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  1. No idea on a jig, but what about having the stairs drawn up and 3D printed?
  2. 4x Airfix 1/32 Gulf Porsche 917, one good kit, 3 scrap cars, from which I hope to get two models. Not sure what schemes as yet, I guess one will have to be Gulf
  3. That makes sense thanks - It has been removed now
  4. Cool thanks, its a different pattern but I see more images of that pattern are available so perhaps I should change it
  5. Kit has a wierd flat section to each side, so first job is to remove that
  6. I think I will try this scheme on it, it seems that a port side view is not available to I will probably mirror the pattern
  7. 2nd Build just arrived, very basic ship, 1/1200 USS Iowa. Hopefully get started on the weekend.
  8. Some painting progress, I know grey is not right for the underside but I dont seem to have anything else similar so am sticking with grey for this build. Just noticed the Blue paint is a bit lumpy, need to sand that a bit
  9. interesting, i like the look of these but not the prices!!
  10. Decided on a 2nd GB entry as the first one will probably be done in a week. Managed to acquire a Revell Mini-ships 1/1200 USS Iowa, been a while since I did a ship.
  11. Not too much progress today, mostly put together, waiting now for filler to dry
  12. It has arrived, Revell 1/144 F4U-1 Corsair - One wonder whether that glue would still work!! No I wont be trying it!! Now roll on the start.
  13. Yes my first GB in about 7 years!!I This will be a small build, I have managed to acquire a 1/144 F4U-1 Corsair. I believe it dates from the mid 1970s. Not sure how the decals will be, but it seems others are available
  14. So not the greatest model, the plastic is rubbery and the paint falls off at the slightest touch, so I am leaving it matt looking - now to get back to the other build
  15. little bit of progress on the smaller H-D - I like the Red, may use it on the bigger model too
  16. Awesome build please let us know how it ended up and the space battleship yamato laser gun too please
  17. Bit of a delay now as I don't like the green, both the colour and the finish and all those parts are now in paint stripper!! Cant seem to find the brown referenced in the kit, Revell 393 Antelope Brown, so now to find another colour. While I wait for that I thought I would do another Electra Glide build, but a lot smaller - Not sure of the scale of this push together kit, possibly around 1/35
  18. Thanks Dennis, typically the only suitable kit I have found so far in my shed is a monogram 1/32 AC Cobra but it looks like its a 1995 issue, damn!!
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