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  1. £58.49 here. https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p17257_P-38-J-Lightning.html Wasn't going to get one (still not built the F/G!) but the box art might swing it
  2. I have got the Bronco Comet somewhere (I think), but will still probably grab this one
  3. Not seen this mentioned, should be good! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TA35380?result-token=AtLtm
  4. The kits now on Hannants with prices. £36 for the Hasegawa B25, plus extras? Might have to get a couple of those.. Not sure the price for the Camel weekend edition is right, as its the same as the Profipack editions!
  5. Now in Hannants future releases - £29.20 RRP, seems very reasonable! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EDK82201?result-token=AtLtm
  6. UK importer (Hobby Company) has confirmed that things are getting through via Austria and are not subject to sanctions at the current time. However this could change, I guess.
  7. They had originally marketed it as a "B" and only now on the boxart changed to an "A" to reflect what's in the box!
  8. Looking at hannants stock levels, when it came in, they had about 450, and now down to just over 100 within a few days!
  9. Safe to assume the Raptor is a re-issue of their old one and not a tie-up with Hasegawa or Academy?
  10. From Models2U's latest newsletter: You may have read in the press about Enamel Paints containing MEKO, a substance commonly found in enamel paints as an anti-skinning agent. This substance has been reclassified in the EU, meaning that it cannot be legally sold in the EU after March 2022. In the UK, the reclassification of MEKO was adopted but the restriction.of sale to the general public has not been adopted at the current time. Revell have been phasing this substance out of their Enamel Paints for the last few years, with just a few colours being unavailable at present whilst we await re-formulated stocks. Humbrol are in the process of re-formulating their range, and only expect a sizeable range of their products to be available by Autumn of 2022. There may therefore be disruption to supplies of some colours in the short term. Humbrol's statement to retailers included "MEKO is not currently restricted from sale in Great Britain, so Humbrol Enamel can be legally sold in Great Britain". Note: Revell AQUA and Tamiya Acrylic Paints are not affected.
  11. Sure I saw a thread on this before, and checked up on the price - Pocketbond (UK importer) had it listed for £170: https://www.bachmann.co.uk/product/f-35c-lightning-ii/pktm03230 £60 more than the Italeri "A", which I was nearly tempted by before. Might wait and see on this one - contrary to most, I like the F-35!
  12. Just on price, I've today noticed that Italeri (or Hobby Company in the UK) are suggesting that their P-51 B will sell for £14.99.. I seem to recall that being a bit of a rough kit!
  13. I think for us lot there are a decent number of options about, but feel sorry for retailers who are stuck with £100s (£1000s?) of stock which has become 'illegal' overnight. Especially those small (high street) shops. Seems like Humbrol aren't being great about it and have continued to supply right up to the last minute, knowing this was coming. I generally use Tamiya acrylics but do use the odd humbrol enamel from time to time but would certainly think twice if my assumptions above turn out to be true
  14. So are we to assume that where stocks are available, they are reformulated? But then seems odd for Humbrol themselves to seemingly pull the range from sale?
  15. https://uk.humbrol.com/catalogue/paints Only gives the option for Acrylic and Acrylic Dropper paints (though it does mention enamel in the description)
  16. Has anyone heard any more on this? Hannants, Jadlam, eModels etc still showing stock and available for order? Edit: Humbrol website no longer listing enamels...
  17. The Hobby Company are saying that this kit will be available in the UK in early May, so seems that their supply route (via Austria) seems to be OK and not subject to sanctions? (Image part-way down page) http://www.hobbyco.net/scripts/oe11.3/cgiip.exe/WService=WSHobbyV3EcomLive/sys/homepage.p
  18. Was there any technical difference between this and a regular Cobra, or is it just a colourscheme?
  19. £146 RRP in the UK, kit by itself is £73, so includes £70 of etched/metal bits? Not sure if this one includes wooden bits for the floor. Always been tempted by this one, came close a couple of times..
  20. Think the two tanks are Academy's own, though the catalogue not that clear, "New Design" for the IV.H/J (presumably based on their recent-ish tooling) and "new parts" for the Jagdpanther.
  21. I think I saw on another thread (Academy/GWH A-10s) that it's an Italian jet. Logically that takes me to the Aermacchi MB.326 (assuming the G91 is not counted as already announced). MB.339 to replace the FREMS is possible. Italeri did once announce that they would create, but never happened. That would cover the "delight" aspect with a Frecce Tricolore Livery perhaps?
  22. Just had an email from them saying they're working on a new kit as above, great news considering everything that's going on. Will certainly support them on this one, hopefully it reaches the light of day at some point soon! https://miniart-models.com/product/37100-ukrainian-btr-4e-early/?utm_source=Main MiniArt's Subscribers&utm_campaign=b51118b008-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_04_09_05_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_da2fe6ed5a-b51118b008-78704125
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