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  1. I'll pull up a chair for this one. A rare bird indeed and with an interesting history.
  2. Silver Fox

    28mm Mongol Cavalry

    Just waiting to base a load of Frenchies then I'll post them.
  3. Silver Fox

    28mm Mongol Cavalry

    Lovely work as always.
  4. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    I'm thinking of closing the refuelling bay doors, any idea how well they fit?
  5. Silver Fox


    Having just finished one, I know how much work you have put into it. Extremely well done.
  6. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Looking good,. How was the tail to fuselage joint? Dry fitting mine it looks well out.
  7. Silver Fox

    Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle's last Hurricane AS988 - The gen?

    gosh, that's interesting news, I checked my Putnams Mason and he has it as Langley built. As a Canadian built machine I too would doubt the Rotol.
  8. Silver Fox

    Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle's last Hurricane AS988 - The gen?

    Ok that was an easy find. Neil's article was published in November 1995 and he says it is very much a series of speculations. I'm seeing him on Thursday so I can ask what his current theories are. Anyway, he says that AS988 was one of 4 added to the fourth production batch, (AS9887 to AS990) and delivered via the Takoradi Trail. The other machines in this group were delivered to 6 and 73 Squadrons around May 1941. In E C R Bakers biography of Pattle, he says that five replacement Hurricanes were delivered to 33 Squadron with 'new type propellers'. Neil decided to use a 'pointed' Rotol propeller. Neil decided to portray his model with Dark Earth /Dark Green upper surfaces and Sky undersides with a black port wing. He speculated that the letters NW were applied, though he also made reference to the photo of V7419. There are photos in Roahl Dahl s biography taken at the same time by Dahl with his own camera show no such codes. As Neil said he was trying to build the model as a tribute to the man but he made no claims for accuracy. I hope this is of some use
  9. Silver Fox

    Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle's last Hurricane AS988 - The gen?

    The article was in the Hurricane Special that Neil published before the first QSM. I have it in storage and if you like I can look it up. Remember it was published over 22 years ago and research has moved on.
  10. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Great progress on the model and thanks to all who contributed to the photo gallery. My kit is out of the stash and opened, I hope to start proper assembly later today.
  11. Silver Fox

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    I'm planning to go to the show.
  12. Re the Halfords Primer, I had the same issue with one can after successfully using the stuff for many years. Talking to a chap in the auto trade he said to give all aerosol cans a really good shake and warm them by putting them in a jug of hot water for about five minutes. When you take them out of the water the can will be too hot to hold comfortably. Wait until it cools down until you can hold it then spray.. I have done this for a few years now and never had the problem again. Now Halfords primer gives me a beautifully smooth surface that needs little further attention unless I'm trying for a natural metal finish in which case I give it a swipe with a sanding pad. I use the same method on all rattle cans. I hope this is of some help
  13. Silver Fox

    Please help me indentify these figures

    Airfix Modern NATO ground crew?
  14. Silver Fox

    A visit to the Warbird museum in Titusville Florida.

    Same here. They certainly didn't have it or the F-18 when we were there. We bought a piece of Taco Bello as part of their fund raising, Great to here it is complete and flying.
  15. Silver Fox

    F-86F-30 390th FBS

    I used a grey automotive primer, polished with sanding pads for a smooth surface then a mix of Humbrol Silver, Humbrol Aluminium and Tamiya AS11 Silver all from rattle cans and a lot of masking tape. Each successive paint was again polished. I hope this is of some use.