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  1. The port side sponson shown looks like the early type as well by the way.
  2. Actually the CAD posted on Facebook shows both types of sponson. This is the earlier:
  3. Hopefully with the correct 'sit', as it looks like ICM used a very light museum piece for their research.
  4. Not hard to get something more accurate looking than the Italeri kits, then again it is Trumpyboss!
  5. KoenL

    1/72 MC130J?

    The Italeri kit is a MC-130E. Quite a few webshops list it incorrectly as 'MC-130H'. https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2452
  6. Very nice! I'm from Eindhoven and I'm fairly sure that picture wasn't taken in my city though. EDIT: It appears the picture was taken in Münster, Germany
  7. Here's another such example, from the McDonnell Douglas F-4 "Phantom II" Facebook group:
  8. + Central African Republic and Peru. Don't think the Philippines actually operated the C-130A.
  9. English indeed. There is a nice walkaround here: http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Apache.html
  10. The most noticable external differences are the 'triangle' (rear-view mirror) on the pilot's canopy and the completely different underwing pylons. Of course the cockpit has been heavily modified as well. Since you have the B(S)M kit you won't have the correct pylons or instrumentpanels. With 'camera' do you mean the retractable IRST? If so, that already existed before the modernizations. I guess both decalmakers didn't quite understand the differences as all the featured aircraft are non-modernized. Care to share the pictures you mention so we can determine the variant? There is a MiG-31BM '05 blue' as well, but it's a different aircraft and its bort is a different shade of blue from the one on the HAD sheet. Koen
  11. You can't use any of the options that are on the HAD sheet. Despite the 'BSM/BM' moniker they are, in fact, all earlier variants. Now I can't find the instructions for all the options on the Authentic sheet but if they are the same ones as the 1/72 version then once again, none are BSM/BM sadly. At least the ones shown above are all options that are also on the 1/72 sheet so they are not correct. You'd be better off getting some Begemot decals. Good work so far! Koen
  12. I do remember reading the boxing Stephen linked to does not provide GWH's own weapon sprues, but a pair from the Kinetic F-16.
  13. All those pics are from events abroad though. The pics in your links are taken in Belgium. (So not really for regular use but consider them more like a 'ferry tank')
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