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  1. With the recent rash of great releases by Airfix I was wondering if they would tackle the Supermarine Scimitar in 1/48//// [or at least in 1/72] A gap in my Early Jet FAA collection. It may be a stretch since the airframe was a short service type and only employed by the RN......BUT so was the Sea Vixen and that 1/48 kit is rather nice and even done by another company in1/48?!?! BUT it would be nice Maybe they would consider it in 1/72 to go along with their awesome 1/72 Bucc!!! Thoughts Ladies & Gentlemen??? Steve,
  2. Thanks .....You confirmed my suspicion. I am depicting a 1969 Trials deployed HMS Eagle bird so it would NOT have the RWR's on the tail Thanks Steve,
  3. I have boith tails in my kit and it seems I read that it was 1976...But then ALL RN Phantoms were handed over to the RAF after 1978 since they converted to VSTOL Harriers for the Fleet. SO it seems that the Marconi ARI 18228 Radar Warning Receiver was on very few RN FG. 1's??? My decals show the original tail [similiar to USN F-4j's] But I like the look of the later tail since it distinguishes the British Phantoms even more from US Phantoms. SO I guess i want to know the date/year of the retro-fit for the Marconi ARI 18228 Radar Warning Receiver on Royal NAvy FG.1's?????? Thanks Guys Steve,
  4. Another long shot is to try to find a canopy from the 1/48 Classic Airframes kit. That may work but they are very hard to find BUT perhaps someone has a started or wrecked kit where you can salvage the canopy?? Just a thought PS I am hopping Airfix or Pilot Replicas does a new too 1/48 Sea Venom!?!?!?! Waiting for the Vampire ...very SOON from Airfix!!!! Steve,
  5. IT wont hurt to try the window thing to see if it clears at all?!?! The Cyberhobby kit is 1/72. Isnt the Aeroclub kit 1/48?? So that canopy wont fit?? Steve,
  6. Radical idea!.....This may work try putting one canopy in the sun in a window NOT too hot but constant sunlight It may reduce & eliminate the yellowing. I have tried it [Dynavector & Squadron canopies] and it does work BUT be careful that it isnt too hot in the window. Steve,
  7. IT looks like it will be 2022-2023 timeline I contacted PR about it they said it will be next after the SK 105 which I believe they are working on now?!?! I want a Sea Venom now too..>Esp. the crazy prices people are asking for the CA kit. over 300$ US. I figure the built to unbuilt ratio for CA Sea Venoms about 8-1.....8 kits sitting in a closet versus one actually being built. Nobody is willing to part with one even if they dont intend to build it. Like getting wine you never going to drink.. never understood that mentality.. Sorry ! I am looking for either a CA kit or the Aeroclub kit But no joy on either!! BTW- IF someone want to sell on at a reasonable price it will get built I can even chronicle it on BM & HS. AND I will still get the PR kit when it comes out. Love me some Sea VEenoms !!! Steve,
  8. There are differences between -2 and -5 Panthers are significant. The -5 had a bigger tail/rudder and had wings fences...also fuselage differences in length..... The early -2's did NOT have wing fences. Other differences are internal and not relevant unless you are building an open engine version. This article will help http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2009/10/grumman-panther.html HTH Steve,
  9. Corvi

    Eduard Mirages

    The Eduard kit builds nicely but being aware of its minor shortcomings will help such as nose gear length. It gives a nice array of features & options for different versions. The detailing is nice but be aware of the wing to fuselage fit it can be a bit finicky so extra care there would pay dividends in your final build. It also depends on what version you want to build of the Mirage BUT the Eduard kit is a good starting point esp. if you get the Profipack with all the extras etched brass and canopy masks and some nice pilot figures too!! Here is a good review of the Profipack release: http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/eduardedk8103reviewdc_1.htm HTH Steve,
  10. I was wondering if Pilots Replica's is still working on the 1/48 Sea Venom?? I built their J-21 & have the J-29 ...........Such nice kits!! I really hope they do the ultimate Sea Venom in 1/48!?!?! Steve,
  11. WE can hope the Sea Venom is on the board for production! Steve,
  12. I may have  a handle on the 1/48 Aeroclub kit of the Venom NF. 3.  IT sure looks a lot like a Sea Venom. 


    What wold it take to make it into a Sea Venom besides markings?  Navalization: Tailhook, different gears & wheels.  What else????





    1. NAVY870


      Main landing gear including doors, deck hook and the extended tailpipe fairing. Wing fold, tip tanks and most of the cockpit 

      Just a few minor things

    2. Corvi


      OH I see  Those would all have to be scratchbuilt.  The kit does come with tip tanks--Perhaps they can be modified??   the biggest hurdle seems to be the canopy  It is distinctly more bubble shaped than the NF.3.


      The other items maybe modified ...the wheels maybe a problem too.


      May just wait for a proper 1/48 Sea Venom...maybe Airfix will get to it after the Vampire series??  the prices on the CA kit are ridiculous over 250 U.S. Dollars


      Thanks fro your reply!


  13. I may have a handle on the 1/48 Aeroclub kit of the Venom NF. 3. IT sure looks a lot like a Sea Venom. What wold it take to make it into a Sea Venom besides markings? Navalization: Tailhook, different gears & wheels. What else???? Thanks Steve,
  14. Nice work I built the Emhar kit a while back. Nicer scribed detail on yours Steve,
  15. I am hoping they do a Sea Venom. My favorite of the type!! That would mean a lot of mold differences Hopefully it is in the pipeline??? Steve,
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