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  1. I remember now,..... yeah lovely build too,..... with some nice little touches to the diorama.
  2. Thanks mate,.... glad you like it and so glad that the Hataka paints work for you.
  3. tonyot

    B-24 assembly ships

    Auperb article Mike,...... some brilliant schemes,...... but I couldn`t do them justice mate!
  4. tonyot

    B-17F Memphis Belle

    Cheers Mike,.... some superb pics there pal. I hear what you say about the cooling gills,........ I`d like to have seen them put her on her wheels,........ but hey! They have done a superb job and the attention t detail seems very good, Cheers Tony
  5. Cheers Neil, Yeah they were a bit fiddly but easy enough to paint and match up. I found the Hataka MS quite grainy too,...... and quite wishy washy,...... I do wish that Humbrol would release MS as a rattle can,..... it is getting like red, yellow etc to brush paint now that I`m running out of my preferred paints.
  6. Thanks Neil,..... yeah `Toddy' was a Para Regt officer on D-Day and jumped from a Stirling,....... I`d not heard about the story of the aircraft though. It would be interesting to find the aircraft and any artwork it had,....... many of them had amazing artwork. I have one to build with a large cartoon Witch towing a Horsa glider and there were others that I researched on the Xtradecal sheet too! Thanks Ozzy.
  7. Cheers CC,..... hope you enjoy it! Unfortunately the publisher pulled the last chapter at the last minute due to a page cut,...... so it ends at a really stupid time! It was originally meant to be one book,...... then they said two books,..... so I had the break jut as the Germans returned to Sicily,....... then they cut the last chapter,..... and then never went ahead with volume two!
  8. Cheers Mike,..... but British Customs would crucify me again unfortunately!! EDIT; Just checked,..... the sale is closed on Model Kits now!!
  9. Thanks mate. Thanks very much and glad to have introduced you to the Albemarle! Thank you, very kind and glad you like it. I used pencil crayons for the partly removed stripes. Thank you and glad you think so,.... cheers.
  10. Thanks Mark and cheers for the update re the pilot,..... my apologies,..... duff info! I researched this one years ago, then the model went on the shelf of doom and I couldn`t find the reference stuff that I had put together when I came back to the model,..... so I did some quick `surfing' with obvious results!! Thanks Roberto. Thanks Russ. Cheers Ron.
  11. Lovely job mate,........ I do like this camouflage scheme.
  12. Thanks Greg,.... funny you should mention Gloria Lyons,..... I have an old Mauve P-40N that I`ve dug out to renovate and it wears those markings,...... I`m going to try to keep the nose panels during the refurb and replace the roundels etc. I`ve just watched a good NZ TV report about the recovery,...... didn`t realise John had a Hudson too! Thanks Mike,..... I hate the flimsy nose panels on the kit, they are a nightmare to get right! Thanks very much mate.
  13. Thanks mate. Cheers Dave,..... I tried Revell Aqua but found them too thick,...... I take it that you water them down? If so,.... what do you thin them with please mate,..... I might give them another try?
  14. Thanks J-W,..... yeah the Halifax does look great with 4 bladed props,...... these were Aeroclub props and Mk.V undercarriage on the old Matchbox kit but I need to make a new one,...... unfortunately the 4 bladers in the Revell kit are awful,.... along with the engines and spinners! I may use the Aeroclub conversion along with a set of Aeroclub 4 bladers that I have squirrelled away,...... I would like to build another 4 bladed Mk.V in Coastal colours too. The Horsa does have a serial (of an Arnhem machine) but it is hard to see in the photos. On the Hamilcar the serial was often painted over by the D-Day stripes,... as per this aircraft. Thanks Steve,.... very kind of you to say so mate. Thanks James and mega respect to your Grandad,.... you must be very proud of him! I have the utmost respect for anybody who fought at Arnhem with 1st Airborne Division. Thanks Bedders,..... lest we forget indeed mate. I `m not sure if the cannisters are available anymore? I got them from Heritage Aviation. Thanks very much mate,...... I took a sanding block to the Dakota to make it look a bit worn! It appeared in an issue of MAM magazine some yeas ago and I had a nice letter back from the pilot who flew it to Arnhem,...... he liked it,... which was a relief and very nice of him to bother writing. Thanks again everybody and respect again to the men of Market Garden. Cheers, Tony
  15. Well nice to meet a fellow Airborne soldier,.... respect mate. Hope you got to watch the film and have an ale! Thanks Dave,.... I was so glad when Italeri brought out the Mk.V version of the Stirling! Thanks mate,...... when the veterans of Arnhem/Oosterbook returned after the war to make the film `Theirs is the Glory' they were nervous to meet the locals because they thought they would hate them for ruining their beautiful town/village but they were amazed at how friendly and welcoming they actually were. Prince Bernard may have said that about Monty but I say in return,.... at least the Allies did something about freeing the Netherlands and the rest of Europe from Nazi tyranny!! Brereton seems to have been something of a control freak,..... and he made some awful decisions,...... he just did not seem to grasp the main benefits of airborne warfare and was just concerned with the logistics of it all, which is strange as he first commented about using parachute troops in France during WW1. The RAF`s 38 and 46 Groups wanted to fly two sorties,....morning and early evening,.... but as the USAAF were to drop the paratroopers at Arnhem Brereton deemed them to be too poorly trained to fly in the dark,.... which would be needed for an early morning take off and an evening landing,..... something all RAF navigators and aircrew were trained to do. I don`t hold Brereton solely to blame,..... there were plenty of cock ups by other senior officers too,..... plus some very bad luck too. Thanks John,.... much appreciated.
  16. Thanks mate,..... do you really think so? Thanks very much Thanks, glad you like them. Thanks very much,..... I`m the same,..... but the Stirling is probably mine too,.... the real aircraft led the first re supply sortie to Arnhem,..... the one where Flt. Lt. Lord was shot down and earned his VC in a Dakota. It was flown by the Station Commander of RAF Rivenham, Wing Commander Wilfred Surplice DSO, DFC and crewed by the senior men in their trades on the station, bombing leader, navigation leader etc,.....it was later lost over Norway and Surplice lost his life by remaining at the controls to allow the crew to jump clear. Thanks Michael. Cheers Nokola,.... that is very kind of you. Thanks Vinnie,..... the Stirling was very easy for a 4 engined model,...... the panel lines are rather deep though. Thanks Kev,...... you would not catch me in a Horsa mate,....... I preferred jumping out of an aircraft any day of the week and having spoken to many WW2 Airborne veterans,..... they always had massive respect for the glider men and they agreed with me,.... parachute every time. Thanks Ed,... very kind of you mate. Thanks,..... although re the tank,..... it would have a job taking off with its nose digging into the ground. I`ve seen reference pics of Hamilcars with armour loaded like this, on the wheels,...... although the oleo`s were a bit more depressed than mine! Thanks Colin, very kind of you. Cheers Dunny,...... yeah I was very glad to add that Albemarle to the collection, ta! Thanks James,...... MTO GB,.... yes hopefully,.....be rude not to, but I`ll try not to take over this time LOL!! Thanks Steve,....... yes the blokes on the ground gave their all but I`m not sure those in charge of it all did. I have always been baffled why the 2nd TAF ws not used for close support of the blokes at Arnhem,...... turned out it was a squabble between Brereton and 2nd TAF,..... Brereton,..... who also vetoed two drops at Arnhem on the first day did not want 2nd TAF over his theatre of action,...... crazy,.... especially when the blokes at Arnhem were attacked regularly by German aircraft and German armour was allowed to move around in daylight with impunity! Thanks Wulfman,...... it has taken a fair few years and to be fair,..... I need to replace the Halifax with a more modern model! Thanks Aeronut,.... much appreciated. Thanks mate,.... and if you were an Airborne Medic,..... then hello,... so was I! Since watching the film A Bridge Too Far in 1977 as a 7 yr old I always wanted to be a paratrooper and I visited the Hartenstein in 1988 after jumping into Arnhem from a Hercules!
  17. Cheers Chris,..... I built that Dak for an article in MAM many moons ago!! I even got a letter from the pilot who flew it to Arnhem. saying he loved the model and the article,..... which was superb and very nice of him.
  18. Hiya Folks, Another tribute to a very important operation which is very close to my heart,........ remembering the heroes who fought at Arnhem; Italeri 1/72nd Short Stirling Mk.V; Esci 1/72nd- C-47 Skytrain Valom 1/72nd- AW. Albemarle Matchbox 1/72nd- Halifax A.Mk.V Italeri 1/72nd- Airspeed Horsa Planet Hobby 1/72nd- Hamilcar (OK,....it has a Tetrarch tank, which was not used at Arnhem!) Cheers, Tony
  19. Very nice indeed,....... lovely paintwork too, Cheers Tony.
  20. They both look gorgeous Andy,..... although the yellow one does look superb. Nice kit isn`t it,.... I`m just putting my third together and I hate rigging even more than you do mate!! Cheers Tony
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