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  1. Not much to look at modelwise but you might get a few laughs out of the deal.
  2. Very nice. I just finished the same exact kit a couple of weeks back... So that's what it's supposed to look like, eh?!
  3. I forgot to mention earlier... Unorthodox but mega-cool, especially going smaller and smaller. Get it down to half a Rizla and you'll really be onto something!
  4. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    AHA! I think you've just made my life a whole lot easier. I was wondering how the devil I was going to mask the canopy with no guidance and get that stripe symmetrical.
  5. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    Blimey, that's not a thread it's a novel! I'm thirteen pages in so far... That geezer doesn't mess about!
  6. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    That makes more sense than my golf clubs hypothesis. Hadn't thought of the ejector seats. That's what I meant about the text in the instructions.... Now at least I know what it is. I may cut it down so it hangs like the examples in Trev's pictures. For once I'm trying to get one together without 50% busking. Now I'm thinking it has something to do with the white stripe over the top of the canopy that isn't marked on the canopy itself. Thing are starting to fall together now. Thanks.
  7. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    Thanks Trevor (and what took you so long?!) Those were among my previous pokes but nothing is from the right angle. And, yes, that link is a doozy... Complex enough to launch the BFR with a skeleton staff! The bit fixed to the canopy doesn't seem to go all the way down. I reckon if they have it to protect the controls, the pilot can chuck his golf clubs in the back seat and get a few holes in after the gig.
  8. Uncle Pete

    Hawk Cockpit Question

    I remember the days when plastic kits came with text instructions clarifying the diagrams... Locate and cement fernackle pin (A13) to drangle cylinder valve (B9)... At least you had a clue what the object in your tweezers was. So, while mocking up the office of Airfix A2005B, 50th Anniversary Red Arrow Hawk to see if it all fits (and it does), I've bumped into this mysterious part... 3E is an acrylic part that has no visible "seat" on which to set it and appears in no further diagrams after placement. It seems to be intended to block access to and protect the instructor's controls but doesn't seem to want to settle anywhere naturally. I've had a good poke around Gooogleland but quite fruitless. If I knew what it was I'd have more of a shot of knowing where to put it... Even if that "where" is the bin. (Fortunately there are a couple of days of glue-setting and touch-up paint-drying before I have to commit). I'm rather optimistic about the way the office is going so far and don't want to mess it up. If anybody who has built this can fill me in I'd be awfully grateful.
  9. Uncle Pete

    Airfix 1/72 Tomahawk

    The pilot is Claude Rains...
  10. Uncle Pete

    Revell 1/48th Tornado GR1

    Smashing job... And extra points for dressing it up in 617 livery!
  11. Uncle Pete

    Junkers D.I

    That very first picture really hit me in the face then it got even better. Please tell me it's big scale, not 1/72. Maybe 1/6?!
  12. Uncle Pete

    Revell 1/72 spitfire mk 1a 1979

    Nice work. But canopy framing? There be monsters!