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  1. Starting to come together, Ced.
  2. Sounds like even more work than just modding the intakes.
  3. Great repairs. She'll be airworthy again in no time.
  4. Well well. It stands to attention all by itself. This is what I mean. The bottom lip of the intake goes smoothly back from the front in a single shallow curve. It looks like your lip takes a pronounced kink at the front like: ⦧ Or maybe I'm mis-reading the profile of yours?
  5. Matt_

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    It's beginning to look a lot like avro Looking great, Steve. Given you've started painting, I'm guessing the answer to my other question is no. Have a great holiday.
  6. Just my opinion, but I think the real things look a bit more like they have a squared-off lip at the front than they actually do due to the way the shadow falls. It looks like yours may be trying to mimic that phantom profile. Like the bottom lip goes up, then rolls off flatter. Does that make sense? Hard to tell from just the front-on photo.
  7. Matt_

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Was the mono a jet? I ask as there doesn't seem to be prop, and - even to someone lacking in an aeronautical engineering background like myself - it seems unlikely that this setup would fare that well when racing. Are you planning create the stretched skin effect on the tail with bondo like you did for the former for the cockpit sides?
  8. Thanks Johnny. Nearly-ish there. Had to put everything on hold for bit as we finally exchanged on the new house - moving next Thursday. PANIC! I put all my modelling stuff in boxes last night, updates to the Tiger will hopefully resume in the holidays.
  9. Well well. Will you take a look at that. We finally get back to modelling, and it's a triumph. I think it's captured the lines on the original pretty well. But enough about the Enterprise, your intakes also look OK, Ced.
  10. Still no sign of Captain Nimrod? How sad. I propose we hold a minute's sausage at 11am tomorrow. Silence. Yes. Silence. A minute's silence.
  11. Still no word from Ced. I think that means the escape room has become his tomb.
  12. I'm starting to worry that this thread may be beginning to affect my life outside scale modelling. I think I'm becoming obsessed.
  13. No idea. Anyone know what the record is for number of pages of sausage related discussion between OP's model posts?
  14. Blimey. Not had another bloke this interested in my sausage since that time I wandered drunk into a soho nightclub. For enquiring minds, it was Morrissons The Best Thick Pork Sausage. For dinner, that is.
  15. Matt_

    Revell 1/72 Concorde

    With all this kit's failings, I think you may as well just scratch the whole thing starting with a giant turkey baster.