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  1. tonyot

    BFP Corsair video

    Yup,.... some good film there and some of it was new to me,...... very useful indeed and it was nice to see an American actually mentioning the British use of the Corsair,....I know exactly what he meant when he said he would like to see other channels cover this part of the history of the Pacific war covered more generally! Cheers Tony
  2. Looking forward to following these Ed,.....you`ve done a superb job so far! I am also in the process of building `You Beaut' using your set,.... but I had a severe mojo loss before going away on holiday and it has not returned yet!! Glad you liked and chose AE881,..... I did quite a lot of research on this one and I hope that you have a copy of my article in Model Aviation Modeller International where I built this one and covered its history as reference mate? After writing the article and building the model I managed to contact a pilot who flew the aircraft and I asked whether the guns were fitted in the nose glazing as I had my doubts about this,...... he said that they were not,...... so the holes for the guns should be plated over. I did do a post here on BM with most of the info; and I`ve done another post with most of my Commonwealth Ventura`s here too; Good luck with the models mate, Cheers Tony
  3. Cheers Bruce,...... and wow,...... I`d forgotten just how good that model of yours was,..... that scheme is a beaut mate!! The 1/48th kit is different in a lot of ways,..... I can just see the kink in the cockpit side window on yours but it doesn`t look half as pronounced as the one in the 1/72nd kit looks to my eye,.... so maybe I`m over critical and I may get away with it after all. All the best buddy and cheers again, Tony
  4. That is a beaut Calum,..... and a wonderful tribute to two brave men, Cheers, Tony
  5. I was building the Hobbyboss 1/72nd scale `version' of this kit,...... I found the cockpit side windows to be totally the wrong shape and the engine nacelles very short,.....almost like they were covering single row Cyclone engines rather than Twin Wasps,...... it was bad enough for me to put the semi completed kit back in the box,.... is the 1/48th scale kit OK in these areas mate? Cheers Tony
  6. Thanks so much for this insight,....... I`m gob smacked!! No wonder the Fleet Air Arm is nothing but a helicopter force relying on the RAF to provide fixed wing aircraft for its carrier/s now,....... with people like that in charge. Their Airships who conducted the hostile takeover under Joint Force Harrier must have been sniggering into their gin and tonics back in the ante room! Cheers Tony
  7. I`d love Revell to do a C-130 Hercules to the same level as their Grizzly and Transall!
  8. Is it just me who thinks that they have missed a trick by not having 208 Sqn as the OCU rather than 207? Naval Eight was possibly the most famous RNAS unit of WW1 and since then as 208 Sqn has carved an impressive history right into the fast jet era. I hate this business speak that senior officers use these days,....... surely the lightning flash is a 617 Sqn emblem,...... not Lightning Force Branding?? Cheers Tony
  9. Seeing as the UK build the back end of every F-35,....... it would be nice if Mr. Trump & Boris could see their way to re directing the Turkish maintenance contract to the UK now!
  10. It is my feeling too,..... especially when it come to Tactical Airlift,.....paratrooping etc that we need another squadron`s worth of Herk`s,........ at the moment 16 Air Assault Bde is limited to parachuting a company strength unit at best,..., and that is if 47 Sqn can spare one of their overworked Herk`s. Cheers Tony
  11. That is good to hear,...... I thought that the main problem was the turbulent slipstream caused by the huge propellers which turn in different directions,........ especially when it comes to Sym. Sticks from both doors and blokes meeting and crossing over behind the aircraft. Cheers Tony
  12. You`ve done a lovely job on this scumbag`s aircraft! I read that he was also responsible for the death of fellow Czech`s after he returned back to the German`s too. I wasn`t aware that he had married a Mackem though!! Cheers Tony PS,....Ignore the stupid headline and the fact that it is from the Guardian,..... this article includes a few more details; https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2003/jun/15/paulharris.theobserver
  13. You`ve done a gorgeous job on this SHAR mate,........ fantastic model, Cheers Tony
  14. Gorgeous job Russ,....... I have this one planned in 1/72nd! Cheers Tony
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