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  1. Glad to see it got through Stix, I've had these two lurking at the bottom of the pile for a while, I wasn't sure which one but I think I will build the RFM Firefly or maybe I could get them both done, how long will we have? Wayne
  2. Very impressive work Filippo, loving the attention you are giving to the details. Wayne
  3. I just did, and then some one mentioned that Gecko models were going to make one. The Daimler looks like a nice addition to the stash though. Wayne
  4. Considering the detail they have put into this kit I'm surprised that they haven't supplied a radiator in this version as it is quite visible as can be seen in the photo below. Wayne
  5. This is high quality work Vytautas, well worth the wait. Looking forward to the next installment. Wayne.
  6. Just been catching up with this build thread Nenad and I have to say you've made a cracking job of both of them. The extra detail work you have put in has been well worth the effort and nice work with the pigments. Looking forward to seeing them in RFI. Wayne
  7. Thanks Si, Rather you than me, I actually enjoyed doing the Berlin Chieftain but that would be a step too far for me. Building an ARV would test my patience let alone one with that paint job. I went with the Eduard photo etch for my to be built Cromwell family so I hope they've made a better job of it for those kits than they have for the Cent. Yours look excellent by the way. Which mantlet covers did you go with? I used the AFV ones on my previous builds and was fairly pleased with them. I don't need one for the prototype thankfully but I will need one for the AVRE. Wayne
  8. I had a quick look in my Amusing Hobby AVRE kit and it doesn't appear to be as bad as yours. I had a little trouble getting the track guards to sit square on my previous AFV Club builds and I had to correct them by cutting a groove between the track guard and glacis plate to get them to sit properly. The one in my Mk.1 kit is much better though. Mk.1 top. Mk.5 bottom. Lovely work with the photo etch. I used the Voyager set on my Mk.11 build but most of it is still in the box as a lot of it didn't seem to be enough of an improvement to make the extra work worthwhile. Wayne
  9. There are some images here that should be helpful. https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/fv4006-centurion-arv-mk-2-walkaround/
  10. That really is superb Ed, there is much to take in and admire. Wayne
  11. Thanks John and Roger, Seeing how you are cracking along with your armoured car build John I think you should have time to come and join the Centurion party with your Mk.3 Wayne
  12. Sorry Darryl Your more than capable of producing excellent results though and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing how yours progresses. I agree that the Mk.1s aren't the most aesthetically pleasing of the Centurions but it makes an interesting comparison to see how they evolved into one of the finest tanks to have been built. I have got the Amusing Hobby AVRE and I very nearly started that one. It looks as though it can only really be built into the Gulf war version though as it doesn't have the fascine carrier on it and I didn't fancy doing another desert scheme. I don't know what happened to the AFV Club AVRE, it seems like ages since it was announced. Wayne
  13. Welcome along Dennis, British AFV's are certainly well catered for now, surely there is something to tempt you back to the world of AFV modelling. Wayne
  14. This is really looking very good John and seems to have come together pretty quickly considering the amount of work you have done on it. Wayne
  15. Excellent work and it's been enlightening reading through your WIP, especially the 'nail caviar' for round bolt head/rivets. I shall definitely be pinching that one. Wayne
  16. I have seen your work on this pop up on the SMCG a few times and I have to say that it really has turned out very nicely indeed! Your photography really helps to showcase your excellent work on this as well. I know where to look when I need some weathering inspiration for my OD schemes. Wayne
  17. They did, as did the Mk.1s as far as I know. The later Mk's have additional reinforcing rings. The wheel hubs look slightly different though so I may need to change them. They also ran on a 20' track which is why I have the resin ones from Accurate Armour. Wayne
  18. Accurate Armour recommended any of the Meteor engined kits so I would stick with the Mk.5s. The Mk.3 would probably work but that kit was released after the Accurate Armour upgrade. I'm pretty sure the Shot Kal has a different engine deck. Wayne
  19. Around 12 years ago whilst out walking my dog I met and became friends with lovely gentleman named Ron. One day the subject of Ron's military career came up and it turned out that Ron was part of the BAOR in the mid 50's where he drove Centurion tanks. He would often tell me tales of his time there and seemed to have a fondness for the Centurion. At the time I was mostly building models of WW1 aircraft and I hadn't built an AFV for many years but I thought it might be a nice idea if I could build Ron a model of his tank. I tried to get as much information as I could from him but sadly Ron's mental health was declining rapidly and he was taken into care before I could present him with the finished model. Thanks to Ron though my interest in and building models of British armour was reignited and of them all the Centurion is probably my favourite. The photos above are of the model I built for Ron, a Mk.5 from the AFV Club kit. The model was painted in Bronze green from a mix of Tamiya paints that I found on the internet. I have never been happy with my paintwork on it though and I do intend to strip and repaint it one of these days. I did however thoroughly enjoy building the kit so I soon built another one, this time as a MK.11LR. The Mk.11 was one of the last of the line for the Centurion ( in British hands at least ) and so when AFV Club announced the Mk.1 kit I jumped at the opportunity to build the first Centurion as well. I particularly want to build one of the prototype Centurions that were sent to Germany at the end of WW2 for testing and evaluation purposes in Operation Sentry. The tanks didn't arrive in time for actual combat but valuable lessons were learned about how the tank could be improved upon. The AFV Club will need some additional work and parts to build it as one of the A41 prototypes but I have managed to source most of what I need. There was talk on some other forums about the rear hull vents not being correct in this kit but looking at the instructions it appears the AFV have amended those parts. I have been watching and admiring @simmerit's build of the Amusing Hobby Mk.5 and I know Darryl @Jasper dog has just started a Shot Kal build so I will try not to repeat too much of what they are doing but it may be interesting to compare the AFV to the Amusing Hobby kits. I'm looking forwards to getting started on this one. Hopefully I shall something to show in a couple of days. Wayne Wayne
  20. I will follow this one with interest Andrew as I have the standard Mk.II to build in the near future which does come with a beautifully detailed engine although if built as standard it won't be seen. My intention is it have it in a workshop scenario. I had read somewhere about the fragility of the running gear so I bought the Sovereign replacement spring set just in case. Yours seem to have gone together nicely though so maybe they won't be needed. Wayne
  21. Thank you all very much for the kind words, your feedback is very much appreciated. @f matthews I did refer to your Mk.IX build a couple of times and like you I do enjoy building the Valentine/A9/A10 series of tanks, I still have a couple more to build. I'm not so sure about them being ugly @GRK, maybe they are not aesthetically pleasing but I agree with @PF Naughton, there is something about their look that is appealing. I did um and ah about the aerials @Ade H as it doesn't look quite right without them but as I couldn't see them in my reference photo I assumed they weren't fitted for the parade. I will need to add the Bishop to my collection at some point and I shall look forward to seeing yours.( hopefully I will be able to pinch some ideas). I did a Tunisian Churchill with what I believed to be a hand painted mud camo. I used the hairspray technique on it to show some wear and was reasonably happy with the outcome, I could have possibly taken it a bit further but if you're interested it can be seen here. Churchill Mk.III Tunisia I'm glad you all like the photos, it's nice to be able to combine hobbies. Wayne.
  22. An interesting subject and very nicely modelled Sergei. Wayne
  23. That's a lovely little vignette. I followed the progress in your WIP thread and appreciate the effort you have put into this build. There are some lovely little touches that have brought it to life. Wayne
  24. There is much to be admired here Kristjan, I particularly like the way you have done the worn paint work and the damage on the rear fenders is a nice touch. Wayne
  25. Valentine Mk.IX, 50 RTR, 23rd Armoured Brigade, Tunisia 1943 The Mk.IX valentine was made in answer to the need of a more powerful gun than the 2pdr. To accommodate the 6pdr gun the turret needed to be redesigned. Vickers engineers freed up space for the new gun by reducing the turret crew to 2 men and the coaxial machinegun and smoke bomb launcher were removed. The removal of the machine gun meant that the tank couldn't defend itself against infantry and so was unpopular with its crews. The bomb launcher issue was partially resolved by mounting two grenade launchers externally. But in essence the Mk.IX had turned the Valentine into a tank destroyer. The Bronco kit itself is pretty comprehensive and the only aftermarket I used was the RB Models metal gun barrel and the front fenders were replaced with brass sheet to allow some damage to be added. The model was painted in the Desert Pink ZI / Dark Olive Green PFI scheme with MRP paints. The sand/dust weathering effects were created with a mix of pigments. The thumb print on the front fender in the above photo has since been removed. A few detail photos. And finally the photo I used as a reference. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the way this one has turned out but as always there are things that I felt that I could have done better. The urge to get this finished so that I can start a new project has meant that some additional stowage and crew will have to wait for another day. The work in progress for this build can be found here; Valentine Mk.IX work in progress. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and feel free to point out anything I may have missed or that could be improved upon. Wayne P.S. Some of the photos appear a little too warm on my screen but I haven't profiled this monitor and really don't want to edit them again.
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