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  1. IN general the F-104G's delivered to Germany had long fins as outlined earlier in line with wing anhedral. Technically the G's were from USAF inventory [Luke AFB] at first since they received the upgrade version from the C versions/ via A versions. There was a lot of teething problems with the Starfighter. The wing tanks changed a bit for the S ' for Italy too...some were without and had underwing tanks some had both . Best bet is a photo conform for the bird you want and time period. Since the Starfighter served a long time in many NATO countries. Here is a pic of an S underneath as you can see different config. than the G's. Another shot a USAF F-104C in Nam!! Steve,
  2. I see is it the Tail Fairing?? I suppose that can be scratched from a good pic?? Steve,
  3. I think a little surgery will remove the bulge. IT should be ok. I am looking for the fairing that needs to be added to an EARLY S2. Steve
  4. SO I will need to remove the bulge....I noticed that. Anything else major?? What fairing is the kit missing?? pic. please see if I can scratch it I really like the EDSG over White scheme. Steve
  5. YES I picked one up over here in USA for about $40 So I imagine it should be that or cheaper in UK. Steve
  6. What a nice kit!.. I maybe the first across the Atlantic to have one in my possession. This kit is rather nice ....Needs very little in after markets! I got a Kit World decal sheet since I want to do a EDSG over White scheme. Maybe some canopy masks but the framing is pretty pronounced ...should be simple enough to maks au natural! This will sit very nicely with my Sea Vixen & FG.1 Phantom !! Airfix is making some great kit!! Steve,
  7. Thanks IT is a real nice fig. Esp. as a bust fun to paint easy to clean up Chrome is Alclad w/ gl. black undercoat. Steve,
  8. Hope you like this is the 1/6 Resin Bust by resin Crypt. Barbarella is my Cult favorite...Looking for Duran Duran! Steve,
  9. I paint the occasional figure too.>Esp. Barbarella LOL Hope you like! Steve,
  10. Thanks guys Duly noted. If you need any info. on the F9F family or F-101Voodoo I can help out there!! My 1/48 FAA collection is growing.... The Buccy is next and then the Trumpy Sea Hawk in Suez Crisis markings! Steve .
  11. Thanks guys I know you would come through.... noted! Steve,
  12. I just ordered the 1/48 NEW Airfix Buccy I was wanting to do the Extra Dk. Sea Gray over White scheme of a S2 RN Test Squadron @ Boscombe Downs circa 1971 from the kit World Sheet 48152. From my understanding there are little differences between 2 and 2C/D which is the kit......I think S2C IS a RN redesignation of S2 after 1972 & 2SD is a Martel armed bird. IS this correct?? Are there any modifcations necc. to make a proper early scheme Buccy from the new Airfix 1/48 Buccy???? Thanks Guys Cant wait to display this one next to my 1/48 Sea Vixen, Spey FG.1 RN Phantom, Sea Venom and Scimitar.... Steve,
  13. Looking good I ahve 1 in the stash too with Mooseland decals /.. i think I wills tart it Steve
  14. Thanks guys Yes They are good kits but they are caveats ...Just want people to know what they are in for before getting the kit. The kits build up nicely but do require work in fitting and even some extra strength in areas such as undercarriage, and main assembly points. Nice to have a 1/48 Scimitar in my FAA collection. ON the other side if the scans become a kit I maybe interested in another Scimitar.....esp. a 1/48 IM kit!! Steve,
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