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  1. PhillW

    1/48 Airfix Lynx AH1GT

    I am trying to work out when the intakes where changed from the metal mesh to the upgraded grey versions
  2. PhillW

    AH-64 Apache 1/48 Revell *restoration*

    Great work would like to see the finished piece
  3. Hi, I was looking to upgrade my Hellfire missiles and was looking to add the lenses on the front of them and came across this cheap solution that can be used for all sorts of lights, lumps and bumps in the art section of a shop called the Range Anita's Clear 3D Gloss with extra fine nib Just one location I have found of many on line https://www.craftstash.co.uk/anita-s-3d-clear-gloss-25ml.html It puts down a clear blob of gloss which quickly dries and leaves a great clear lens the more you drop the bigger the lens Hope this helps Phil
  4. PhillW


    Hi Paul, I am after x8 - 4mm clear lenses for my 1/48 Apache would you have them in stock? Thanks Phil
  5. PhillW

    Revell AH64D Apache 1/48 ... photoetch ?

    I bought the etchings for the same model and only used the seat belts so far, which I could have scratch built not good for the British Army version
  6. Hi I came across this web site that has some amazing hi resolton picutres of an 'Apache' which I think has been greated in 3D and has the cock pit close up as well if you scroll down, I hope it comes in useful Thanks Phil https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3ds-max-boeing-ah-64d-apache-longbow/689106
  7. PhillW

    White lettering decals

    Hi All, I have the Revell Apache kit and looking at the decals there does'nt seem to be any 'No Step' or 'No grab' white signs, I have seen others with these and wondered if they were scratch made or bought else where Thanks Phil
  8. PhillW

    Revell model with Eduard detailing

    Thanks for the advice Fernando will do
  9. Hi Chaps and Chapess's Quick question I am waiting on the Revell Apache to come through the post and have some apache D Eduard cockpit detailing, will this fit the Revell version as its designed for another version? Thanks in advance Phil
  10. PhillW


    Thanks Dennis, I have already posted a enquiry about the British Apache decals AKA the lack of them, if you can help that would be great, its my first model in 1/48 and will post once its finished for comments and critic Thanks Phil
  11. PhillW


  12. PhillW

    Decals for the UK AH1 Apache/D

    Hi All I am new here so pleae excuse if this has been covered or I am posting in the wrong area. I recently bought a 1/48 scale Italeri Apache but found that the decals are almost non existant for the british version such as 'No Step' 'No Grab' etc. I have looked all over for them and cannot seem to find them, any clues or directions would be most appreciated Thanks Phil
  13. PhillW


    Greetings all, I have just joined my first modellers forum, I have been into 1/6th scale figures for years but they are becoming price restircted, I have always fancied modelling and come from a militry background many moons ago (AAC), Look forward to going through the site seeing your works and perhaps a few tips and tricks along the way Thanks Phil