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  1. Like a couple of unsure teenagers, this week has seen lots of fiddling about and not much action. Test fitting of parts has shown that, as happens to most of us, time has not been kind to the bodywork. The nose doesn't sit properly in any direction. I've tried a few times to tease her back into shape with a hot bath and some thinning of the underside of the nose where it fouls on the tub, but It's still not where I want. I think the only option is going to be some serious rhinoplasty. This could be make or break the
  2. No Marlboro decals in the kit either. Many places around the world were banning tobacco advertising in the 90s. Guessing it would limit Tamiya in what markets they could sell to. The cars did run with a livery like that at some race. British GP, fo example: https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1016152413-formula-one-world-championship/1016152413/?race_type_id=0&search=mclaren 1990&p=23&is_popup=1 I've been paralysed with procrastination about them. Have to start some time though. That makes two of us then. Let's hope
  3. Been having a look through the instructions for kit and detail parts to acquaint myself, and there seem to be some parts on the detail-up set that don't appear on the Top Studio instructions. They're obviously Dzus fasteners. But it's not clear to me where they are intended to be fitted. I'm assuming they are supposed to be the bodywork clips such as in front of the upper wishbone, and in front and below the 'E' by the wing mirror in this picture. Though the do look a bit large for this. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-mclaren-mp4-5b-front-left2-honda-col
  4. I managed to snag this for a really good price on Ebay about 4 or 5 years ago and I've slowly been adding some extras to the stash over time. I think it's finally time to get cracking. It's older brother will have to wait for a little longer. Kit was all as-new and sealed in the bags. Looks good. Extras are the Top Studio cockpit set... Top Studio detail-up set... Hobby Design decals and tyre mask... And some Gravity Colors paint. Which from a t
  5. Thanks @Neil. Lots of really useful stuff to chew on there. I've ordered a couple of decal sets that I could find in stock from UK suppliers. I may grab some other ones from overseas to get some extra fine and 1:43 scale to compare. There's a Studio27 set that looks like it contains various different layup patterns dependent on location. Only seem to be available on eBay at the moment for extortional cost.
  6. I haven't seen that forum before @Kitkent. I'll take a look.Thanks. And that's my problem with the CF decals. To me, the weave often seems comically large compared to what it would really be in scale.
  7. Good to know. I've opened a Paypal dispute to get my refund.
  8. Also, does anyone have a recommendation for the best carbon decals? Something that has an extremely fine weave pattern.
  9. I'm starting to plan out the build of my Tamiya MP4/5B. Does anyone know of a good source for reference material? One part I'm particularly interested in is what parts are exposed carbon, and where that is the case, what is the weave. I see a lot of builds that have used twill weave decals all over the tub, floor, diffuser, inside of endplates, etc. There are decal kits that include most/all of these areas. However in many images it's difficult to see if this is realistic or not, and finding clear hi-res images of these areas is proving tricky. I found this image of the
  10. I am assuming that the marking option in the kit for RS625 of 143 Sqdn would not have ever had stripes as, if iiuc, they got the mosquitoes in sept '44.
  11. Thanks. Maybe they'll be available by the time I get to paint. I am slooooooooooooooooow. Booo. Hissss. Party pooper. Would these mossies have had the Gee system at this time? Are there any other things that are worth adding/changing on the Tamiya kit?
  12. I'm looking to build up my 1:48 Tamiya Mossie to represent something from Coastal Command around D-Day time period. I love the look of the EDSG over Sky with full invasion stripes (+ rockets!). However I'm struggling to find any decals to depict one of these that are actually available. There was an AeroMaster set that contained HR130 "LA-E" of 235 Squadron, but that's long out of production and I can't find any remaining. Another possible subject would be HR118 "W" from 235 Squadron. There was a Kits at War set that contained this aircraft, but again I can't find any,
  13. Clear mud? Is that a weathering product that this lot have been trying to sell you?
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