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  1. Thank you dear friend.
  2. Hello friends, I'v seen some decals for P-51D 1/48 ,producer is Monokio.Does anyone ever used those decals,or knows their quality of other products? I would like to buy them,and put on my Eduard P-51 to made "Blondy".If someone knows anything about it,please share.
  3. Ofcourse my dear friend. All the best.
  4. You can not imagine how happy I am,thanks God on it.I am jet guy, and this is my transfer to props for first time.I worked 11years on real MiG-29 in my squadron ,now that is pased to younger airmans,and I was always in jet models also.And Spitfire was always looked coolest to me,of props.I find most interesting in Mk.VIII variant and that most beautifull for me.Truth to tell I dont have knowledge about that era.But this gaved me "mojo" for it,and I want to thanks to all good and kind people who helped me to find reference materials for my project.Thank you all one more time.Now to work Thank you friends modelers.
  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!Thank you kind sir.This is solved my quest.
  6. Thank you very much, if anyone have more...please share.I want to made this as more accurate is posible.Please.
  7. I would like to know is there any standard made during the war from period of 1944 where Mk.VIII is presented.So I would like to know which stencils goes on Mk.VIII...is there any standard or it was just a "free style"? I dont know which one to put on my model?Can someone Spitfire expert help about it?I am very confused.I have found on some cases vertical stencils but some are Mk.IX and some are Mk.VIII....I have stencils for vertical variant,and mode kit of LF Mk.VIII,can I put that stencil,and that my model be accurate? Please help.
  8. Hello my friends. Since gentleman have helped me for some specific details about this aircraft,for cockpit doors.I have chose to build this aircraft.I would like to see more pictures of real aircraft if someone have,and is willing to share.I will be most greatfull.This is my chose:
  9. Thank you very much.So I see that I can use that vertical stencil from Eduards set.And it shall be black variant of it.Because I plan to made LF Mk.VIII and since there is same pattern of stencils on HF Mk.VIII which this gentleman had posted up in this theme,I belive that it is posible that it was same stencil on LF variant.
  10. Thank you very much dear friends.If anyone had any more photos it will be most welcomed. :-). I have found this picture on internet,and it is not signed which variant of aircraft it is,is this maybe LF Mk.VIII?
  11. Hello friends. I plan to build Spitfire Mk.VIII in 1/48 scale,and I have Eduard's model kit which is excellent.I have also set for cockpit doors from same producer,and there is decals with stencils for it. Does anyone have any picture of Mk.VIII or Mk.IX cockpit doors ,where is visible writings on it,so that I can compare does Eduard have done it right,and which stencil that I put on my model kit. Thank you very much,and happy modeling.
  12. Thank you.It is slow method of weathering and my first time that I have tried it and...I like it
  13. Hello my friends, brothers & sisters ,modelers. :-) Here is my latest work. It is model kit OOB, exept few small scratch build in cockpit,engine wires, and antenaes. Chemistry is AMMO MiG,and Vallejo.It took me too long to build this model kit, because it is not just to easy for modeling.Anyway at the end it looks like a F4U-1D.Markings are mask painted,all of it. And airfame is build to represent time when it was end of the war.I have seen that aircraft in one book, and because he was wearing number 13 on it's fuselage he was interesting to me, and it's sharp overlaping of paint. I tried to practice my new technics for weathering, I call it "salty", to represent airframe which colour is very hard weathered by salt and moisture effects.Whole model is riveted.Comments are welcome. All the best my friends.
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