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  1. Thanks J-W,..... yeah not easy for sure,..... but better than nothing and a quantum leap from the vacuformed kit that I had built before. We are spoilt that people like Valom will consider the Albemarle,.....let alone the Harrow and Bombay,.....and I`m really looking forward to next yearsValletta!!! Cheers mate Tony Cheers,
  2. Cheers Chris,...... agreed it is a nice looking aircraft,...... somebody described it as being the love child of a Mitchell and Blenheim and they are not far wrong there! I might actually photograph it together with a Mitchell tomorrow,.... it is much bigger. Green with envy,.....LOL,.... give over,..... I`ve seen your stuff too! All the best, Tony Cheers Martin.
  3. Cheers mate,..... yeah I sought out another on line while building this one and they are getting quite rare/expensive now,...... just check out the WIP and see if you want to pay a lot for the kit. All the best Tony
  4. Hiya Folks, Here is my latest model .... the Valom 1/72nd Albemarle,..... a failed bomber which found a niche as a Whitley replacement with the Airborne Forces as an operational type for dropping paratroopers, including the first men to land on D-Day and also as a glider tug, towing Horsa and Waco gliders. Made predominantly of wood over a metal frame, the type was renowned amongst the men who jumped from it for its special style of exit,..... due to the limited headroom a stick of paratroopers would have to `bunny hop' along the fuselage until they reached the rectangular exit hole in the floor! The aircraft I chose to replicate was V1823, P5-S od 297 Sqn based at RAF Brize Norton, which towed a Horsa Glider to Normandy during Op Tonga in the early hours o 6th June 1944 on D-Day and it returned that evening during Op Mallard with another Horsa. It was later transferred to 22 HGCU (Heavy Glider Conversion Unit) but was written off in a crash while towing a Horsa during December 1944. Here is the real aeroplane; And the Albemarle towing a Horsa; Here is the WIP; And here is the model; So thats it,..... quite a challenging build,..... but a nice addition to my Airborne Forces collection and light years ahead of the old vacuformed model that it has replaced, Cheers Tony PS,.... Here is a comparison between the Albemarle and the Mitchell as the former is often described as a British B-25;
  5. Well folks,..... I`m calling it done!!,..... I`ve added the tail windows, the anti fouling framework which prevented parachute static line strops from fouling the tail control surfaces, radio antenna masts etc,..... plus a length of clear sprue to keep the nose wheel on the ground,...... despite the mass of fishing weights fitted inside the fuselage and wing leading edges!! So here it is; I`ll stick some more in RFI later,...... cheers for the encouragement along the way folks and helping me to get my modelling mojo back. All the best Tony
  6. Cheers Mike,... no worries I`ve sorted it. I didn`t know there were plans for P&W engines on the Albemarle,..... you learn something new every day!
  7. Cheers Steve,... no the thing was a tail sitter even before I added the struts in the tail,..... you`d need a tonne weight to keep this one on its nose wheel!
  8. LOL,.... thanks mate!! Keep up the good work too. Thanks very much Djordje,.... glad you liked it.
  9. No I don`t have a PR Blenheim Mk.I,..... but I do have a couple of these great little Airfix Blenheims and it is nice to see Pierre has sorted out the cooling gills to make them more accurate,... something quite a few people have missed. This is a superb Blenheim. Cheers Tony
  10. Thanks Mike,..... it really is a lovely kit mate. How many Hurricane models,..... who knows mate,....and I`m not counting them,....but it must be over 100 in all scales! The panel, which is set under the codes and ends level with the Y was always fabric covered,.... it was the access to the radio compartment. All the best Tony
  11. Thanks mate,..... yeah the exhaust glare shields were not seen too much,...... but 85 & 87 Sqn usually had them fitted before and during the battle. Maybe they were dual assigned,.... I know some experienced units did fly at night.
  12. Thanks John and good luck with your third one mate.. LOL,.... thanks Adam,..... it was definitely 1/72nd as it hurt my eyes!! Glad you like it.
  13. You could,.... but the Revell spinners are absolute pants mate. Best bet would be to buy a resin conversion set from Freightdog or Pavla etc and use the solid resin spinners provided,.... that is the way I would go without an Aeroclub conversion set,..... at least you get decent radiators etc too. Tony I`ve asked too Chris!!
  14. You`ve done a wonderful job Red Dog,....... the paint job is fantastic,..... nice to see another Commonwealth operated Mustang here on BM. Cheers Tony
  15. Thanks Justin,.... you`ll love the kit,...... just take your time joining the wings to the fuselage and have a few dry runs first,..... otherwise,.....it is easy peasy....... have a great time! Cheers Neil,...... you know me and my penchant for something slightly different,....... glad you like it bud.
  16. Thanks Chris,...... re the rear view mirror,....well yes and no,......unfortunately a correct part isn`t provided for this particular aircraft,.....so I whittled the rear view mirror from a section of sprue. I don`t remember seeing a normal one in the kit, not even in the etched parts,.... which is a shame. Thanks Hewy,..... it is a lovely kit, highly recommended.
  17. Cheers Tom,..... yeah John`s conversion it is certainly the most accurate one available and I`m looking forward to giving it a go.
  18. It is as rare as hens teeth,..... I snaffled a few when John released them.
  19. What an excellent Halibag,.... welcome to BM too! With at least 2 x 1/48th Halifax`s on the go on BM now,..... it cannot be long before a mainstream injection kit is announced LOL!! All the best, Tony
  20. Looking really good so far Ced,...... re the rear turret masking I would remove the masking from the rear part,...... looks like Italeri have got mixed up with the earlier turret. Here are some pics which may help?; Hope these help mate,..... keep up the good work, Cheers Tony
  21. Hiya Neil,...... I`ve had a look through the book,...... found a couple of photos and info; - MZ737 H7-B which is an early B.III, there is a plan view photo depicting squared off wing tips. .... ex 158 Sqn, dates for sorties that I could find with 346 Sqn are- 14 July 44, 6 Oct 44, 9 Oct 44, 5 Dec 44. It wore the codes B, V & G and was recorded as Stroke in French,... which I presume is Written Off or Lost in Action? -RG646- H7-B another B.III, there is a photo of the crew stood in front of the nose, showing nose artwork of a duck with a club inside a circle, plus there is a colour side view drawing. I found a crew listing for a sortie in April 45 and S/C Derribaude is not listed in the crew. -RG625- H7-B a Mk,VI, this a/c came from 347 Sqn where it was L8-A. -LL573- H7-B?,...... the photo from the earlier post where we wondered if he was in the crew,...... the book does caption it as H7-B,.....however the tables actually list it as L8-E! The crew in the photo are L-R Sgt Letoublon, Sgt Berges,S/Lt de Miras, Sgt Blandin, S/C Bin, Sgt Lobelle, Sgt Picot. .... and they are a 347 Sqn crew,.... therefore I would say that the Halifax in the photo is L8-B,...serial unknown. -LLl124- H7-B,.....no further details. -PN365- H7-B,......your preferred aircraft! This B.III only ever wore the codes H7-B and was recorded as on operations on the following dates,..... 21 Dec 44 & 13 Jan 44,.... delivered brand new and presumably lost or written off,..... the French description was Stroke? S/C. C. Derribehude was listed in the book,.....service number 81056, trade Radio Operator. He was in the crew of Lt. Barthelot in one sortie list that that I could find. I could not find my copy of the Air Britain Halifax File despite searching everywhere,.....if I find it I`ll let you know. If you want any more info or copies of the pics,....let me know,..... you are welcome to borrow the book too mate, Cheers, Tony PS,.... I finished that little Arma Hurricane that I was showing you,....I`ve stuck it on RFI.
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