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  1. Thanks chaps Some more work. Airfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr There's no denying that the Eduard exterior PE set is extensive! Here most of it is attached, apart from a few small details to finish. It really brings the surface of the aircraft alive! Heartily recommended, but if you're like me, plenty of coins in the swear jar when applying!! Airfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr Tail more or less completed. The tailplanes have had new fins added from plastic card as the kit ones are just a fair deal too thick! Some
  2. Well, for one reason or another the enthusiasm slipped. Another sideline project had to take priority, and now it's complete - back to work! Airfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr State of play as of around a month ago. Mainly focusing on filling the fuselage seams to a smooth finish, and rescribing the lines in and flushing with ET. I reworked the landing lights I relocated, as there were a few seams that needed resolving. A new filler for me - Vallejo water-based putty, very easy to wipe off when wet and sand when dried - love it! Airfix
  3. Looking at a few images online, seems you're right in that it should be just a bit further forward, just short of the intakes. On the bomb bay, it looks roughly halfway between front and rear. Interesting..! Thank you! Thanks Orion, appreciate it! Good to have you along for the ride, albeit a slow one Hey! With work and life, it's fallen a bit by the wayside. Picking up again now! Hi CedB! Yes - I couldn't get mine to fit. A little heating in hot water to get it to be less wide in cross section to sit neatly on the frame
  4. Finally the full set of aftermarket resin has arrived! Between work (and the associated lack of energy), general life and a commission build also on the go, work has been slow. But since the AlleyCat resin has arrived, things have moved! Here is the full complement of sets - the SCP intake, nosewheels and guards, fin root, payload bay, and canopy set. Quite impressive in the flesh! First job was to insert the windows and porthole bubbles into their appropriate holes. Nothing extra-special - each fits very satisfyingly, with a good almost snap-fit tightness! Plen
  5. Hi vit79! In short terms, very little at the moment. I have been informed the resin is on it's way from shipping, so I await it with great interest! In the meanwhile life has gotten in the way a lot, I have very limited evenings now to model, and with the Vampire detailing in progress there isn't anything I am able to do on the Nimrod until the resin arrives, and things can get buttoned up, so to speak! Thanks for your interest. Be rest assured as soon as I can, things will continue. George
  6. Thanks! Looks like we had a fair day of flying given the conditions. Wx was very touch-and-go at times. Think seeing Jeff Bell's JP T5 in the RAF100 livery has to be a favourite from the day for me! Thanks Martian An update. Time to pick up the pace! The new tube of filler (putty) arrived! Vallejo's wondrous stuff. A new one for me, not being used to not having to sand to death Miliput and Humbrol fillers just to find lots of lost detail. Yes, the filler might not be able to fill big dents and holes that the other two products will still be useful for
  7. Today the painted PE parts were applied, the panel is especially convincing I think with the layered plates giving that depth to the gauges. I might add some varnish or clear-coat gloss to these dials to give the effect of glass. Or conversely I might just not. The whole shabang was given a flat coat and weathering added with an old friend - a pencil! Chipping bits of graphite on the edges of details and wiring on the cockpit walls, and giving the black a slightly broken patina. Probably little will be seen once the tub is put together, but as I plan to pose the canopy open, there stands a g
  8. Thanks Chris. Sounds like a cracking build you'll have! I'd love to build some more of these. The 'Admiral's Barge' appeals, as does some Swiss T55s! Thanks Mike! Sorry I didn't see this earlier to respond, I was away. An interesting detail, that now you mention it, I can't unsee! Crawling over the real jet post-sortie gathered a few reference images I can use to help the build along. Update due soon... George
  9. Thank you! I will amend my post. Something didn't look quite right with what I said, last night late - getting in a muddle I is! Thanks for your insight into that and for the correction. Tonight will be mainly Vampire fiddling, the 0.25mm plasticard stock has arrived so I can get on with the Nimrod's bomb bay skirting amongst other little panel details. Till then... George
  10. So, with the Nimrod project I've been chugging away with awaiting supplies, time to divert attentions to something new! What do we have in store? Ahh, something of the twin-boomed variety... And she will be built representing...this! I was fortunate enough to capture her departing at the weekend, for another local sortie. The kit scheme (and coincidentally the subject I will be modeling) is the well-covered WZ507/G-VTII of the Vampire Preservation Group. Being now based from my local airfield at Coventry and regularly flying, this model is in appreci
  11. A long overdue update. The outboard wing lights fused into place with Tamiya ET and roughly filed down to shape. As you can see, they are a great deal more inboard of the original locations. These need to be filled over and sanded/polished back to clarity. Which was done inbetween this photo and below... ...you can see the change. Light lenses have been masked , and black painted to infill the clear parts to give the light a dark 'scale' appearance when finished. A coat of Klear was applied after polishing to give a little more lustre! With rescribin
  12. Thank you, Nikolay! I'm trying to find more to put into the pictures, as I realise the speed I'm building at, is not as fast as some can! I will try to keep things as interesting as I can. You're very welcome - hope it continues to provide some enjoyment! George
  13. Thanks Hovis - I will do my best, to be. Looking at some of their other bits as well, all very tempting - hoping to attend SMW2018 so some inspiration to get projects going should come again!
  14. Thanks to you all! Time to update again with the little tidbits that have been making pace. Intakes mostly complete they were chucked (neatly) into the wings. Filler has been sanded and the forward LAG-coloured sections of the intake and lips need to be re(re)painted again, ready for their Hemp 'lipstick' touches! Nimrod is certainly a fussy dear! On a serious note the intakes are pigs to work on when installed in the wings, but if you end up with large gaps even with pushing the tunnels as far forward as they'll go, be neat with the filler, work slowly and don't sa
  15. Thanks for your patience. It's been hectic here, managing a new job, and still to this date no response from AlleyCat Models regarding the resin parts. The e-mails did mention a potential 3-5 week wait for these to arrive, but I can only hope that they might arrive sooner. Knowing that the business is often a one-man operation though, they must be given due time and credit for their work! The Eduard exterior panels are on their way through the post which is something though. To 'Vit79' - Sorry to keep you hanging... there's just nothing much of extreme interest to show yo
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