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  1. Thanks guys I'll give painting by hand few more goes with some cheap kits And thanks for welcome
  2. Hi guys It's very possible some one already asked this. I'm about to paint my 1:48 Spit mk Va. In past I had issues with tamiya tapes as I'm using acrylics. There was under bleed and chipped paint on its edges. I heard about blue tack. Does it work alright with acrylics? I got Vallejo and I do brush painting for now. I tried doing camo by hand and, well, what a heck.. NO, didn't work out So I want to try this blue tack technique hopping for much better results than ever before thanks guys Vojta
  3. Sorry folks. I just noticed it's spray :-D
  4. Hi Any1 has idea how to apply Tamiya TS-65 clear pearl color to my scale model? Do I need to mix it with the paint or do I apply it on the model after applying desired color? Cheers Vojta
  5. Cheers pal, I'll do it that way
  6. https://ibb.co/kENHVR https://ibb.co/hWTo4m https://ibb.co/m2oAH6 https://ibb.co/ghMVH6 https://ibb.co/mhp6qR https://ibb.co/cDLqH6 https://ibb.co/msrxx6 https://ibb.co/gGcsVR https://ibb.co/h3XsVR
  7. Hello everybody!!! It's just few day till Christmas and I finally got my Daco 737-300 1:144!! Great!! It's my first model ever!!! I'm quite scared how it will look like when finished I'm going to make it Jet2 plane, reg G-CELK Jet2 Edinburgh. And why Jet2 and why LK? I've first flown aircraft in Jan 2012, Manchester to Prague on Jet2 737-300, but I don't remember the reg. And LK is as I currently live and work @Edinburgh and even work at the airport! Now to the model. It's pretty nice. I've found only one small dent on underneath the wing. No big deal. I will add more photos as building will continue DAY 1
  8. Hello everyone My name is Vojta Pintner, 26, czech guy living and working in Edinburgh. I've got a 5weeks old son called Matyas J. I'm very happy to be dad I'm new into the world of modeling. I already found out equipment to start with and ordered. But I'm wondering about how to paint the model. I want to do planes. Any recommendations for beginner as I cannot find the right way to go? I ordered DACO 737-300 and third party decals for Jet2 I hope to make new post in other selection about building the 737. Hope it's not gonna be that hard Good luck all! Cheers Vojta
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