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  1. Very nice. I just finished the same exact kit a couple of weeks back... So that's what it's supposed to look like, eh?!
  2. I forgot to mention earlier... Unorthodox but mega-cool, especially going smaller and smaller. Get it down to half a Rizla and you'll really be onto something!
  3. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    I remember the days when plastic kits came with text instructions clarifying the diagrams... Locate and cement fernackle pin (A13) to drangle cylinder valve (B9)... At least you had a clue what the object in your tweezers was. So, while mocking up the office of Airfix A2005B, 50th Anniversary Red Arrow Hawk to see if it all fits (and it does), I've bumped into this mysterious part... 3E is an acrylic part that has no visible "seat" on which to set it and appears in no further diagrams after placement. It seems to be intended to block access to and protect the instructor's controls but doesn't seem to want to settle anywhere naturally. I've had a good poke around Gooogleland but quite fruitless. If I knew what it was I'd have more of a shot of knowing where to put it... Even if that "where" is the bin. (Fortunately there are a couple of days of glue-setting and touch-up paint-drying before I have to commit). I'm rather optimistic about the way the office is going so far and don't want to mess it up. If anybody who has built this can fill me in I'd be awfully grateful.
  4. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    AHA! I think you've just made my life a whole lot easier. I was wondering how the devil I was going to mask the canopy with no guidance and get that stripe symmetrical.
  5. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    Blimey, that's not a thread it's a novel! I'm thirteen pages in so far... That geezer doesn't mess about!
  6. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    That makes more sense than my golf clubs hypothesis. Hadn't thought of the ejector seats. That's what I meant about the text in the instructions.... Now at least I know what it is. I may cut it down so it hangs like the examples in Trev's pictures. For once I'm trying to get one together without 50% busking. Now I'm thinking it has something to do with the white stripe over the top of the canopy that isn't marked on the canopy itself. Thing are starting to fall together now. Thanks.
  7. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    Thanks Trevor (and what took you so long?!) Those were among my previous pokes but nothing is from the right angle. And, yes, that link is a doozy... Complex enough to launch the BFR with a skeleton staff! The bit fixed to the canopy doesn't seem to go all the way down. I reckon if they have it to protect the controls, the pilot can chuck his golf clubs in the back seat and get a few holes in after the gig.
  8. Uncle Pete

    Warthog Advice, Please?

    I need a little help here, lads.... I'm in the process of beating a confession out of Italeri's 1/72 A10 and it comes with this little fella for the leading edge.... ... I'm assuming it's slats and should be fitted thusly.... Unfortunately there's no post-installation picture in the instructions and the box art seems to show them closed (and if installed closed, I'd have to cut off those little pegs). I've poked around on the internet but can't seem to find any pictures of them open. Before I get the glue out and the vicar says, "Till death do you part," any insight would be much appreciated.
  9. Uncle Pete

    Airfix 1/72 Tomahawk

    The pilot is Claude Rains...
  10. Uncle Pete

    Revell 1/48th Tornado GR1

    Smashing job... And extra points for dressing it up in 617 livery!
  11. Uncle Pete

    Junkers D.I

    That very first picture really hit me in the face then it got even better. Please tell me it's big scale, not 1/72. Maybe 1/6?!
  12. Uncle Pete

    Revell 1/72 spitfire mk 1a 1979

    Nice work. But canopy framing? There be monsters!
  13. Well, I've beaten another one into submission, this time Italeri's 1/72 Warthog, Kit No. 1376. I've been fancying a Hog for a while, it's the baddest looking thing in the air, so nasty it makes a Lancaster look like VIckers Viscount. As usual, my dedication to scale, accuracy and detail is spot-on completely absent but what I lack in skill, I make up for in incompetence. The camo was brushed on freehand, attempting to follow the pattern (Pattern? You mean it's not just random splotches?) but inevitably it's slightly inaccurate quite a bit off not even close but it looks like camo so that's as far as I go. I don't bother with the add-on photo-etch detail stuff in the theory that you don't try to gold plate a Timex but I do try to get it as neat as I can with what the box provides. I think this is my best office so far. Colours are all wrong but to the untrained eye... Well, the missus has no problem with it! Yes, I know the canopy frame is supposed to be camo but I think the gloss black looks badder... Here at the Shepherds Bush Air force we're a bit casual about such things. I even got brave enough to paint a couple of little boxes inside that mysterious door under the cockpit. This may all seem simple stuff to you pros but bear in mind I still dislocate my arm patting myself on the back when I can pull off making a set of safety belts out of tape. I love a shark mouth on an American jet... ...but the next Hog has to have a Hog mouth! But this particular plane.... This specific Warthog... Is the aircraft that won... .... The Battle of Chiswick! Things were not looking good in West London. The Yuppie Barbarians from Richmond were marching on Shepherds Bush in an attempt to take Westfield Mall. The terrifying charge of the Yuppie Cavalry They'd been softening us up with wave after wave of Range Rover heavy bombers launched out of their base in Twickenham, raining rugby balls down on us and burying Goldhawk Road under a sea of leather and rubber. The QPR Anti-Aircraft unit in South Africa Stadium countered with their Gatling Frankfurter Guns, capable of firing 4300 hot dogs a minute (or 5600 of the smaller New York System Hot Weiners) but the Rovers were fitted with highly efficient stealth technology and the Rear-Mounted Jones-Gascoigne Countermeasures Package so hardly any were hit. A formation of 21 Stealth Range Rovers swoops low over Goldhawk Road station The Jones-Gascoigne Countermeasures Package in action After the Range Rover attack, the Yuppies' allies in Acton sent supersonic BMW Minicabs to strafe us with Pete Townshend's guitar picks. Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk, C/O of 6 7/8 Squadron based on Shepherds Bush Green, sent our Black Cab Interceptors to engage but, despite their superior navigational systems, tighter turn radius and advanced sarcasm, they were unable to bring down the swifter Beemers till the damage had already been done. After the guitar pick attack, the burnt out wreckage of a Shepherds Bush F35 smoulders next to a collapsed hangar. Our market stalls were in ruins, our Reliant Robins were destroyed and 6 7/8 Squadron was down to its last two Chipmunks and a Tiger Moth but the Yuppies in their Prius tanks kept rolling inexorably East up the A316. If they took the Premier Inn at the Chiswick Roundabout all would be lost. We had asked for help from our northern allies in Enfield but ever since the Great Football War of North London when Enfield sided with Highbury, Tottenham has denied them use of airspace and their Royal Enfield Fast Attack Jets, even with BSA drop tanks, lacked the range to make the detour round the M25. There was only one thing left to do... Call in the Americans. Fortunately there was an American air base on Wormwood Scrubs under the command of Lt. Col. C. Harrison Yeager, grandson of the famous............. Chester H. Yeager of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, managing editor of the Providence Journal from 1956 till 1971. Lt. Col. C. Harrison Yeager at the controls of his A10 As soon as Squadron Leader Plonk called him, Colonel Yeager, in typically generous American fashion, leapt at the opportunity to help a friend in need. He ordered his A10 loaded with maximum firepower. He ignored subtlety, bypassed overkill and went straight to "When-I'm-done-wiv-you-I'm-comin'-after-yer-family". He led the attack himself, the subwoofer thunder of his two Harley-Davidson V-Twins rattling the windows of the BBC building and aimed his trusty Warthog westward. On his first pass he dropped four 300lb Strip Club Doorman MkIV H.E. Bombs (with acoustic guidance) and on the second he released four GTGs (cluster bomb canisters of giggling teenage girls... dumb bombs, of course) but to no avail, the tanks kept silently (Prius, remember?) rolling. Acoustically-Guided 300lb SCD MkIV GTG Cluster Bomb (With iPhone Guidance System) It was then he decided to deploy his most feared weapon, the Armitage-Shanks Kitchen Sink MkII (Series 3). It had never before been used in battle, the designers were still unsure of its full capabilities and the UN didn't even know if it was legal. An A-S KS MkII (Series 3) hangs on Harry Yeager's wing next to a pair of Sidewinders But the effect was immediate. The specially modified taps created an EMP that knocked out the tanks' engines, the contents of the U-bend dissolved the Yuppies' Rolexes and the porcelain shrapnel ripped their Yves St. Laurent uniforms to shreds. The Yuppies immediately panicked and fled back to the desolate badlands south of the river. They haven't been seen east of Twickenham since but have made a couple of forays to their north, at one point briefly occupying the Airport Bowl in Hounslow but their morale was still in such tatters from their humiliation in Chiswick they were driven out by a boy scout (second class) wielding a pen-knife with two blades, a corkscrew and a thing for taking stones out of horses' hooves. Eric Drimble (13) of Hounslow flashes a victory sign after liberating the Airport Bowl For his bravery and leadership, Colonel Yeager was awarded the MG and bar (a 1973 Spridget and the Conningham Arms on Uxbridge Road, to be precise) and The Queen, in an unprecedented act, made him the Earl of Hammersmith and awarded him an OBE, making him the first American Earlobe in Britain. Harry Yeager Receives Honours From Queen And a final picture of Harry's plane with the soft filter... If it can make William Shatner handsome.... The above nonsense was born when the missus looked at the box art. "What's all that stuff under the wings?" she said. "Weapons," I said, "Those are air-to-air missiles, the brown ones are gravity bombs, the green ones are smart bombs and the big white things are air-to-ground missiles. And the black thing sticking out of the nose is a gun that will shred a forest." "Oh." she said, "Everything but the kitchen sink, eh?"
  14. Uncle Pete

    A10 Wins Battle of Chiswick

    Thanks, mate. Among pros I know my builds are not up to snuff but you’re the only people on the planet that share my interest in this oddball pursuit and I want to show my stuff to SOMEONE! I do enjoy sharing a laugh, though, and take the liberty to do so here. Glad it gets received in a positive way.
  15. Uncle Pete

    A10 Wins Battle of Chiswick

    I blagged the picture of the boy scout by googling "bluebottle"... I think Harry Secombe drew it. And, yes, I'm a HUGE fan of Milligan and co!
  16. Uncle Pete

    A10 Wins Battle of Chiswick

    To be fair, I'm a strange chap.
  17. Uncle Pete

    A10 Wins Battle of Chiswick

    It must be the glue... Inadequate ventilation in the Bat Cave...
  18. Uncle Pete

    Hurricane Mk IID conversion

    My eyes ache just contemplating the size. You ain't human!
  19. Uncle Pete

    1:72 Hasegawa F-16c Fighting Falcon

    Cracking. May I ask, that skinny line around the wings... Paint or decals? (Either answer will probably annoy me because either method would be equally tricky to get right!)
  20. Uncle Pete

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    Nice. I like the patchiness, as if they had to keep blagging bits from other planes.
  21. Uncle Pete

    Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog

    Very nice. Very clean. Very crispy.
  22. Very nice. Not familiar with the plane... Looks like the designer had a quick squint at a Spit's wings and an American pre-war fuze on his way to the drawing board. Scratches, eh? I do a lot of that, too, but mostly scratching my head saying, " Where the devil does this bit go?"