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  1. It's a bit of a long read but have a look here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/icm-1-48-b-26b-k-8-gun-nose-t526837.html
  2. I noticed those but they were actually of XV234, not XV241.
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/hilifta/12402919893/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/hilifta/12403209854/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/hilifta/12402911293/
  4. This Herc is not with the USMC, who have phased out all the KC-130T(-30)s, but with the US Navy. There were only two -30s. Since the USN doesn't use these aircraft for refuelling they have removed the Sargent Fletcher pods.
  5. Actually the C-130B does not use underwing fuel tanks.
  6. The RNLAF is part of the European Air Transport Command and they will soon be very A400M-heavy so the C-130 would make much more sense, and they are cheaper to buy and operate. The RNLAF is also one of the partners in the Heavy Airlift Wing that operates the C-17s out of Papá in Hungary. None of the A400M users are part of HAW and C-17s and C-130s makes for a more balanced fleet than A400Ms and C-17s IMO. https://eatc-mil.com/en/who-we-are/the-eatc
  7. Sorry I misread your comment, somehow I read that the replacement would likely be the A400M!
  8. Where did you read the rumours about the replacement being the A400M?
  9. The MC-130 noses are completely different. These are just variations of the normal radome, probably two versions with fairing and one without like these: No fairing: Fairing type one with duct: Fairing without duct:
  10. Not quite, the weapons are for the AC-130H. The J-model does not use the Bofors 40mm or M61s. Someone just used some random artwork I think.
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