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  1. Both the F-102 and F-106 have an internal weapons bay that opens up to fire the missiles (like the F-22 and F-35).
  2. Both Trumpeter and Meng are nice kits. They go together well with no fit issues (no putty required). The instructions are clear and well-written. Both kits come with good quality decals. I still like some of the older Hasegawa kits. While they may not be as accurate or detailed, the low parts count and solid attachments for the smaller parts (landing gear, etc) make for an enjoyable build.
  3. Trumpeter does make a nice 1/72 F-107. Maybe one day I'll make a what-if F-107 in an Air Force scheme.
  4. The F-102s used by the Air National Guard were usually painted with gloss ADC grey. I used Vallejo Model Air Pale Blue Grey (71046) followed by two coats of Aqua Gloss.
  5. It has taken me more than a few years, but with the completion of the Meng F-102 Delta Dagger, I have managed to finish all six jets of the century series. All models are in 1/72 scale. The kits are: Italeri F-100D Super Sabre Hasegawa RF-101C Voodoo Meng F-102 Delta Dagger Hasegawa F-104S/F-104G Starfighter Trumpeter F-105D Thunderchief Hasegawa F-106 Delta Dart Mark
  6. Nice job. It looks good with the Norwegian markings.
  7. They were attached to the sprue and the same color. I think they look a bit over-sized (distorted) in the photos because I may have held my camera (iPhone) too close when taking the photos. Mark
  8. Those are the ones that came in the box, but they do look a bit too big - almost like 1/48 scale instead of 1/72.
  9. Hi All, Here are two French Mirages by Heller in 1/72 scale. I recently completed the Mirage F1C. The Mirage III was finished last year. The fit on both kits is quite good and I did not encounter any major issues with either kit. As these are older kits both models have raised panel lines. I did remove the raised panel lines on the Mirage III, though. The Mirage F1C was painted with Vallejo Model Air. The Mirage III was painted with Vallejo Metal Color. Mark
  10. I used aluminum (77.701). The primer coat is Vallejo Surface Primer (Gloss Black 77.660). Final coat is Model Master semi-gloss.
  11. Hello all, This is my recently built 1/72 Hasegawa RF-101C Voodoo. I used a Pavla aftermarket ejection seat as the kit's ejection seat is pretty basic. The wheels and gear doors are from a Valom F-101 kit, which I never finished. The model was painted with Vallejo Metal Colors. A final coat of Model Master semi-gloss was applied to dull down the finish a bit. The decals are from the both the Valom kit and the Hasegawa kit. The Valom decals are nice and thin, but they are fragile. Although the Hasegawa kit is quite old (released 1969), it does go together nicely. Chee
  12. No problems, I highly recommend Vallejo Metal Color. Metal Color is non-toxic, cleans up with water and is very easy to airbrush. When I prepare my model, I sand it with micro meshes up to 4000 grade to get a smooth surface. Next, I wash the model with either dish soap and water, or wipe it down with alcohol. I then spray it with Vallejo surface primer (Black). At this point, I always wear rubber gloves when handling the model. When I am ready to airbrush the metal color, I set the air pressure to about 15 psi. I am using a Neo for Iwata airbrush. Depending on the color, I either shoot it stra
  13. Hi all, This is my 1/72 Hasegawa CF-104 Starfighter. The CF-104 Starfighter was a modified version of the Lockheed F-104, built in Canada by Canadair under license. Canadair manufactured 200 aircraft for the RCAF. The CF-104 entered Canadian service in March 1962. Beginning in 1983, the CF-104 Starfighters were replaced by McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornets (CF-18s). The last CF-104 was phased out on March 1, 1986. This particular plane (762) entered service on May 1, 1962. It crashed on June 9, 1981 when the aircraft struck trees on a simulated tactical delivery. The pilot ejected sa
  14. Excellent job on the Hasegawa kit. The Vietnam camouflage scheme really suits the Voodoo. I started, but never finished, the Valom kit. Looking at your build make me think I should try the Hasegawa kit one day.
  15. The fit of the Hobby Boss kit is quite good. No putty required. Decals are of very good quality. Nice thing about the A-7 is that it comes in many colorful Navy schemes, which are available as aftermarket decals.
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