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  1. Time flies, think it was announced in 2012, stayed in the catalogue for a couple of years then disappeared without comment. Wonder if the arrival of the KittyHawk kit made them change their mind?
  2. Start of some news from Italeri appeared on Hannants this morning: IT1461 - Macchi MB 339 P.A.N. 60th Anniversary Special Livery 1/72 IT3663 - Mercedes G230 Feuerwehr 1/24 IT3957 - Volvo F-12 Intercooler (Low Roof) With Accessories 1/25 IT6589 - M109/A2-A3-G Rubber Tracks 1/35 Edit: it seems like the PAN MB339 includes three kits.
  3. Think the only chance is for a longer term development (ie something for 2023) to be announced at Nuremberg, as they did with the Blackbird a couple of years back.
  4. Does anyone know how long the Vintage Classics stay in the range? Or it just based on how well they sell/production runs?
  5. Looks like there is a 10% price increase on the Series pricing too. Vampire has gone up by £3, and looks like many others have too.. Vulcan now £72 (was £66 before)
  6. So that the website isn't down all day like usual?
  7. I think it is based on the catalogue images, which say "New Tooling" in the corner!
  8. Intrigued by the provenance of the CH-53D. Plenty of Gs about, but not much in the way of a D (Fujimi, Bilek, Airfix according to Scalemates). Unless its based on the Revell G version?
  9. Airfix updated to a 2022 Cover Photo - decent hint? https://www.facebook.com/65102591270/posts/10159568780786271/?app=fbl
  10. Apparently it's in their "2022 Presenters" information that has been shared to UK Retailers this morning. One of my contacts in the trade shared a screenshot with me (will try to find a way to share here) https://ibb.co/rvDn3hK
  11. Confirmed as a new tooling. The only new tooling in their listing.
  12. Confirmed as the XK-SS and E-Type Coupé in Revell's press release sent out today to UK retailers. Also includes 6 paints, glue and brush
  13. Yes, this would be where my money would go (unfortunately not got any hints from my contacts in the trade!). I'd predict a new variant of Lancaster (the pattern seems to be a new one every 2-3 years) or moving into the Lincoln Also suspect there will be a Short Tucano, probably in 1/48 though 1/72 would be welcomed.
  14. The 82C seems to have disappeared from Hannants listing. Odd we had the 3D renders, never released and seemingly no longer on the way?
  15. £150/160.... sure it will be a lot of plastic, and ICM standard recently pretty good. Probably one I'd have trouble storing once built but good luck to you if you're planning on getting one!
  16. Just dug my one out in the stash - 2006ish boxing with a £4.99 sticker on it!
  17. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3841 There's a sprue shot on Hannants if you want to have a look at what seems to be included.
  18. Wow, January is particularly uninspiring! I love the old Churchill AVRE but not enough to spend £20 on one! (rrp is £22.49! Discounts can be found like below but still) https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16787_Churchill-A.V.R.E..html (Nice box art though)
  19. With the usual "doesn't make money for Airfix" caveat, it would be a surprise to do it in 1/24 so soon after the Revell new tooling effort. Would love to see in 1/12, but suspect it could be in 1/32.. assuming the model shown in the video is the old 1/32 one.
  20. Not spotted this elsewhere. Due "Early 2022" https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16872_KV-2.html Not really my bag but will inevitably get one. Have the Zvezda one in the stash but can't beat the Tamiya engineering for when (if!) I get around to building it!
  21. If I read correctly for the first half of the year, the "one New Tool" mentioned is the F-15 carried across from this year?
  22. Strange that the real thing has been in service 10 years yet this is the first boxing of it by Zvezda/Revell that won't be Boeing House Colours. Wonder if it's because it's not operated by Russian carriers? (Though didn't stop them launching the 757 with Icelandair scheme)
  23. The one on the link is the 1/32, is it coming in 1/48 too?
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