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  1. YES both the Phantom and Crusader had Mk 7 seat upgrades starting in 1968....but it wasnt uniform so some airmframes had mk.5's unitl 1970. Again research will yield the results needed to render an accurate version of the particular airframe/timeframe one is building Steve,
  2. Here is a good colour pic of the JF-104. Hope it helps. I recall that they employed a ablative clear coat on the wings for high altitude flight -Doesnt effect the look maybe put a gloss coat over the NMF finish?? http://www1.dfrc.nasa.gov/Gallery/Photo/F-104/HTML/ET-95.html (direct link) Steve,
  3. Anyone see one of these yet? I think they are out now..... Quick review would be nice. Nice to finally have a two seat Six in 1/72 scale!! Now we need a 1/72 TF-102 too--Come on Meng! Steve
  4. Cant find anything about it so I am assuming it is a re-pop of the old Airfix kit and not a new tool kit?? Since the Hasegawa B-26 can be hard to find?? Steve,
  5. I am going to attempt the B conversion with the Trumpeter kit. Since I have two already. I think the same can be done. The Trumpeter kit is pretty good as a place to start. I will use the Hasegawa decals from the kit markings and then everything else from my spares. Now to backdate the D there is a lot of removing of stuff and filling on either the Trumpeter or Monogram kits in 1/72. I have some good drawings from Ichiro Mitsui in FAOW series which will be helpful. Steve
  6. Nice work late to the thread....BTW the best 1/72 F-84F is the PJ Productions resin kit Absolute gem But hard to get. http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/PJ_72_F-84/PJ_72_F-84.htm I have their RF-84F which is also a gem of a kit. I hope they re issue the F-84F since I would like one too. Steve,
  7. The fit of the internal components (intake fans & exhaust nozzle esp. The cockpit tub is bit loose too) are a bit fiddly and vague. The Instructions are ambiguous in areas on actual fit. Also watch some of the parts numbering since it is incorrect on the instructions ...At least for the A-6A release. Nothing really bad but it wasnt the Tamiyagawa build I was hoping for or the ease of the A-4's by Fujimi. Fujimis A-7's are bit problematic too...esp. in the intake areas. Steve
  8. Thanks guys. This one was a bit fiddly- thought it would be a vacation build after the Sword kits??....NOT! Steve
  9. I finished this one last week. IT is a nice BUT fiddly build. Ia dded the Kora GRU-5 seats for the early A and some scratch built stuff. Steve,
  10. I built the Sword FJ-2 already and posted an "in progress" on Hyperscale. It is a good kit n. I added a bit on it . http://www.clubhyper.com/forums/plasticpixframe.htm Here are a few shots of the completed model. I was able to muddle through . Steve Steve
  11. Corvi


    YES and of courses the nose versions too and lets not get into the RB's and the different configs. on those wings. Make it simple they can do early versions. Even though a Vietnam G would be nice too? Heck i would take new tool 1/144 B-57's and Canberras?? the A-Model kit isnt bad but a new versions would be nice! Steve
  12. Corvi


    How about 1/72 Canberras and B-57's in new tool format. The Italerii B-57 is long in the tooth. I am hoping the scale down their 1/48 Sea Fury to 1/72 ??? Venom and Vampire family in both 1/72 and 1/48 would be welcome.... Steve,
  13. Surprised I thought there would have been a lot of chatter on this one. I know it is an Oct-Nov 2018 release but I thought this would be a super popular subject in 1/48. i am sure it will be nicer than the Academy kit and not the struggles one had with the EXCELLENT Aeroclub Hunter kit ..and less said about the Ancient Nichimo kit the better.... I am dedicated 1/72 and 1/144 builder but this in 1/48 interests me..it is an early jet?!?! Steve,
  14. Yes when are these hitting the shelves?? They look a little sharper than the F-Toys prepainted kit Steve,
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