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Status Updates posted by tonyot

  1. Hiya Troy,..... I`ve been asked for drawings or dimensions for underwing tanks for a Hurricane,....presume they mean the standard tanks,..... have you got anything please because I have nothing like that?

    Cheers mate


    1. Troy Smith

      Troy Smith

      Hi Tony, so have I. 

      Sent what I had, FWIW, there are drawings in the old PSL book tied in the 1/24th Airfix kit, and they are also on the Bentley drawings, which I'd trust more.




  2. Hiya Andy,...... thanks for the kind words regarding the Dakota mate.


    What was your friends daughter called again,.... the one doing Chemistry at York?


    Also,...... I was given a set of Kiwi Vampire decals by Dee,...... she said that the instructions were in an edition of Kiwi Wings magazine,...... but I have not received a copy on line for ages,..... tbh I thought that you had stopped doing it.  Do you have a copy of the instructions please?


    All the best wishes mate,



    1. Silver Fox

      Silver Fox



       She is called Rachel brown and is in the 2nd Year doing Chemistry.


      The decals were done for me by Martin and Dee, and offered free with the last Kiwi Wings, I thought you had them all as your e-mail didn't bounce back. It is about 11 months since I sent the last one but send me you e-mail address and I'll send you the last two or three?  There is one in the pipeline but I'm waiting for some stuff from Francis.


      There aren't any instructions as such If you Google RNZAF Vampires you can find the illustrations from the old Aircam Vampire book and they are from that. There are enough serials to do any RNZAF Vampire and markings for the two operational Squadrons plus the special markings for the Yellow Hammers display team.


      Take care  and great to talk




    2. tonyot


      Cheers Andy,....... I thought she was called Rachel Brown but couldn`t remember for sure! My lad Rob knows her well, they are friends and he did a project with her last year,......small world eh!!


      My e mail address is;



      Cheers,..... I must have just fallen off the list,......maybe because I`m not in the IPMS anymore?


      I will google the Aircam book,...no worries,


      All the best mate,


  3. Hiya Simon,

                     Thanks for the offer of the Valom clear parts from your binned kit,..... if you are really sure then I would love them please,..... but only if you are sure that you won`t build it later. No pressure,.... if you decide that it is redeemable,..... please dont feel pressurised or anything.

    My address is;

    Tony O`Toole

    220 Harbour Lane




    OL16 4EL


    Thanks again mate,



    1. snowen250



      I've tasked my dad with hunting through my pile of stuff remaining at home, if he finds it il let you know, if ive still got it il send the remains down, may be some useful etch and resin for you



    2. tonyot


      Thanks Simon,.....you are a real star,......much appreciated mate,



  4. Hiya Ian,...found this on facebook and thought that you might find it interesting;


  5. Hiya Lee,.......hope you are keeping well mate?

    Could I ask a favour please? Have you any 1/72nd resin B-17 100 Group style flame dampers,.....those box like things fitted under the cowlings of the RAF Fortress and Libeator that I could please blag from you?

    I have one set for my current model but could do with a couple more sets at least for two more Forts,.......the old Paragon sets are like rocking horse poo-poo!

    If you are casting any time soon I could send you one of the flame dampers for my model,

    Sorry for coming on the scroung matey, but if you can help that would be great,


    Cheers mate


    1. The Wooksta!

      The Wooksta!



      Send one up and I'll see what I can do.  Have some new rubber with a 1-1 mix ratio and eager to try it out.




    2. tonyot


      Cheers mate,......they are only small. What is your address mate, thought I had it in my address book but cannot seem to find it?

      All the best mucker,


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