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  1. Grazie Paolo no c'è problema Alessandro Pescara Thank you Paolo no problem Alessandro Pescara
  2. Grazie Laerte sono Abruzzese, Pescara (città di mare) Buon Vento anche a te un caro saluto Alessandro Thanks Laerte I'm from Pescara (seaside town), Abruzzo Fair winds to you akso greetings Alessandro
  3. Hello Dennis yes aicrafts are my love I like to built 1/48 and some 1/32 WWII propeller and Coldwar jets (I love Crusaders) some 1/35 WWII tanks and figures making diorama and some ship if I wanna break the routine about aicraft we are twins! bye for now Alessandro
  4. Hello CurrantBunburry I like to built 1/48 some 1/32 WWII propeller aicraft and cold war jets 1/35 WWII tanks and figures making diorama some ship if I wanna break the routine cheers Alessandro
  5. Thank you Giorgio, probably we met. Don't remember where, Quarter Warbirds in Scale?
  6. Hello everybody I'm Alessandro e new member kindly approveved by Britmodeller. I live in Italy (for now) and as soon as possible I'll posted someone of my models a big ciao to all of you good modeling Alessandro
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