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  1. 4 hours ago, peterburns said:

    Hi Tony,

    I'm building the same kit.  Just wondering what the camo pattern is on the bottom side?  Is it a mirror image of the upper surfaces?

    Thanks,  Jeff

    Mine was a best guess after viewing lots of reference pics. Are you doing a C.1 or a stretched C.3? Have a look through the WIP to see if any of the pics help,..... if not let me know and I`ll photograph the undersides when I have some daylight! 



  2. 3 hours ago, Michael51 said:

    I wonder if Brereton is being evenly dealt with here. Was it not Williams, the commander of IX Troop Carrier Command, who pushed for no more than one lift per day? Brereton acceded to this but did not instigate it.


    The absence of tactical air cover, the dropping of 1st British Airborne too far from the Arnhem Bridge and the failure to place a force simultaneously at the other side of the bridge seem more central to the failure.



    As I said,.... a catalogue of errors,....... I also blame Browning for taking so many gliders from the Arnhem lift to take his Tac HQ in on day one,...... where they did next to nothing. Brereton was the man in charge,.... so he has to take some blame. It was the air side who also said no to a drop closer to the bridge,.... a coup de main was requested by 1st Airborne and rejected due to the proximity of Deelen and its flak defences. ....... so thinking opposition would be light they went with the Recce Jeep plan instead,..... they even rejected an offer from 6th Airborne Recce to provide some Tetrarch`s or Locust`s for a coup de main dash.

    I also mentioned the lack of air cover from 2nd TAF as the UK side ordered them to stay clear,..... until common sense dictated otherwise towards the end when I said this earlier "Thanks Steve,....... yes the blokes on the ground gave their all but I`m not sure those in charge of it all did. I have always been baffled why the 2nd TAF was not used for close support of the blokes at Arnhem,...... turned out it was a squabble between Brereton and 2nd TAF,..... Brereton,..... who also vetoed two drops at Arnhem on the first day did not want 2nd TAF over his theatre of action,...... crazy,.... especially when the blokes at Arnhem were attacked regularly by German aircraft and German armour was allowed to move around in daylight with impunity! ",




  3. 18 minutes ago, gazza l said:

    Excellent model of one of my favorite aircraft. Living in Cambridge I grew up to the sound of the Hercules coming in and out of Marshall's for conversion or maintenance.

    I like various colour tones on some of the panels and the feathered prop which adds to the realism.


    gazza l

    Thanks Gazza,.... glad you like it mate,...... I love the sound of a Herk. 

    35 minutes ago, ivan-o said:

    Done a few hours in them myself!
    Not daft enough to jump out though 😀

    Ah well,.... it takes all sorts mate!😀

  4. 2 hours ago, Orion said:

    Hello Tonyot,

    Superb modeling.

    "Stand-Up/Hook On-Check Equipment-Stand in the Door- Green on Go".

    Regards, Orion - The Netherlands.

    Indeed mate,.....  our drills were slightly different but you never forget them! The best jump I ever made was into Arnhem in 1988 for the commemorations and your countrymen made us very welcome indeed,..... as they did the veterans of the battle. 

    Glad you like the model,.... thanks for the kind words,



  5. 1 hour ago, Tornado 01 said:

    Very Nice Tony


    Now if only Airfix would address a kit on one of the types they replaced... Oh Sigh for a Hastings....



    Oh Tim,... if only mate,...... my dream model, a 1/72nd Hasting`s! I`m hoping to make a model of every type used for parachuting by the RAF,...... I do have an old vacuformed Hastings but it is quite a poor effort to be fair. I was over the moon with the recent Valom Valetta,..... we need a Beverley too! 

  6. 8 hours ago, pacificmustang said:

    Oh My!  That looks magnificent Tony, even better so for the personal connection you have with her


    Lovely work


    Thanks Bruce, much appreciated mate.


    4 hours ago, Bell209 said:

    Lovely work, Tony. While the longer fuselage is not my favourite, I do have the Flightpath plugs in the stash for my planned C-130J-30. There's another Italeri C-130H planned, both with the Attack squadron engine and prop sets, too. I hope they come out half as nice as yours.


    Thanks Rob,...... I like ALL Herks and good luck with your J and H. The Attack Sqn engines/props are lovely, I`m going to have a go with the dropped flaps on my next one!


    3 hours ago, Nikolay Polyakov said:

    Stunning work, Tony! 👍 As for me, the RAF painting schemes looks far better than most of the USAF ones. The build and the story were also interesting to see, thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    Thanks Nicolay,  and glad you like the British Herk`s over the American ones,...... you have good taste my friend!! 


    2 hours ago, Hewy said:

    Superb model 👍

    Cheers Hewy. 


    2 hours ago, ian1485 said:

    Lovely in its fresh looking green and grey - nice! I’ve always had a soft spot for these as my brother was RAF Regiment 2 squadron in the 80s. He used to love ‘em and jumped from many of them before having  a collapsed canopy!


    Thanks Ian,...... glad you thought it looked fresh in its wrap around scheme as that was exactly the look I was going for as that is how I remember them looking, alongside those wearing the older early 80`s scheme which was looking quite tired and faded by the late 80`s/ealy 90`s. Sorry to hear about your brother, did he survive? 


    1 hour ago, klubman01 said:

    Nice job. 

    I'm ex-Lyneham, 30 Sqn and LXX Sqn.  Certainly brings back happy memories of seven years of flying Hercs, including 294 (and 222, which was jinxed).  Might have even carried you to various DZ's whilst I was on LXX!


    Thanks Trevor,...... that means a lot coming from somebody like yourself and massive respect,...... apart from the OCU crew who dropped me way off a DZ once (causing a serious injury!) we ALWAYS had the utmost respect and confidence in the operational crews.  Thanks for conforming what we always thought about 222 too,..... what a complete shed that aircraft was!


    59 minutes ago, Dunny said:

    Superb work Tony. Love the colour variations in the grey - even more impressive as it's hairy sticked!





    Thanks Roger,....... glad you noticed them and that you like the model mate. 


    Cheers everybody,


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  7. 47 minutes ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Tony: magnificent work.  You've got a helluva big "cabinet" to put this baby in, though!  What's the fuselage length?  22"?  It would be ON TOP of my display case, rather than inside.  Mind you, my case is big enough to fit two C-130K C.1Ps side-by-side.

    Thanks mate,..... yeah I`ve got a pretty big purpose built cabinet but I struggle to find room for a 1/72nd scale Hurricane these days,...... so I need to move something out and I cannot make my mind up! I`ve just run out of room! I`ve got a couple of C.1`s planned,...... a light stone/de/ black one and an early 80`s grey and green one,........ plus a J model,..... but where to put them eh?

    Cheers bud,


  8. 22 minutes ago, DaveH said:

    All I'll say is 222 belonged to A line.... all hercs at Lynham were split between 2 servicing Sqdn, surprisingly A & B line. B line had the 3 tankers, and we also looked after 'Snoopy' , the weather Herc....lots of good memories..... I think..😁😁😁😎

    Fair enough,.... say no more!! I used to see Snoopy a lot flying from Farnborough a we were right next door in Aldershot,..... plus it was often on the pan at Lyneham too. Still hard to believe that Lyneham has closed as an RAF station,..... it was one of those places that was so important you thought it would always be there!  All that graft and hard work,.... what was it for eh? 

  9. 35 minutes ago, DaveH said:

    Looks very nice indeed...... very clean looking.... I think 294 belonged to B line (servicing sqdn), if so, I may have watched you jump out....

    Good job..



    Thanks Dave,..... I didn`t realise that the individual aircraft even belonged to a particular servicing sqn,.... so thanks for that. We used to watch you all working in the hangar opposite the Rubb Hangar before we emplaned. I didn`t want to dirty it up too much apart from a bit of soot on the rear fuselage and some odd panels , although I was tempted to reproduce some black and nasty tape around the seals of the rear door!  Just wait until I do a short fuselage one in the grey underside scheme,..... now that will be faded to hell and propper grotty!

    We all used to laugh at XV222,....it always looked knackered,...... with saggy wings and a faded early 80`s scheme,...... it was always breaking down,..... we had a cracked windscreen which caused an enforced stop over in France and others had similar incidents,..... we all thought it was jinxed!! I was amazed to see it wearing a fresh new wrap around scheme in the 90`s and it must have got enough hours for the re spar too because the wings looked straight,....... and I believe it is still flying abroad,..... amazing! Was it known as a jinx kite by you lads too? 



  10. 20 minutes ago, 72modeler said:

    That is a gorgeous 'stretched' Herk, Tony! That's just too darned pretty to weather or soot up! Your usual outstanding workmanship on the conversion and the paintwork. I'm beginning to see a pattern here... :worthy: Like you and many others, I am awaiting the release of the Zvezda kit with great anticipation!



    Thanks Mike,..... I did soot up the rear fuselage a little as I remember them all being like that,  but I just didn`t over do it.  Yeah,.... really looking forward to the Zvesda Herc,.... we will certainly have a rash of builds in a few months I think?

  11. 35 minutes ago, TimB said:

    That is a very very nice Herc.  The finish and weathering are just right, by my memory.  A build to be proud of.





    Cheers Tim,.... nice of you to say so,...... I tried to make it look rather sooty around the rear fuselage as I remember that clearly because we used to write in it with our fingers like big kids,.... and play pranks! 


    20 minutes ago, Terry1954 said:

    Very nice Herc Tony. Brings back some memories of a good few hours in the back as a lad. Mind you, I'm that old, the ones I few in were Dark Earth, Mid Stone and black!



      Haha,.... thanks Terry,..... yeah showing your age there bud,....... I feel old about flying in the ones with the grey undersides!! I have a Mid Stone, Dark Earth and black one planned soon,...... lovely scheme,..... maybe for the forthcoming Zvesda kit?


    9 minutes ago, phildagreek said:

    That is very smart! It’s nice to see someone build something they have a connection with.

    Thanks mate,...... yeah it has made it extra special to work on too. 

  12. 41 minutes ago, Epeeman said:

    Hello again, Tony -


    I was not aware you were an ex para, mate so that was very interesting to hear.


    Your work just seems to get better and better and this is no exception - excellent conversion work - I would never have guessed had you not said .................  


    Super result, well done







    Thanks Dave,..... I wasn`t Parachute Regiment,....... but I was a para trained RAMC medic, same P Company selection course etc and was attached to all three regular Para battalions and 2 TA,..... I even joined 4 Para when I left the Army, but not for long as I was carrying a pretty bad injury. This conversion took quite a bit of elbow grease as the resin plugs are a poor fit, and it is nice of you to say that you cannot tell,..... you can see from some angles if you look closely, but then the real C.3`s were a bit like that too LOL!  

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  13. 1 hour ago, Plasticbasher said:

    Superb Herc!

    Thanks mate.


    1 hour ago, bigbadbadge said:

    What a cracking Herc Tony, great job i bet that looks amazing in the display case fella. 


    Cheers bud,.... I need to make room for it by removing some others and relegating them to the cellar,...... decisions, decisions!! 


    11 minutes ago, 71chally said:

    Superb work Tony, your Herc is a real beaut!

    Thanks mate,.... glad you like it bud. 

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Graham T said:

    Wow, what a build!!👍

    Thanks Graham,..... I certainly made it hard for myself,..... just in time fo Zvesda to release a brand new kit!! 


    6 minutes ago, Space Ranger said:

    I have never understood why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but there have been times when it was necessary that they do so. And you have done XV294 proud.

    Well it was a job! Part of it was probably because I was too thick to fly an aeroplane but stupid enough to jump out of one and it was the only way I could go military flying I suppose,....... but it was always something I wanted to do since being a lad,...... and watching a Bridge Too Far as a seven year old when it was released and meeting all the local Anhem veterans afterwards probably had something to do with it too,....... what remarkable men they were. ...... and I wanted to carry on their traditions. 

    Glad you like the model mate,.... cheers. 

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