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  1. Not too bad for just horsing around Rob. Just kidding! They look great. Very nice job on the camo uniforms. John
  2. Nice 3D work Ralph, & a great looking build overall. Having just started my first 1/350 build, I can appreciate the difficulty of making & handling these small parts. John
  3. Amazing how many parts go into building a boat. Looking good, Kev. John
  4. Thanks for the complement. To clean up excessive resin/plastic on the models, I've just been using anything I can find in my toolbox with a sharp blade or sharp point. For cleaning up flat surfaces I find Exacto 'chiseling' blades work the best. I have two widths, a 3/8" & 1/2", shown on the left in the photo. Also, I use fingernail emery boards (lower left in the photo) to do rough sanding on the flat surfaces, as well as flat files. I cut the emery boards down to whatever width I need. I do final sanding by wrapping the emery boards with fine grad
  5. Work begins! I've started with the small deck at the stern (aft of the flight deck) to clean up the resin hull & main deck. These are cast as one piece. There are a few areas that have excessive resin that needs to be removed & details added, as well as areas such as the flight deck that need to be modified to include changes made during the frigate's modernization refit. I found the resin is relatively easy to file & sand. Here's a photo of the stern deck before & after; And, some good news. I received the missing PE & d
  6. Yes, this happened to me as well. Thirty years between my original Fairmile 'D' build (using two b&w photos for reference) & the rebuild after John Lambert's books were published. John
  7. Nice! Though, I found it odd that Regina got the Battle of Atlantic paint job & not one of the Atlantic fleet frigates based in Halifax. Even though Regina's part of the Pacific fleet based in Esquimalt, BC, she still looks pretty good in that scheme. John
  8. Hey, Terry. I included that photo of Regina in her 2016 grey scheme (above) just for you. John
  9. Hello again, everyone! I'm going where I've never been before ... attempting to build a 1/350 scale model ship with some significant scratch building. Once this project is completed the model (hopefully ) will look something like this; I'm using the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 HMCS Halifax resin model kit as the basis for this project. The Iron Shipwrights' frigate model was designed using HMCS Halifax's 2006 configuration, similar to that shown below; All 12 of the Royal Canadian Navy frigates in this class underwent a mo
  10. Hi Mike, How long does it take to print a part that size? John
  11. Good tip beefy. I'll have to build one of those sometime in the future. John
  12. Looking great beefy. You're scaring me a bit though. If all goes well, I should have the missing parts to start my 1/350 frigate build in a couple of weeks. Like Kev said, the 1/350 parts look "so small". I just hope my 1/350 build looks at least half as good as your's & Rob's. John
  13. Sorry I missed this beefy. I got caught up in your photos, & missed your descriptions. Here's wishing your wife a full & speedy recovery. John
  14. She's looking good, Steve. Best wishes for happy & healthy New Year. John
  15. She's a beauty, Kev. Best wishes for happy & healthy New Year. John
  16. Awesome, Rob! Both County's look great with terrific attention to detail. John
  17. Good thing you didn't mention 'brass'. Your HMS Lord Nelson looks great! John
  18. Happy Christmas, Terry. Let's hope we have a happy & healthy new year. John
  19. Happy Christmas, Rob. Best wishes to you & your family for a happy & healthy new year. John
  20. Most of the colour photos of Brave Borderer were B&W photos colourized (most incorrectly). That made it difficult to determine the correct colours for the build. Now I've got a few 'real' colour photos of her, or at least of the model. John
  21. Those of you who are familiar with my previous builds might remember that the last thing I've did on those builds was put the model in virtual water (since I don't know how to make seascapes ). This build is no different. So, here's Brave Borderer underway in virtual water. Stay safe! John
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