large compared to what it would really be in scale.
  18. Also, does anyone have a recommendation for the best carbon decals? Something that has an extremely fine weave pattern.
  19. I'm starting to plan out the build of my Tamiya MP4/5B. Does anyone know of a good source for reference material? One part I'm particularly interested in is what parts are exposed carbon, and where that is the case, what is the weave. I see a lot of builds that have used twill weave decals all over the tub, floor, diffuser, inside of endplates, etc. There are decal kits that include most/all of these areas. However in many images it's difficult to see if this is realistic or not, and finding clear hi-res images of these areas is proving tricky. I found this image of the MP4/5 where it appears that the tub is made from UD carbon rather than weave. With brake ducts and front tip of the nose in weave. https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1016910558-australian-gp/1016910558/?event_id=169999&race_type_id=54&year=1990&team_id=10&p=1 The main part of the tub also appears to have no weave in this shot https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1016910648-australian-gp/1016910648/?event_id=169999&race_type_id=54&year=1990&team_id=10&p=3 And in this shot it looks like the rear of the floor is weave, along with the visible parts of the airbox. Whereas the forward floor, diffuser, and again the main tub, are not. https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1017334055-spanish-gp/1017334055/?race_type_id=54&year=1990&team_id=10&p=9 ( Appears to be the same in this shot of the opposite side from a different race - https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1017330608-belgian-gp/1017330608/?race_type_id=54&year=1990&team_id=10&p=15 ) Is this correct, or is it maybe just a trick of the light when the weave is oriented in different directions to the viewer? Do some parts maybe use a more opaque resin? Is the top of the airbox made from fibreglass, Kevlar, or just plastic? https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1017334083-spanish-gp/1017334083/?race_type_id=54&year=1990&team_id=10&p=10 Thanks in advance.
  20. I am assuming that the marking option in the kit for RS625 of 143 Sqdn would not have ever had stripes as, if iiuc, they got the mosquitoes in sept '44.
  21. Thanks. Maybe they'll be available by the time I get to paint. I am slooooooooooooooooow. Booo. Hissss. Party pooper. Would these mossies have had the Gee system at this time? Are there any other things that are worth adding/changing on the Tamiya kit?
  22. I'm looking to build up my 1:48 Tamiya Mossie to represent something from Coastal Command around D-Day time period. I love the look of the EDSG over Sky with full invasion stripes (+ rockets!). However I'm struggling to find any decals to depict one of these that are actually available. There was an AeroMaster set that contained HR130 "LA-E" of 235 Squadron, but that's long out of production and I can't find any remaining. Another possible subject would be HR118 "W" from 235 Squadron. There was a Kits at War set that contained this aircraft, but again I can't find any, and KaW seems long gone. Anyone got any ideas for sourcing the decals, or for other subjects that I may be able to get markings for?
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