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Uncle Pete

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  1. Uncle Pete

    Spontaneous Combustion of Plastic!

    That seems to be the consensus. I'd ruled it out because the nose itself is OK and a couple of inches away from the damage. I see what you mean about the vapours, though, they wouldn't be choosy where they went. I think future nose weights will have to be applied with epoxy. I only dumped the Evo Stik on heavily because I'd forgotten to put the weight in and had to drill a hole in the nose and shove little splinters of lead through it, chasing them with gobs of glue so they wouldn't wander. That seems reasonable but I believe it was several hours between glue and paint. I gave it the Miliput immediately. Lots of sanding involved so the panel lines on the underside are history. I may have done that too soon... I thought I'd brought it up to level but when I sanded it, it seemed to have dropped in a bit. Hadn't occurred to me the plastic might still be soft. This kite is giving me no end of headache and it's not even the right scale (it's a 1/100 and I'm a 72 man). I'm only carrying on out of obstinacy now! Thanks again, everybody, for all the help. I don't know what I'd do without the expertise I find here... Probably take up stamp collecting!
  2. Here's a curious one. Has anybody had this happen? I got the primer and first coat of sliver on my Lightning... So far, so good. But the next day I was faced with this.... I looks like somebody stubbed out a couple of Woodbines on it. I have no idea what happened. Regular Tamiya Extra-Thin glue and Humbrol enamels brushed on, no unusual heat conditions in the workshop while it dried overnight, no solvents laying around for spillage. (And, just for comparison, the metric ton of Evo Stik holding the lead in the nose didn't affect anything). I'm really scratching my head over this... Anybody got any ideas? Does this happen often? Does it ever happen at all?! Have I been infested by a new species of plastic gremlin?
  3. Uncle Pete

    Spontaneous Combustion of Plastic!

  4. Uncle Pete

    Spontaneous Combustion of Plastic!

    You can say that again!
  5. I just finished building Wonder Woman's plane in 1/72. How do you like it?
  6. Uncle Pete

    Paint and Miliput

    Thanks, guys. Not the answer I wanted but thanks! (I wanted it to be anything else but me!) I'll have to try letting it sit longer before priming. The good news is, I've finally got the primer to stick after sanding and reprimering about nineteen times. I suppose it keeps me out of the pubs...
  7. Uncle Pete

    Paint and Miliput

    Hi, Lads, I'm hoping to blag a bit of expertise here. Is it me or does Miliput not like paint? Never used it before and finding it very cooperative to handle but I've been having a devil of a time getting the old Humbrol 01 to stick to a couple of repairs. Am I doing something wrong? (Admittedly, it does seem to stick if I dab it on full strength rather than brush it on slightly thinned). A poke around on Google hasn't turned up anything so far.
  8. Uncle Pete

    Wonder Woman's Plane

    That one smoldered for about half an hour before the quarter dropped down the chute! As they say in Massachusetts, "Light dawns on Marblehead". Well played, sir!
  9. Uncle Pete

    Messerschmitt Bf 109f FROG 1:72

    I believe I had a 109 on my ceiling as a kid (back when Fred and Barney were in high school) firing a burst into a Wellington. I wonder if it was the same kit? Mine didn't look that good, though! I like the scheme, it's the sort of paint job that can break up the sea of olive drab on the shelf. Take away the crosses and replace them with Marlboro or Staples logos and you've got yourself an air racer!
  10. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    I used to love going to the Links Market when I was a kid (I'm a 1953 issue). Spent every summer in Cowdenbeath growing up... Lovely break for a London kid. You may even have heard of my cousin Bobby Strachan who played a couple of seasons for the Cowdenbeath footy team.
  11. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    I was under the impression it was "Kimball" (like the pianos).
  12. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    That's where my parents met... Leuchars, actually. A/C Plonk Dad was flying the piano in the NAAFI and Mum was driving lorries and staff cars. She lost a staff car once... Got sent to another base to pick up a brass hat. The hat wasn't ready yet so she went for a cuppa. Meanwhile, the brass hat emerged, saw the staff car and figured they were expecting him to drive himself. Mum came out of the mess, no car. Her boss had a good laugh when Mum finally made it back to Leuchars. So I'm a Fly Fifer, courtesy of Mum and a Cockney Sparrer, courtesy of Dad (and courtesy of growing up in Enfield).
  13. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Actually, I was talking about Caroll Levis, the impressario mentioned earlier. But since you brought up Levi jeans, Strauss put rivets in all the stress points, a revolutionary idea that gave the trousers unparalleled strength. However, the one in the crotch had to be removed from the design because of campfires.. Cowboy crouching in front of the fire, crotch rivet heats up, you don't wanna know! (And, by the by, I reckon Levi Strauss never rode a bicycle.... Have you ever tried pedalling a bike with jeans on? All sorts of uncomfortable!)
  14. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Also actor Caroll O'COnnor in All in the Family although I understand that's an Anglicised version of an east European name. Maybe the same thing with Levis?
  15. Uncle Pete


    hmmmm.... Superglue is not usually my friend. Would something like Bostik or Evo-Stik do the trick? I'd guess epoxy would work but that has its own headaches, too. I'm interested in having a crack at resin since I've been led to understand it gives a better model but not sure I want to climb another learning slope. And does the paint stick as well as it does on polystyrene? So far, I've not felt the need for the after-market details as my skills aren't really up to snuff... I almost break my arm patting myself on the back when I can get the seam down the middle of a fuze to vanish without messing up the panel lines!
  16. Very nice. The old girl looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet a few times. I've never tried and Eduard kit but I looked in the box of a Spit last time I was in the LHS... Scared me to death! It had more parts than your average B52!
  17. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    NFL players wear pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Week.... I doubt if any of them could be classified as any less than a Real Man! And, come to think of it.... Fran Tarkenton was quarterback for the Vikings in the seventies and, since I'm a Brit, he was only the second quarterback I'd ever heard of, the first being Broadway Joe.... THAT's a manly name... Joe Namath! But some football players weren't so lucky... Dick Butkus springs to mind...
  18. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Flowerdew? That was the name of one of Peter Sellers' minor characters in The Goon Show!
  19. Uncle Pete

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Also an old jazz musician, Ruby Braff. But his name was Reuben.
  20. Mine never leave the workshop except for a rotation of three small ones (or one large) on my nightstand. Anywhere else is strictly off limits. Maybe I'll put a couple in the van AKA my self-propelled mobile shed.
  21. Uncle Pete

    Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel "Br.1"

    That struck me as a good idea those light gauge Es are plenty thin... And they break often enough that you'd have a decent supply without using new ones! I remember blagging a couple of old D strings from a guitar player I worked with about 40 years back to make leadouts for a couple of C/L planes... Worked a treat.
  22. Uncle Pete

    Lightning Nose Weaight?

    I've just got stuck in on this fella... I've never built a Lightning before and the plans don't seem to mention a nose weight. Does anybody know if it needs one? The CG so far seems to be forward of the main wheels but I'm not sure if it will stay there once the bits and bobs go on and, if it does indeed need lead, I need to get it in before the nose cone goes on. (Silly me already glued the fuze halves together and will have to drill it out if it needs ballast). I didn't look at the ad carefully enough when ordering and thought it was a 1/72... This thing is tiny. Eyes and fingers are going nuts... Thank heavens there's no cockpit detail since the seat is about the size of a beetle's bedpan!
  23. Uncle Pete

    Lightning Nose Weaight?

    Cheers, Nige. I guess it's time to pull out the old Black and Decker two speed.
  24. Uncle Pete

    Rod Stewart

    Cool.... More reasons not to hide it under a bushel basket! Actually, the first time I encountered RC planes (back when they were mostly slightly modified FF with a rudder control) they were owned by a singer. And my dad, also a muso, introduced me to kits both plastic and flying when I was very young. In fact, he got a train set "for me" that I don't even remember because I was only one year old at the time and by the time I was 4 we'd moved house and the train set went west.