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  1. I've been under lock down earlier than most due to medical problems and also am ex RAF and a widower so have plenty of time for modelling. Am hoping to complete a Hurri from each of the BoB squadrons. Have another dozen in various stages but find that care in cleaning up parts and dry fitting solves any problems with fitment of parts. Not trying to teach anyone how to suck eggs.
  2. I've completed 12 mk1's with no problems.
  3. Thanks for the info. Dk haven't provided the small letters I mentioned so will have to source them elsewhere.
  4. I have the Aussie Decals sheet showing No Orchids as aircraft letter O, but has no serial number There is a photo on page 79 of Desert Air Force at War by Bowyer & Shores which seems to show this, the letter being on the leading edge of the wing on the undercarriage fairing and under the nose. This shot is at an angle so is difficult to confirm. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. John
  5. Agreed that early tailwheels were rare on the IIc but they were fitted on early BD, BE and Z serial aircraft.
  6. Only seems to have the later tailwheel. Some of the marking options had the earlier tailwheel.
  7. Not for me but I hope it does well as that will encourage them to produce more kits.
  8. Have to say I like both and am waiting for the mk2 to be reissued.
  9. Panic over, the parcel is for my Polish neighbours. Card was put through my door so still waiting for my Hurricanes. Sorry for the confusion
  10. Should have had mine today but the post office want £1.50 extra postage before they will deliver. Anyone else had this problem?
  11. Us retired gentlemen of leisure have plenty of modelling time.
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