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  1. I read that Lloyds of London revealed the ship tried to put the stowaways ashore in Spain and in France but they were refused. This was almost a carbon copy of a job in 2018,.... again a ship from Nigeria and the Shaky Boats did good then too!
  2. Thank you Finn,..... if I get no joy in the UK I shall certainly take you up on your kind offer,.... I would of course pay for postage, Cheers Tony Thanks Mark,..... appreciate you looking mate,..... ta.
  3. I`m not sure mate,...... I`ll have check with a kit.
  4. The colour is Extra Dark Sea Grey,..... but you should get away with Tamiya Ocean Grey,...... especially with a touch of black in it.
  5. Hiya Folks, Sorry to mither but has anybody please got an old scrapper chin/nose intake for a 1/72nd Hasegawa P-51B/C Mustang please? I bought a Blue Nose boxing on e bay and the blasted part is missing! If anybody can help please that would be fabulous, Cheers Tony
  6. tonyot

    Do17F Decals

    I will have a look in my spares box,..... but I don`t have many Luftwaffe markings I`m afraid. I`ve attached these in case they are of interest,...... Axis Sally,.... a captured early Do 17E-2, (Wk. Nr. 2095), shipped to the USA, where it was designated USA FE-2000, later T2-2000. It was named Axis Sally. This aircraft was scrapped in Sep 1946; There is this interesting option too,........a Do17F in an all black finish,...... found in Belgium I believe,...... it is a decal option on the RS Models kit; Maybe RS Models could
  7. Here is a model I made some time ago based on a photo of a 249 Sqn Spitfire IX on Malta. 185 Sqn also flew some GL coded Mk.IX`s; There are pics of the 249 Sqn a/c,...... a 185 Sqn a/c and a 226 Sqn a/c based in Malta on this post,... amongst others; http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit9v109g.html Cheers Tony
  8. Your subject aircraft seen on its belly appears to be an A.Mk.V fitted with 4 bladed propellers and the later block style radiators if that helps? The squadron codes would be `FS'. You can see some nice photos and mabe pic up some more info here; https://www.facebook.com/pg/RAF-148-Squadron-Special-Duties-WW2-110405255682875/posts/ https://148rafsquadrontrusty.weebly.com/
  9. Very nice indeed,...... but the wing leading edges on the real thing had a wavy pattern of Sky along them,..... and Eduard got the code letters wrong too,...... they are slightly too thin and small. My model is not as well built and painted as yours,..... but here it is,.... just to show the pics of the real thing,.. the view of the right side of the cockpit may be a different aircraft;
  10. Have a search here on BM,..... quite a few of us have tackled the kit and dealt with it in various ways.
  11. Thanks mate,..... yeah glad I booted myself up the posterior at last! Thanks Mike,..... yours looks rather nice too, good kit the old Matchbox Shagbat. Thanks mate. Cheers Bill,... nice of you to say so. I do hope that you are feeling well mate? Thanks mate,... yeah could get dicey out on the China Station with those pirates,...... the Fleet Air Arm were still policing them with Barracuda`s and Fireflies after the war! The old Matchbox kit is nice in 1/72nd,.....no interior mind you,..... but this Airfix kit would be superb in 1/72nd,....
  12. Looks great and I like the RN scheme too. How did you find the fit of the canopy? Afterdry fitting mine this put me off and I put it back in the box again, Cheers Tony
  13. Very nice indeed,...... it is hard to get the Airfix Gazelle to look so nice. Cheers Tony
  14. Excellent job,..... I love the weathering,.... especially on the fuselage roundel.
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