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    Is Modelling Art?

    Although this thread is listed as "non modelling topics" there is no general modelling chat area in BM, so this is posted here. I volunteer with a museum and currently there are a number of grants available for "ARTS" projects. Thus led to the question posed in the thread title. If we are reproducing an actual artefact in miniature can that be seen as art? Even more so if we use a injection moulded kit and paint the model as close to the original as possible. Can even a diorama with scratch build objects be seen as art?
  2. Welcome to you. Bestseller is a live schoolers of modelling, but without an index. It's live in that if you please a question in the correct thread you will usually get an answer. To search BM don't use the search function but use an internet search engine with the terms you want and adds bestseller as a term. As a returned why not pop down to Aldi and pick up a few cheap Airfix kits.Lidl will probably be doing them as welll. That will be a cheap way back into the hobbby. As to your Tamiya Pandas there are a couple of Groupbuilds in 2022 that could accommodate that. That's where mine is heafding.
  3. Could the Aircraft scale be reduced to above 1:95 as this would allow all those classic kits in 1:96 (V bomber anyone ?) It would also let in 1:100 scale. I can see issues with some genres for example figures, commercial vehicles where the usual scale of modelling may differ from the more common. For example if I was modelling a B-type bus the main models are in 1:32 and 1:35 scale but they are available at 1:72 and 1:76 scale. Anyway do add me to the list as I have plenty of possible entries.
  4. One possible problem here is that Academy kits are now distributed in the UK by Bachmann - Hornby Hobbies main competitor. I think the Bachmann link up started in 2019 so the Airfix AFV deal might have been signed earlier.
  5. Bearing in mind that the 2022 releases Will be the first of 2 - 3 years of R&D, manufacturing and shipping issues related to COVID, possibly the number of releases might be lower than in previous years. 2022 might be bulked out by more Vintage releases and perhaps by another link up such as that which launched the 1:35 scale AFV's.
  6. As someone who started modelling in the mid 1960's when each month's Airfix Magazine contained a couple of articles which took you through converting an Airfix kit into something else, usually using balsa and dope, I would be up for this one. I never mastered such conversions so it will be interesting to see how I get on 55 years later. Some of the conversions were extremely expensive - Lancaster to LIncoln required 2 Lancasters, 1 Halifix, 1 Frog Shakleton. That is not one I will attempt.
  7. As once again things that fly and AFV's have dominated the GB's for 2023, I thought I'd give all other genres of modelling a chance. For 2023 I am now proposing a GB that can include anything that cannot be posted in "Aircraft Modelling" or "AFV's". I will reset the participants back to zero and see how things go.
  8. Adam as you have let me "play trains" in this GB, and I have a couple of other possible builds for it - neither of which are aircraft, I am happy to offer my services as co-host here.
  9. Thanks to the 30+ people who voted for the railway GB. This is never likely to make it as a standard GB so I am now placing the first claim for an anniversary GB in 2025 to mark the 200 anniversary of the Stockton and Darlington railway.
  10. As per the changed title - just to say Big and British have offered to take on some railway subjects, that is Airfix/Dapol Evening Star. Battle of Britain and Delitic. The Deltic would also be welcome in Prototypes.
  11. Plenty of room for surprises in the last few days. Just need a few more tactical votes using up the votes for those groups below 30. For example it would only take the votes from (say) GB rail to emergency to get emergency close to the line. As to a tie situation my suggestion would be use the numbers signed up to the GB prior to the bunfight as the decider. Off the consider my tactical votes.
  12. as shown by the fact it is in the current catalogue and available from Airfix. https://uk.airfix.com/products/top-gun-f5-e-tiger-ii-mig-a00502 others will correct me if this is not the original Airfix mould corrected by @Giorgio N in a post below
  13. Would suit me as the winter months will put a slight hold on my two major projects, as they require getting to and from a cold modelling room in the dark. I have an idea for a kuta which would fit well in smaller, well lit and warmer, space.
  14. Time to suggest some move of votes? I have posted in my original thread that the Railways GB looks as if it will not make the cut. Therefore you might best use your limited number of votes to promote other GB's. Perhaps Railway themed builds could fit into No My Comfort Zone or Big and British. For thise who voted Thank You and remember you can always post railway builds in https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/239-locos-trains-and-layouts/ it would be good to see more activity there and 30 builds in 2022 would be great.
  15. Time to face reality.... At least this proposed GB hit 30 votes in the gunfight but it now seems impossible to get past the cut off mark. So please think about moving your vote to another GB perhaps getting that one onto the 2022 calender. Thanks to all that have voted. For some perhaps Not My Comfort Zone or Big and British might be a home for your railway build. Thanks to those who did vote.
  16. Looking for homes for railway builds as the railway GB does not seem like it will get enough votes. Plenty of prototypes, research and special schemes available in kit form. Would these fit under the remit of this group?
  17. There were a couple of postings early on in the thread about railway locomotives. As the proposed Railway GB does not look like it's going to materialize I am looking for alternative GB's for railway builds. The opening post is not too clear about railways being allowed. A positive reply could bring about another vote for this GB.
  18. Is that a plug for the Railway GB?
  19. Why is it when we have overnight election results I always say to Mrs 821 I'm going to bed as it make no difference to the results and the outcome may not be known until the morning but I am drawn back to this thread each year?
  20. With this coming up I am disappointed that there fare only a couple of ex Matchbox models up for reissue in 2022. Looks like searching out those I want on auction sites. A couple that I want could make Revells current prices look cheap.
  21. Thanks to @Rick Brown @rays@desert falcon @Bonhoff @Tim R-T-C @Brad @John Masters @FortyEighter @Corsairfoxfouruncle @robvulcan @Robert Stuart @MarkSH @gregg136 @vppelt68 @Ozzy @Mjwomack @helios16v @Harry Lime @Hockeyboy76 @nimrod54 @psdavidson @2996 Victor @Marklo @fightersweep @Swamp Donkey @The Plastic Surgeon @bootneck @Steve60 @bianfuxia @Bobby No Mac @TonyW @airfixpeter @Beggsy It is due to your support that this GB is in the bunfight. With only 5 votes this year I understand some of you might have other priorities in the voting - I am pleased the proposal got this far -
  22. I forgot to add this to my post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6mBe2z-JAk
  23. This thread has been extremely aircraft focused. Over the last couple of years Airfix have expanded their 1:72 and 1:35 ranges of vehicles. Without listing specific items I would be pleased to see more releases in the 1:72 range.
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