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  1. funguseater

    Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    Great to see all the sub assemblies coming together so nicely. Amazing how much thought has to go into these armoured cars. I'm still working on the sd.kfz 222, and just started the Italeri Staghound mk 3 (simple in comparison to this - I hope !).
  2. funguseater

    Mirror Models 1/35 Holmes Wrecker

    Mirror models get good reviews for their Quads etc. Definitely watching this one...looks like a high parts count
  3. Thanks for the comments. I'm very impressed with this kit. It all fits together well, and plenty of PE. Just takes a bit of thought of what to Paint/assemble when! Not touching it now for a week, as I have done some more modulation with a brush and oils. Then I can seal that in with Klear before trying a blue filter, oil wash, pin wash, pigments.... The usual stages! The PE screens are ready for their German grey base coat.
  4. funguseater

    Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz

    Like everyone has said already, the canvas is so convincing. All round great model.
  5. funguseater

    Valentine Mk.II/IV (Tamiya, 1/35)

    I've got one in the stash so will keep an eye on this. Good work so far
  6. More progress, now ready for the next stage. The armament / pedestal is like a kit in itself: Pre shaded Base coat applied. I used AK real colour German grey, then applied a lighter coat mixed with buff in an attempt at some modulation. Now ready for gloss clear cote: I'm going to leave a few hatches open, that's the Plan. The hull is not glued yet:
  7. funguseater

    Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Keith, thanks for the information. Yes, your 2nd kit sounds like mine...I may try the super glue method after practice on old sprues. Not had to do it before so will see..keep me posted
  8. funguseater

    Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Great build and photos, can I ask how did you fix the "short shot" fin ? I have around 13mm to deal with.
  9. funguseater

    Ki-46-II Dinah

    Nice build, I like your use of chipping
  10. funguseater

    1/72 IBG RWD-8 DWL Trainer (civilian)

    Close to finishing the PWD. The struts were a good fit in the end, with light pressure on the fuselage all is good. Decals are very good, but delicate ( the thinnest I have ever used). I have most sprayed a 50/50 diluted mix of AK real colour Clear Smoke to hopefully imitate dope on canvas.
  11. funguseater

    GasPatch Hs123

    These gaspatch kits get rave reviews. Great build. I'll try your pastel wash method. Just bought a set of soft (not oil) pastels from The Range, £6.99 for twenty sticks.
  12. funguseater

    1/72 IBG RWD-8 DWL Trainer (civilian)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this subject. You make some good points. It's a shame no examples survived. Maybe there's one in a barn somewhere in poland/czech republic waiting to become an amazing Barn find ! I wish...
  13. Looking at those close-ups makes one realise just how crude the early kits could be ! Kudos to you for starting this build. Looking forward to further developments.
  14. funguseater

    1/72 IBG RWD-8 DWL Trainer (civilian)

    I appreciate the comment. The instruction colour call out for the fuselage is Vallejo White grey 70.993 (though I used AK real colour). Construction was a steel and wood frame with a canvas and plywood covering. This one has been a fast, enjoyable build.