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  1. Very cool. I have a C47 on the shelf of doom that I was attempting to light on the inside but haven't yet been able to figure out the battery access problem.
  2. I got around that by having only one small display cabinet and rotating the models from there to storage.
  3. The 28 years doesn't seem to have dented your abilities. Nice to see a "clean" model occasionally, too. I don't weather mine due to lack of skill, fear of disasters and "kit fatigue" (as I get to the point of just wanting the thing off the bench).
  4. Magic. That kite is outstanding in its field while out, standing in a field.
  5. Lovely job. Airfix Dambuster was my first kit when I got into the hobby a few years back. It was a "Starter Set" version. Like most boys of my generation I'd built ("hacked" would probably be a better term for it) quite a few kits in the 60s since they were supplied by various relatives at Christmas and birthdays. The plan was to build just one kit to see if I could do it right rather than toss them together half painted then blow them up with penny bangers in November. (30-odd builds later I realise that was a hopeless dream). I had barely any tools, had never heard of decal solutions and used the paints and brush supplied with the kit. I never tried to improve it as my tool kit expanded and experience taught me tricks of the trade and it still sits in my display cabinet as originally finished (complete with holes where the windows fell in shortly after gluing the fuze halves together!). One of these days I'll buy another one and see if I can do a better job, maybe pose them side-by-side.
  6. It looked like a 1:48 till I got to the picture with your hand in it!
  7. Nice one, General, very nice. I always liked the look of the VC 10 and as it happens it was my ride for my first ever transatlantic trip when BOAC still existed... Not so show my age or anything! (I was extremely impressed with the acceleration on the runway). Coincidentally, the night before I flew I played a gig for BOAC with the Sydney Lipton orchestra.
  8. Crackerjack work both the models and the photography.The planes are outstanding in their field. Not only that, they're out, standing in a field!
  9. A B17 in 1/48 is about the size of a moose... Maybe you need a proper hangar!
  10. Yowza! That's almost one a week and all of very high quality. Confess... You have a gang of elves in your workshop to help you, right?
  11. My other money-saving rationalisation for the missus... "Could be worse... Could be golf!"
  12. I promised her ladyship I'd only have one small display case so I have to rotate the collection between that and storage. (The case protects not only from dust but also from cat attacks). This was the first time they've all been in one place at one time.
  13. All 1:72 and varied brands, can't remember which kite was what make, though and all straight out of the box except for safety belts made from tape and a bit of sculpting to turn the blue and white Spit in front into a pylon racer and the blue and white Halifax at back left into an airliner. I also don't give much thought to variants so I can't really identify them much beyond, "That's a P 38, that's a Hunter, that's a P 47, that's a Mozzie" and so forth. I'm not exactly a rivet counter!
  14. Very nice and air Vice-Marshall Pussycat seems to approve, too!
  15. To finish up 2020 I thought I'd get the collection (started in 2017 with Gibson's G George) out for an elephant walk. With 28 planes, though, single file would have been highly impractical so here is the Buckley Air Force in full rock n roll regalia. Two more planes, built in flight, are not shown and there are a few which sadly ended up in landfills when the frustration of trying to get the blasted things together got too much for me. Admittedly I don't have much skill but at least the hobby keeps me out of pubs and away from fast women. My wife thinks I'm quite mad... And she may be right!
  16. Very nice indeed. The orange colouring really jumps out!
  17. Looks great. Nothing wrong with giving an American fighter a splash of colour whether it's historically accurate or not. Fighter jocks are, after all, frequently the "Flash Harry" type and given the opportunity would definitely paint their kites up like sports cars.
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