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  1. Thanks Brad. It will look different outdoors, for sure. I've found the model paints I've used tend to darken with age as well. So, here's hoping all my mixing trials & errors pay off. John
  2. The journey of discovery continues ... As part of the process to lay out the paint scheme for Regina, I came across a number of photos on the 'net, & from personal collections, that got me thinking about changing the size of the black waterline as well as changing the colour of the anti-fouling paint on the bottom of the hull. I've ended up using the group of photos included below to scale the size of the waterline & to determine the final colour of the anti-fouling paint. Here's photo showing the end resul (I used a gloss paint so unfortunately there's lots of reflection in the photos); Quoting Jon Canadian in his earlier post, the antifouling paint colour is "much brighter and bluer than reproduced in books." From a cosmetic standpoint, the new colour will provide a nice contrast to the blue camo paint scheme. While I was laying out the camo paint scheme, I found that the opening for the bow anchor was cast in the wrong location (too high), as shown below; I'm glad I was able to make the change now, instead of during the painting process. Next, I had to finalize the unique RCN hull paint colour. The actual colour is IPMS/Canadian Colour Guide 501-109. Basically, a light grey with a green hue. I found a number of paint chips on the 'net. It came as no surprise that each chip was a different colour than the others. I also found a couple of recipes for mixing model paints to get a close(?) match to the actual colour. So, I decided to use photos of the actual ships that I felt best represented the actual colour, for reference (But, I still wish I had my 50 year old work boots that were splattered with that RCN hull colour paint. ) Using the reference photos, I started mixing the paint. One of the easiest recipes was mixing Tamiya XF12 (Japanese Navy Grey) with Tamiya flat white. I had to add much more white to the mixture than what was called for in the recipe. But I'm happy with the end result, as it is a good close match (at least to my (old) eyes ), as shown in the test below. So, finally, I'm ready to start painting . I can't wait to start applying a final coat of paint. I plan to paint the RCN hull grey overall & then paint the camo pattern over that. Thanks for the 'likes' & comments, & for following along. Stay safe! John
  3. Wow, Jon you must have exceptional hearing to hear me from this far away. I do enjoy following your builds though, because of the variety of boats & ships. Many not are on my to-do list but they are still very interesting to follow, just the same. Can't wait to see your next build come together. John
  4. It took me about 6 months to really appreciate the retirement lifestyle. John
  5. Thanks for the feedback Rob. For sure, Rob. I sometimes get impatient & skip steps in the build, especially when the end is in sight. I end up having to go backward to correct the oversight(s). I've got to learn to come up with a build plan & then try to stick to it. The assembly instructions that came with the kit aren't very detailed, adding another level of difficulty when planning this build. Challenging but still doable. Forging ahead, John
  6. Thanks for the reply Kev. And just when I thought ! knew it all, too. Not! John
  7. “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.” Robert Burns Well said Rabbie. As this build progresses (slowly), my inexperience building 1/350 scale resin ships is really starting to show. I've been attempting the get the model ready for paint. But each time, when I think I'm ready, I find there's either something else I've missed, or something else I need to do to simplify the painting process. Two steps forward & on step back, as they say. The good news is that this build is still moving forward. Here's a couple of recent examples; Something missed: I mentioned in an earlier post that I had lost PE parts, & that the model supplier had quickly sent me replacements. The parts were two catwalks attached to the rear of the bridge superstructure. These are fiddly little parts that needed to be formed in 3 dimensions, as shown in the photo below.. Since there were no mounting holes or brackets to mount these parts on the model, I decided to do the forming & dry fitting before final paint to minimize the chances of damaging the painted surface. Also, I felt these parts should be painted separately ensure the detail was preserved. After time consuming trial & error, I finally formed the parts to fit. Simplify the painting process: Not having built a resin model before, I don't have much experience painting all the little pre-cast details on the ship's deck. To simplify the masking & painting process, I decided to remove as many of these pre-cast details as possible & paint them separately. A relatively simple process, but time consuming having to putty, sand, & re-prime the bulkhead & deck areas once the details were removed. The example shown in the following photo shows a boarding ladder & three lockers being removed to allow the bulkhead & deck area behind these details to be masked & spray painted. In hindsight, I probably should have completed these tasks as the build progressed, rather the waiting to decide what to do at the final painting stage. I still have a few details to add before final paint, but at least this build is still progressing with no major issues. PS: Who would have thought "blueberry ripple" would be so complicated, eh Kev? Stay safe! John
  8. Slow but sure Kev! 2 steps forward, 1 step back. I'll post an update soon John
  9. For sure, Kev! Nice to follow along & see the aging & weathering techniques you're using & their outcomes. John
  10. Congratulations Jörgen. John
  11. That's a cute little ship's cat! The model kit doesn't look too bad either. Looking forward to following along. John
  12. She's a little jewel, beefy. Great job on the seascape as well. John
  13. I remember the first time jumping off the deck for a group swim. What I don't remember is climbing the ladder to get back on board. The water was so cold, as soon as I hit the water, I swear I flew back onto the deck without touching the ladder. Brrr!
  14. Looking forward to seeing more updates as this build progresses. John
  15. Here's a link to the Iron Shipwrights replacement policy. http://ironshipwrights.com/replacement.htm Per their replacement policy, I suggest you e-mail Iron Shipwrights @ http://ironshipwrights@bellsouth.net, giving them your kit # & description, a description of the part you need, and your mailing address. John
  16. A short delay & a status update. During prep for painting, I noticed that I had needed to add some PE parts prior to paint. When I went looking for the PE sheet, I couldn't find it. I knew I had received it, but now it was gone. I sent an e-mail to the model supplier 'Iron Shipwrights' asking if I could purchase a replacement PE sheet. Iron Shipwrights replied the next day advising "Not a problem. Replacement frets are on the way." Today, 11 days later, I received a complete replacement set of PE parts from Iron Shipwrights in the US, via airmail, and AT NO CHARGE. Wow, now that's great customer service! Up until now, I've been very critical & disappointed with the model quality from Iron Shipwrights. But today, I have to give them kudos for their awesome after-sales customer service. I'm a very happy modeller. John
  17. Hi Stuart. I feel the same way. I used to attend a number of military air shows each year, but lately cost cutting, the Afghan war, & the pandemic have reduced the number of shows & performers. In the past (showing my age ), it was always exciting to see the new & different aircraft performing each year. But now, each show seems to be a repeat of the previous year. John
  18. Gotta luv the details. Looks great, Kev. John
  19. Very nice Rob. Looks great! I'm still trying to figure out how those camo decals fit so nicely to the soldier's complex shape. John
  20. Looking great Kev. Are you going the paint the hull or coat it in clear varnish? It'll be a shame to cover up that nice woodwork. John
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