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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a good model related reference book on the 1/72 Mosquito to which I can add the High Ball conversion. I'm someone who would like to spend his money on kits etc. so if possible just get one good reference book. I see Richard Franks has done two Datafile books, which one is best or are there other better tomes? Any recommendations would be welcome.
  2. Thank you both for your help with this kit. I've ordered a set of the authentic decals and have masked and filled the cabin windows with white fine Milliput. I am making the assumption that I have to fill the cockpit window in as well. The decals look amazing. Dave G I apologise for calling you Dan.
  3. Thanks Dan, A few more items to add to my Telford shopping list. Much appriciated Phill
  4. Hi, I have purchased the Revell Dream Liner kit ex Zvezda, and having never built a civil airliner in my life I would like to know if anyone has any hints on the best way to go about getting a good result. I'm not a novice by any means but have never built this type of model. I've got a set of after market Norwegian Airlines decals. I will be at Telford next weekend so I will be seeking out the SIG's and other civil airliner groups for answers to any question that arise. Thanks in advance Phill
  5. Thank you all for your input The actual decals I am missing are #26 T6 from the fuselage side and #21 Large cross from the underside of the wing.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am after a really big favour from someone. I have started decaling this kit with the decals supplied in the kit. Having placed the majority of the decals I have ruined the rest of the sheet. I am aware that I can purchase after market sets but want to complete it with the markings I have. I am not usually an aircraft modeller so don't have loads of spare decals that I can scrounge from. I have contacted Airfix but they cannot help me. If anyone has a set that they don't need I would be most grateful if we could do some sort of deal. Phill
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