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  1. Hello, I have buyed my self a jewl (from first sight), one of my ever wanted model kit,an English Electric Lightning T.5 made by Sword in 1/48 scale. This model kit: Model kit is multimedia pack,and I want to make this model kit as much realistic is posible. Also there is many reviews of this kit,but no one is telling anything about how it is to build it. I am 100% sure that someone from you friends have already made this model kit. So please share some expirience of it, and where to look some of specific reference materials. Thank you in advance.
  2. Dear collegue,thank you, this helps.
  3. Dear freinds, I have searched all reference materials that are available to me, and I can not find any photo from the oposite side of this aircraft,"Dede Lou". So, I changed my mind and I need to make another one. There is interesting paint scheme, also in the same box of this model kit,it is: P-51D-25, 44-73623 flown by Maj. Harry C. Crim (later flown by Flt.Off. Theo Gruici), CO of 531st FS, 21st FG, 7th AF, Iwo Jima, July/August 1945. This color profile: I wonder, does anybody know anything about this aircraft, does it also had artwork only on th
  4. Ok,what is the story about "Dede Lou" aircraft,have anybody find something about it,main quest is: Does it have "Dede Lou" artistic writings on both sides of the airplane?Color profile says that it had on both side,anybody knows something about it?
  5. You are right...but I just hate those manufactures teasings for paint schemes.I just hate when they present color profiles like that...how do they know those things,was they there? I just dont understand.I need to find some clue for this aircraft.
  6. Yes sir,this photos are early variant of "Stinger VII",and on those photos there is no green color on cover of wheel bay. Here is photo in late variant: And here is profile of Eduard how they present this late variant: Eduard is showing that covers of main wheel bay should be painted in green color,also pylons for HVAR in same green.I think that this is wrong. So,I am in quest to find "Stinger VII" or any other aircraft from the same squadron that had applied late paint scheme,and to see was there green color on covers of wheel bay doors?I am 1
  7. Does anybody know did really "Stinger VII" in late paint scheme had green color on doors of wheel bay like Eduard have shown? Maybe any photo of other aircrafts which had same paint scheme which was together in his F.G. and then when his aircraft get this late variant of paint scheme,it should look like all others aircrafts from the same F.G. On this photo it is cleary visible that there is other aircraft in same colors,but gear door can not be visible...Anybody knows anything about this situation?
  8. Thank you gentleman. So I am 100% sure that "Stinger VII" had cross tread pattern,so I will go with this paint scheme. I have check references which Mr.Jure have told me,and I can not find picture of "Stinger VII" in late paint scheme where it is visible that wheel bay doors are painted in green,the upper section closer to wing,like Eduard have made in it's profile. Little help about those main gear doors...please...
  9. Ok,so there is no answer for previous question. So gentleman please take a look on Eduard's presentation of these Mustangs from Iwo Jima. So here it is,first one is: P-51D-20, 44-63733, flown by Maj. Paul W. Imig, CO of 72nd FS, 21st FG, 7th AF, IwoJima, March 1945. How the crack Eduard knows that this aircraft had nose art from both side?I search for over a ten days in a lot of,and I mean A LOT OF literature, and many more references, and I couldn't find a single photo of this aircraft from the oposite side where is clearly visible that this aircraft had nose
  10. Thank you. But please take a look of this aircraft, which was also on Iwo Jima,it is: P-51D-20, 44-63483, flown by Maj. Robert W August 1945 . Moore, CO of 45th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF, Iwojima On this aircraft it is clearly visible that nose art inscription is written on both side. And that is the main reason why I am asking was it the same case with "Dede Lou"? I have a lot of reference materials,books,etc...but I have manage to find only one photo of this aircraft which I want to present as a model kit? Does anybody have seen any photo of this a
  11. Ok,so we have solved question about tires. Now,question No.2: Was there any rule about nose art/nose writings,ie: war names of the P-51,which was in Pacific theatre? Is there any rule for placing artistic writings,pictures on the nose section,was it only on one side of the aircraft or there was on both side of the aircraft? For aircraft which model kit I would like to make,Eduard gave nose art for both side of the aircraft.So,is there any chance or any photo which can confirm that this specific aircraft had that nose art on both side of the aircraft,or to say simpl
  12. Thank you very much.As I have shown in previous post here,the 'cross" pattern was on aircrafts on Iwo Jima,and "11bravo" also say that the arifield surface is for that type of wheels...so I will trust you gentleman.
  13. The aircraft which I want to make is: P-51D-20, 44-63733, flown by Maj. Paul W. Imig, CO of 72nd FS, 21st FG, 7th AF, IwoJima, March 1945. I tried to google photos of that aircraft...only one photo...if someone have any more of it I would be very greatfull.
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