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  1. Agreed Steve,..... and thanks for chipping in mate. Hiya CC,..... glad you like them mate,...... to be fair they aren`t my proudest moment as the Revell kit is total pants and I lost interest!! You`ve got to pull your finger out and get a Corsair done,..... do you want me to set you a task?,......... Korean War night fighter! All the best mate Tony
  2. Thanks Tony,...... I used Aeromaster and Polly Scale acrylics, made in the USA,.... which to me are a good representation of how the US colours (colors?) looked after they had weathered slightly,...... using colour photos as my main reference. The undersides in these photos look pale green to me,..... but lighter than UK Sky,....... and the Pollyscale/Aeromaster paints replicate it very well as far as I`m concerned and I`m happy with them. I built a 1/32nd Corsair Mk.I a while back and went through the colours there in more detail, with some reference pics and views of a Corsair still at the bottom of a US lake (complete with the pilot,..RIP),..... if it helps here is a link; All the best and good luck, Cheers Tony
  3. Code combinations like this were adopted by operational units working up on the type in the USA before embarking for home or the Far East where new codes were allocated. They generally appear to be white. Also,....that is a wonderful rc model! Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks Beard,...... I`m glad you did,..... because I didn`t,....honestly!! I thought that I`d spoiled it loads of times and it is a bit matter than I wanted it to be,.... but hey! Cheers mate Tony
  5. What a good idea,..... well done mate, looks fab! Cheers Tony
  6. Thanks mate,..... yeah I`m glad that I went back and re did them, wish I`d done the wing tanks too really. Thanks,..... it was only hard work because I didn`t plan ahead,.....if I had filled the panel lines at an earlier stage it would have been much easier,..... apart from those it is a pretty decent kit. Thanks Will,.... the Italeri kit is much easier to build than the Special Hobby kit,.... it is mainly those panel lines. Re the floats,....I know,.... but I was rapidly losing the will to ive and wanted the model finished,....... so having forgot to fill them and sand them when I did the rest of the kit,..... I decided to jut leave them,..... I know they look wrong but can live with it. Cheers Steve,.... the pre war Mk.I`s are often ignored and I like the fact that I have a first and last story too,...... having a silver Mk.I and a post war Mk.V,...... with an early wartime model in between,..... I have a 10 Sqn RAAF Mk.I planned,.....if I can source some more propellers,...... and at least one Mk.III,..... maybe even a French Mk.III too? In the meantime,.... I have to find somewhere to shoe horn this one into! Thanks Andy,..... glad you `enjoyed' the build mate,...... the next one shouldn`t be too hard after some pre planning next time! If the SH kit was easier to build I might do a Kiwi MkV,.... BUT,.... I do have at least one Kiwi Catalina planned, so that should satisfy that itch a bit. Thanks very much,....... every flying boat model must have at least some attempt at a tide mark and I`m glad you like mine,..... I used black and brown MiG Pigment Powders brushed on and smudged along a piece of masking tape, then sealed with a squirt of rattle can varnish to help seal it. Cheers John,....... yeah the lul before the storm eh,...... and it was one of the reasons that I opted for a Far East based machine too,...... the last thing in their minds out there would have been war in 1938. LOL,.... Yeah to be fair they were kept quite clean at first but there are photos showing the exhaust streaking and tide mark,...... I just didn`t want to over do it like you see on the wartime aircraft which were filthy. I`m glad you think it looks elegant because that was what I was aiming for,...... so cheers for that Pete. Thanks very much mate,..... nice of you to say so,....cheers. Thanks Edge,...... yeah it does look slightly different in silver doesn`t it,...... and I`m glad that I sorted those panel lines too,.....just wish I`d done it sooner before painting it first LOL!! Thanks Mike,..... so glad that you like it,...... and cheers for saying so. Cheers to all of you for your very kind comments, All the best Tony
  7. Lovely job Sean,...... your paint job is immaculate and it looks stubby, powerful and like it is already moving just sat there! Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks Jur,..... glad you like it mate and thanks for your kind comment. Cheers Chris,..... thanks very much for your supprt as ever mate. Thanks Chris and cheers again for bucking me up,...... yeah it has put up more of a struggle than I expected that`s for sure,....... but now where to put it LOL!! Thanks mate and yeah it was a bit of a bind at times,..... but hey! Thanks for the support and yeah,..... back on with the Valetta tomorrow,..... finish the black stripes and then sort out the decals. All the best everybody and cheers again, Tony
  9. WOW,.... thanks everybody,..... was shocked to see so many nice comments!! Cheers Tony,...... the real aircraft does look lovely in its original silver finish. Thanks Trevor,....blimey A+,...... I must have been looking at it for too long then!! I love the low vi roundel and grey codes and I`ll be doing a few other aircraft in the same scheme,... Gladiator, Vildebeest etc. Cheers Chris and thanks for your encouragement along the way mate,...... means a lot pal! I`m so glad you like it,.... and blimey another A+,..... to be fair I was glad to finish it in the end. Thanks mate and I wouldn`t say it is that good or beyond anybody really,..... just a bit of practice,...... have a look at the WIP,..... it is all pretty basic and the main paint was rattle can this time with brush painting,.... so no airbrushing or anything. Thanks Russ,...... I just could not have lived with those Harland & Wolfe plates mate,...... especially when I realised just how smooth the Sunderland really was. Thanks again everybody, Tony
  10. Hiya Folks, After building the Special Hobby 1/72nd Sunderland Mk.V, I decided to build the Italeri kit and chose a silver pre war Mk.I. Compared to the SH kit, it is easier to build, BUT the interior is nowhere near as comprehensive and the surface detailing looks more like it belongs on a Hrland & Wolf built ship like the Titanic with giant plates rivetted rogether,.....and not the smooth almost seamless surface of the real thing,..... and this showed up even more on an overall silver finish,.....so much so that after painting the model I went back, filled the seams, sanded it smooth and started again! Here is the WIP in case you are interested; The Italeri kit has a number of problems including the fact that the propellers only represent a handful of later Mk.I`s which were refitted with spinners during the war and many of the decal options feature aircraft that were fitted with the late style rear turret and not the early variant provided in the kit,...... so you will need to do some research. In order to build an early Mk.I I had to use a set of Aeroclub white metal propellers from my rapidly diminishing stock! I chose to depict an aircraft from 230 Sqn based at Seletar in 1938-39 which was named `Sengalor' in Malay on the nose, but as a twist I depicted it in two stages of its pre war existence, one side was in the original October 1938 state with red white and blue roundels and the other was the post `Munich' state where the fuselage roundel was replaced by a red and blue B Type roundel and the MSG codes FV-X were applied, but retaining the name and the 230 Sqn insignia inside the Star shaped frame which denoted the types role as a reconnaissance aircraft. Here is the model; Cheers, Tony
  11. Right,.... this one has fought me more than I thought it would,....... and I am now calling it done! I`ll post some more pics in WIP,...... thanks for the encouragement along the way chaps, Cheers Tony
  12. Another wonderful model Russ and I really like the French Kingcobra`s,...... they looked so well used..... and you`ve got that look off to an absolute tee mate, Cheers Tony
  13. tonyot

    RAF/RN Arado AR-196

    This one is interesting,....... in Norway at the end of the war many German aircraft were retained for minesweeping duties and were re finished in an overall white scheme.... this AR196 was flown by the Sunderland equipped 331 (Norwegian) Sqn,.... I have seen one or two photos of this aircraft in various books and magazines so can vouch for the scheme,... the roundel is also correct; https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Ar-196/Arado-Ar-196/pages/Arado-Ar-196A3-RAF-333Sqn-WNr-1006-Norway-1945-to-Sweden-1946-crashed-Karlskrune-19th-Apr-1947-0A.html There is this one too; https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/291959988322005955/ Edit,.... I found these in my own files; Cheers Tony
  14. Nice job. I provided the info and ideas for this and other decal options to Arma and I believed the codes to be white too. There is a reference in squadron journals to the `Duck Egg Blue wallah' who painted the codes,.... and so Arma decided to go with a duck egg blue colour instead. They could well be right,..... who knows eh? Cheers Tony
  15. Yeah I had that too,..... and did similar. In the end I cheated and removed the locating log from the spinner, so that I can centre the spinner as best I can compared to the opening and not the engine which can hardly be seen anyway. I think that there should be a cylindrical assembly behind the spinner which continues down into the centre of the engine on the real arcraft,.... if you know what I mean,.... like a continuation of the spinner?
  16. Just found this build Bill and was loving what you are doing when I saw that you are ill again and I`m horrified to hear it,........ please god let`s hope that you are back to good health asap mate,.... .. thinking of you. Cheers Tony
  17. Just managed to catch up Chally and you are doing a brilliant job mate,....... I cannot wait to see this one finished but I`m enjoying the journey,.....keep up the brilliant work, Cheers Tony
  18. What a cracking kit bash so far,...... brilliant work. Looking forward to seeing the finished model, Cheers Tony
  19. Lovely job Neil,..... it looks the bee`s knee`s and your new rivet tool has been put to very good use again. I`m struggling with a decent Dark Earth at the moment for a desert P-40,..... but your paint job is impeccable! All the best bud, Tony
  20. Nicely done Steve,.... I remember building this kit in 1982 during the Falklands War,..... takes me back mate.
  21. We used to get this stuff in Army ration packs and we used to wind up sprogs and cadets on how to use it properly `the Army way',.... fold it here, fold it there, rip here,.... etc,....anyway it ended up with the gullible victim getting their finger quite sticky!! Those of us with a bit of sense took a part used roll of nice soft bog roll, flattenned it down, stuck it in a sealable plastic bag and kept it in our smock pocket ready for any shovel recce! A good friend of mine went for a shovel recce in Kuwait during Gulf War 1 and while in the process of snapping one off he was approached by over 80 Iraqi soldiers,....... so he set off running back to the AFV 432 with his pants around his ankles to start ripping the plastic bag off the mounted GPMG,.....but as he was ripping said plastic they all stuck their hands up and surrendered to him!! Cheers Tony
  22. Wonderful job there Pat and you have got the colour absolutely spot on too,....... I love the bulged rear doors too,...... a brilliant little Sycamore there mate,..spot on. Cheers Tony
  23. Armchair warrior eh,...... I`m no racist,.... they will be re painting the BBMF Lanc next in case the colour offends! The dog was named after a colour,.....
  24. Hiya Folks,,............ got to say,.... I`m incensed by this,....... the Station Commander at RAF Scampton has replaced the stone covering the grave of Guy Gibson`s dog `Nigger' with a brand new Woke version without his name on it,........ obviously wanting PC brownie points for his next promotion,..... what has the modern day RAF come to? I would say that he suffers from LMF and would probably be hiding under his desk if asked to do what this famous dogs illustrious owner was asked to do; https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/local-news/gravestone-replaced-guy-gibson-dog-4333794 Very angrily, Tony
  25. That is a beautiful Hurri Jurek and the Spitfire was a nice surprise at the end too,...... both expertly modelled sir, Cheers Tony
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