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  1. Posting for 2 reasons: 1) Subscribing. This is awesome. 2) There's BBMF Lanc flypast at RAF Museum Hendon tomorrow (Sat 19th) @ 5:30pm
  2. Matt_

    Tamiya Gone Thick

    What are you painting? I spray a lot of the time with Tamiya paints + x20a without my extractor on. (it's one of those little fold-up jobbies that has a hose you can feed out of the window) If you're just spraying small parts, then close-up work and a fine spray pattern means there is very little overspray. If I'm spraying larger surfaces, or using lacquer thinner, then obviously I use the extractor and/or a mask.
  3. Matt_

    Tamiya Gone Thick

    Lacquer and alcohol paints will mostly come back to life with thinner. One thing to watch for is solid lumps that get suspended in the paint. After thinning and mixing, you may want to strain the paint to prevent it clogging your airbrush.
  4. Matt_

    Primer Paint

    I've also found the Vallejo primer can be quite prone to tip-dry. A little x20a and some flow-aid + retarder helps. If you decant the Tamiya primer into a pot, you can shoot it through the airbrush, which results in much less stink as you're not creating such a lot of overspray.
  5. Matt_

    RAF Sky Blue / ANA 610 Sky Blue

    Thanks so much guys. I think I may just go with Sky. It seems as likely anything that this was what it was, and also I have some Sky already.
  6. Matt_

    RAF Sky Blue / ANA 610 Sky Blue

    Thanks. Yes, my mistake on the ANA. Specifically, I was looking at the colours for the RAF NA Mustang IV. I have the 1/72 Airfix kit I'm building at the moment for one of the kids. The box art has the spinner in black, but I found a reference pic that has the spinner in a light colour. http://raf-112-squadron.org/112_photos_page_6.html The same pic appears on the RAAF 3 Sq site with notes that the spinner would have been Sky Blue http://www.3squadron.org.au/subpages/Mustangs/3 Sqn P-51K P4.htm - (down at the bottom of the page) Maybe this was an error, and it should have been Sky? Then there are places that have Mk IVAs with a red spinner http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2000/03/stuff_eng_profile_112sqn2.htm and the currently kept KH774 - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:North_American_P-51D_Mustang_‘KH774_-_GA-S’_(G-SHWN)_(19548249673).jpg Maybe I'll just paint it pink.
  7. Matt_

    Aircraft canopy tinting

    You can get 'Klear', it's called 'Pledge With Future Shine Floor Care' To tint a canopy (or car windows) it can be a good idea to tint the inside by liberally applying with a brush, or flowing on with a dropper, and letting it self-level and drip off. Then, when the inside is tinted, dip the whole lot to shine the outside. That way, a minor scratch on the exposed side won't obviously remove the tint.
  8. Matt_

    RAF Dark Green 1942

    I wonder how those Mr Color/Hobby paints compare to Tamiya XF-81?
  9. Matt_

    RAF Sky Blue / ANA 610 Sky Blue

    There are a number of old threads that reference this colour, but nothing regarding Tamiya that I could find. Does anyone have a good way to mix ANA 610 Sky Blue with Tamiya acrylics? From this post, XF-23 appears too green to use as a base: X-14 looks like it may be 'too' blue? I wondered if white with a drop of XF-50 Field Blue, or possible XF-18 Medium Blue?
  10. Matt_

    1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    When are you going to stop posting pictures of the actual aircraft, and start posting pictures of a scale model? /subscribed
  11. I think this is because it's Mr Hobby Aqueous Dark Earth (H72), which is not the same as Mr Color C22 RAF Dark Earth It's a really nicely finished Spit, though. Nice work.
  12. Matt_

    New Tool For Cutting Tape Circles

    Wow! That's impressive.
  13. Matt_

    New Tool For Cutting Tape Circles

    Looks great. The Olfa compass cutter I have can't do anything that small.