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  1. Good Morning, can anyone shed any light on the position of Aoshima and their Thunderbird kits? HLJ doesn't seem to have the range they used too, plazajapan is completely sold out, and even the ULK stockists, Expo tools only have a handful left. have Aoshima discontinued Thunderbird kit production? I'll be gutted if they have as I was slowly working through the kits, and do not have the capital to buy bulk loads and store them. best regards Dan
  2. What paint did you use for the main body? it looks similar to the Peugeot paint used for TB3 but I cannot be 100% sure.
  3. That aluminium paint is awesome, I may have to get some of that for my aoshima Thunderbird 5
  4. Hello, can anyone point me in the direction of decals for the Thunderbird 6 tiger moth? I have searched the web and did find a guy in the US but alas he has now retired! any help would be great. it can be in either 1/72 or 1/32 scale. best regards Dan
  5. Hi all. I am looking at buying a thunderbird 5 kit. I have seen two i'm interested in, either the Aoshima one, or the IMAI one, has anyone on here built on, and is there any difference? looking online it seems the IMAI one is an older version of the Aoshima one? best regards Dan
  6. If you do make the second one of these, the remote control one, as one of them had the aerials on the cab roof facing forward, whilst the other faced backwards like the one above, also, when painting, only one had the windscreen painted black. Regards Dan
  7. This IS a Gerry Anderson vehicle of sorts. This is an excavator that was featured in a few comic strips but not on screen. This vehicle is also included I the Deagostini 'Build you own thunderbird two'. here is a link with some more detail http://projectswordtoys.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/digging-deeper.html Regards Dan
  8. Many thanks, I will look at obtaining some, mine might actually make completion after all. As an aside, did anyone building this have any trouble with the waterslide decals? I have read on line that they can break up when placed into water. Regards Dan
  9. Hi, I have joined up, a modeller of railways, airfix kits and the DeAgostini Thundebird 1, 2 and Aoshima TB3. There is truly some superb work on here. Regards Dan
  10. Hi, can I ask what paint shades you used, I built mine years ago, primed it and have stalled as I couldn't find the correct shades of paint. any help would be great, thanks
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