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  1. Right,.... onto the kit!

                             The box art;



    The contents;



    As many will know,.... the entire nose is glazed on this kit, unlike Academy`s other B-24 variants.


    I shall be using DK Decals again;




    Construction started with the fuselage halves,...... additional seat covers were added to the cockpit using masking tape to cover a mould mark and the spares box was used to go to town in the waist gun area which looks very bare,.... especially against the bare metal silver interior colour!


    A bit blurry sorry,..... the light today was terrible!



    And the wings and tail constructed and ready too;



    Cheers for now,


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  2. 1 minute ago, 72modeler said:



    Didn't Falcon or Squadron do a set of vacform transparencies for the 1/72 B-24M?






    I was going through my `stuff' the other night Mike because I thought I had a suitable set,...... but didn`t have one. I`m currently checking Falcon for the cockpit side windows,...... the link you sent isn`t working for some reason! I`ll have a trawl through Hannants site,....see if they have any Falcon stuff in stock,



  3. Hiya Folks,

                     The later Liberator`s had larger windows in the navigators station along with larger bomb aimer`s windowsM enclosed, glazed waist gun positions and later style simplified bulged cockpit side windows, plus some had a light weight rear turret and the only kit available is the Academy B-24M which is as rare as ricking horse manure,....... so I`ve been looking for some for some time. One of the aircraft I want to replicate is Glamour Girl of 356 Sqn in India in 1945. Unlike earlier Mk.VIII`s to arrive,.... which had SEAC style roundels applied, this aircraft along with other later arrivals retained its standard RAF markings, but still had the squadron ID markings applied to the rudders, plus nose art, making it a `different' looking subject. Here is the real thing;





    EDIT,......Just realised that Glamour Girl has earlier style waist windows with opening panels and not the later squared off all glazed units,....good job I have not joined the fuselage halves yet!! Also note the silver X on the fin, which was also white or light blue on camouflaged aircraft.


    And some similar aircraft, wearing standard RAF markings;





    And more Mk.VIII`s, but wearing SEAC markings, they were used for bombing raids as far as Malaya and French Indo China, but were often used to drop supplies to agents and later still to POW camps;


    This aircraft KL654-R-Robert was found crashed in the jungle quite recently?


    Here is the some of the wreckage,.....RIP;











    Post-war shot of 160 Sqn KN777 BS-A



    And last of all,.....the ex 99 Sqn Liberator Mk.VIII donated to the RAF Museum by the Indian Air Force;



    Another update soon! 

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  4. Great to see a new Vulcan,...... those asking,.... what next,........ well we need another RAF 4 engined heavy which has seen service all over the world and with countless other nations too,..... in all sorts of wars and campaign`s,........ yes,....... the C-130 Hercules!!! 

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  5. 2 hours ago, cngaero said:

    That's a really impressive model of the Hamilcar. You've done a cracking job with it. 

    I think that your Halifax looks extremely elegant in the invasion stripes and it's certainly food for thought for yours truly. 

    I never tire of seeing your work here Tony, no matter what the subject, they're always inspirational. 

    Thank you for sharing them with us. 


    Cheers Chris,..... that`s very nice of you to say so,...... I have a replacement Halifax planned as that one is quite old now, those 4 bladed props make it look very aggressive.. 

  6. 4 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

    Hi Tony a real cracker fella and some real hassles along the way too.  A truly wonderful pair of models .

    Great work.

    All the best


    Cheers Chris,...... yeah it was a bit o a challenge and not the ideal kit to try and get your mojo back,.... but I don`t do things by halves LOL!! 


    4 hours ago, Grey Beema said:

    Great job and an interesting project.  I bet it was a bitch to fly...

    Thanks bud,..... oh can you imagine how heavy it would have been,....... like flying a house brick! 

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  7. 10 hours ago, Abandoned Project said:

    Coool. A plane, a glider and a tank, wow.!

    Cheers mate..... glad to have ticked those boxes! 


    8 hours ago, Vinnie said:

    Superb modelling, Tony and a very interesting historical read. Thank you.

    Thanks Vinnie, glad you liked the background stuff too, after all the model is only part of the story.


    4 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

    Excellent work here such a great collection. :worthy:

    Cheers CC,......... Just another up to date Halibag to build, plus a Waco CG-4A Hadrian and a Dakota and my WW2 Airborne Forces collection is complete.


    3 hours ago, TonyW said:

    That Halifax has got me wanting one. Invasion stripes have that effect on me I have no idea why!


    The Glider model is a very impressive looking bit of kit. The cutaway shots from Bovington are pretty scary, that timber looks far to flimsy to hold up a tank. The upside down shot gives you a bit of a fright as well. A tank on your head isn't exactly pleasant. The three models are a tribute to the brave men who flew and fought from them.

    LOL,.... I think stripes have that effect on quite a few people too! Glad you liked the model,..... and yes those gliders were flimsy and the men who went into war in them were very brave men,....... personally I would rather parachute any day and many WW2 veterans have said the same to me too


    1 hour ago, Aeronut said:

    The frightening bit is those beefy looking frames are hollow box section. There was very little aluminium alloy used on the Hamilcar. The vast majority of metal used was 1/8 inch thick stainless steel plate used in laminations at the corners of the frames and wing joints. These plates were held to the wooden structure with hollow mild steel studs and nuts which look for all the world like short lengths of conduit.

    If anyone is wondering how the tank got out (Tony’s excellent model shows how big that first step was) the Pilot’s Notes describe how the undercarriage could be ‘raised’ after landing by releasing the pressure in the oleo struts which allowed the fuselage to lower itself to the ground.

    Thanks for mentioning the undercarriage,..... I was in two minds whether to display it like that!  

  8. Hiya Folks,

                     This was supposed to be a D-Day tribute build but it lasted longer than I thought it might,....... anyway it is finally finished. Here is the WIP if anybody is interested;



    The Hamilcar was able to carry a Tetrarch or Locust light tank or other heavy loads such as a Bren or Lloyd Carrier and a 17pdr gun and large ammunition resupply loads. The 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron deployed its Tetrarch tanks on the evening of D-Day during Op Mallard and they performed quite well, although as very light tanks they were not suitable for action against other armoured veh`s. The Hamilcar was used at Arnhem without deploying tanks and also during Op. Varsity, crossing the Rhine in 1945 when 6th AARS went into action with US built Locust tanks.


    Here are some period photos,.....


    Here are some of the Army pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment who flew the Hamilcar;


    RAF Halifax tug crew and Army Hamilcar crew with the troops they are conveying,.... this may be for the Rhine Crossing?


    A Tetrarch inside a Hamilcar being watched by Monty and the 6th Airborne Division top brass.



    Both pilots sat in tandem above the cargo compartment but if the glider dug its nose in upon landing on soft ground it was prone to tipping over and the heavy load would then fall down onto them, often with fatal consequences;




    Here are a few reference photos;

    Middle Wallop Army Aviation Museum,.... partial airframe



    A Tetrarch tank inside a Hamilcar fuselage frame at the Tank Museum, Bovington.





    The Tetrarch tank model is a 1/76th scale white metal kit from MMS ;



    And here is the model;













    And here is a Matchbox Halifax converted into a Halifax GT.V, the only wartime aircraft capable of towing the Hamilcar (the Hastings could tow it post war too!).










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  9. Well I`m calling it done! Here is the Hamilcar model with the white metal Tetrarch tank;








    Well it took a bit longer than expected but we got there in the end,..... thanks for the encouragement along the way,



    1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

    Another real cracker Tony, the final job doesn't show the grief you had with it, turned out well in the end. Those D-day stripes set pretty much any plane off, but on these they really look the piece.


    Cheers Steve,.... much appreciated my friend,

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  10. 14 hours ago, Grey Beema said:

    Skua with B&W undersides



    Fulmar with B&W undersides



    Op Torch Seafire (Roundels now overmarked with stars..



    I want to do a Salerno Seafire but I'm struggling to find one flown by an Ace on my list...




    Was Major Al Wright Royal Marines an ace? He flew a Sharkmouthed Seafire over Salerno and then another after the operation. 

    I built a 1/72nd model of his 2nd Seafire here;

    And I`m pretty sure I wrote about it in a magazine article that I wrote about Salerno?


    Here is a link with some more info including photos of the real aircraft;



    I`ll check through my stuff and I`ll gladly send you what I have via e mail,...... just send me your e mail address again bud.





  11. 33 minutes ago, tomprobert said:

    Neil May correct me here, but if memory serves me correctly, the Halifax III had a fuel tank in the outermost bay. 

    Looking good by the way, Neil!

    Fair play Tom,....thought it might be that, after all the Halifax in Canada is displayed like this too;



    I`ve not seen it much on a bomber variant thoughm,,, maybe the item being winched into the inner bay here is a fuel cell?;






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  12. On 6/16/2019 at 3:41 PM, LorenSharp said:

    I just found this thread, excellent build so far.

    Thanks mate!!


    Well almost finished now,.... got the undercarriage on and got the area around the canopy tidied up a bit;





    Got the nose fitted later,.....and the tank inside,..... I`ll take some more pics when I get better daylight;



    Cheers for now,


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  13. On 11/5/2019 at 6:02 PM, Grey Beema said:

    Cheers Tony, now a question for you...


    What to build next?


    I have committed to the 'In the Navy' and 'MTO' GBs for next year (if they go ahead) and I'm thinking Ark Royal Blackburn Skua in S1E with Sky blue undersides as we discussed some time back - (JM Bruen) or maybe an Illustrious Fulmar MkI in S1E (RA Brabner) for either.  I could do a Hurricane MkI (Trop.) from Royal Navy Desert Fighter Flight (PN Charlton)(also based on your research) for the GB but as it is one of those little known FAA Operations maybe It should be my next build orrrrrr perhaps a Seafire MkIII from the fleet spotter pool D-Day (RM Crosley) that's not such a well known FAA Operation either...


    Any preference?

    Mate they all sound great and subjects I`d like to do myself,.......   the Seafire Spotter does sound nice, as does the Skua or Fulmar,..... you could stick black and white halved undersides or even sky blue undersides on the SIE Fulmar too.  A Salerno Seafire is also an idea,... or an Op Torch Sea Hurricane, Seafire etc to accompany your Martlet. 

    I`m just doing a 1/72nd FAA Buffalo from 805 NAS,..... among a few other things like 3 x Spit 14`s and a Hamilcar,...oh and a Mustang,....and a Ventura,.....etc,..etc LOL!

    If I can help at all,..... get in touch.

    All the best mate




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  14. 11 hours ago, woody37 said:

    I've seen stranger there mate 😂

    That's the dining room clock mate! Cheers :)

    LOL,... no I meant the riveting,..... was it a spin wheel riveting tool?

    I love it when you get your teeth into a subject and go to town on it,..... usually because we end up with a decent kit being released once you`ve finished,....... so roll on the Airfix 1/48th Halifax LOL!! Keep up the brilliant work mate,



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  15. 2 hours ago, woody37 said:

    It's been a busy week preparing...and recovering from the missus 50th birthday party. We went for a 60's theme as she scraped into that decade, me being a toy boy, I've got a couple of years to go yet until it's my celebrations!!




    Meanwhile, the workbench has been brought back out after a temporary clean up and I carried on working on the wings. I've started to detail the wing bomb cells and rivet the wing surfaces. I'm not going for complete accuracy, just a general layout as I don't want to get lost in stuff that detracts from keeping the build fun.






    YEAH BABY!!! ...... The riveting is great too,......I take it that t is a spin wheel? The model is coming along in typical Woody style Neil,


    All the best


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