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  1. Hiya Folks, I recently bought Hataka paints set for RAF Aircraft in Africa, the one designed for brush painting,... and decided to test it out on this model. The Mid Stone was the first colour to be applied; And this is the first coat. It may look wishy washy but I was impressed with how it went on by brush,...... and after three more coats the colour was very good indeed,..... I may have found a new type of paint to replace my diminishing stock of Polly Scale! I also added some rib detail to the nose turret blank,..... although I`m not 100% convinced by it so far,..... we`ll see what it looks like after it is painted black,.... I may have to revisit this aspect? All the best for now Tony
  2. tonyot

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Hiya Troy, I`ve tried to send you a PM mate but you`ve either blocked it or your in box is full! Somebody has asked me for your e mail address, Cheers Tony
  3. Wow thanks everybody,...... I have to knuckle down now don`t I,...no pressure!! I have got the first coat of paint on,.....I shall post a pic later. I`ve built two so far,.... this being my third and tbh not a lot can be seen through the windows,......even though the floor section/roof of the bomb bay is just open geodetics without the wooden flooring and thus allows more light in. That being said,.... the detail is lovely and just has to be added and done right,...... although in this case I shall be painting over the windows and just fitting the waist gun glazing. Cheers, Tony
  4. Thanks Robert,..... I actually started it on Monday but wasn`t sure how I`d progress! It will be tight but I`ll try to finish on time. Cheers Tony
  5. Hiya Folks, I`ve been sitting on this for a while as I wasn`t sure if I could get it done in time,..... but here goes,...... this is my progress so far; The kit,..... which is excellent; The intended subject,...... Wellington MkIc `Little Joe' said to be armed with a 20mm cannon in the nose (although it looks to me like it could be a .303in Browning?) and flown by Lt. Col. B.R. McKenzie DSO, DFC, SAAF of 458 (Torpedo Bomber) Sqn RAAF (who was promoted to become CO in June 1943, until September 1943) The unit had left Bomber Command in the UK during January 1942 to deploy to the Middle East but while staging through Malta most of its aircraft were `hijacked' by the units on the island or destroyed and many crews were re distributed around the Middle East Wellington force. A new 458 Sqn was re-constituted on Wellington MkIc`s again at El Shallufa, in Egypt during September 1942 and began a new life of maritime patrols, convoy escorts and mine laying operations . In this `coastal' role a number of detachments were sent to various locations around the Middle East and on 30th March 1943 the main base was transferred from El Shallufa to LG. 91, also in Egypt. From here it continued anti-shipping operations and in the middle of 1943 the squadron's crews were responsible for sinking or damaging many ships, including an Italian cruiser and a destroyer. During June 1943 458 Sqn deployed to Tunisia, followed by a further move to Bone, in Algeria, in October 1943 but by this time most of the the old Wellington Mk.Ic`s had been replaced by radar equipped Mk.VIII`s; Here is Lt. Col. McKenzie again,.... the Wellington which definitely does have a cannon in the nose in this case is `Henrietta', a radar equipped Wellington Mk.XIII and Little Joe`s replacement. Maybe there was some confusion when describing `Little Joe' as having a cannon too as the gun appears much shorter on this earlier Wimpey, or was it just mounted differently?,..... I intend to find out; The unit badge; Although Wellington torpedo bombers had the rear bomb doors removed to allow the air tails of the two torpedoes to fit into place, when flying in a maritime recce role the doors were left in place and this appears to be the case in these photos. Note how the unit was transferring across from the Mk.Ic to Mk.VIII`s fitted with ASV radar with its sticleback and Yagi antennae. And the DK Decals sheet that I helped research which includes Little Joe; I also have a back up model,..... to represent this different 458 Sqn RAAF aircraft, just in case I struggle with adding the ribbing detail on the plain resin nose blank; And this second aircraft is on another DK Decals sheet which I helped with; Construction; Here are the parts which were pre painted the previous day; Here is the interior finished, just a shame that non of it will be seen after the fuselage halves are joined; The fuselage halves fitted together and the blanked off nose represented by a conversion from Alley Cat Models which was intended for the Trumpeter kit but fitted the Airfix kit with some whittling of plastic. I will need to add some rib detail to represent Little Joe. I am hoping to use the left over nose turret on an Italeri Sunderland MkIII which incorrectly includes the early style gun turret with only a single gun fitted; An here is the fuselage with the wings assembled; So that is it for now! Cheers, Tony
  6. tonyot

    SAAF Ventura

    You are doing a fine job and the mods look great. Cheers Tony
  7. tonyot

    Colourcoats in 125ml tins

    To be honest I have never heard of them,..... but thanks for the heads up,..... I will search them out. Much appreciate. Cheers, Tony
  8. I had a flick through in the shop and it seemed like a good book to me but quite steep at £50,...... too expensive for me.
  9. tonyot

    1/48 Beaufighter question

    Dick I think that the camera mountings were simply converted perspex domes,... you could sand it flat at the front and drill a hole in it,..... that would be doing what was done on the original. I agree with this kit being hard to build,..... the wings actually cut my fingers they were so sharp, but my main problem was with the engine nacelles,...... the whole kit is over engineered and the u/c is a pain in the backside! However,.... when it is finished it looks more like a Beaufighter than the Tamiya kit,....... the latter has an over tall cockpit canopy because the fuselage spine continues to rise upwards from the Observers blister,....... instead of being flat. This small error throws the Tamiya kit out,....... but Revell got it right. Here is my Revell Beau; Cheers Tony
  10. You`ve done a lovely job on this Airborne workhorse,..... nice one, Cheers Tony
  11. tonyot

    Malta based torpedo bombers

    I included some Wellington torpedo bomber discussion and photos in my build which I linked above? Could that be it?
  12. Thank you all for the very kind remarks and I`m glad that you like it,............ I`ve been researching this scheme for ages and it was nice to see it come to fruition, Cheers Tony
  13. Cheers Chris,........ yeah I`m not too bad mate thanks,...... but not doing much modelling due to being quite sore. Unfortunately I`ve not done the rigging yet,........ I`ve hit a bit of a mental block with this model! Cheers mate, Tony
  14. tonyot

    Malta based torpedo bombers

    No worries mate,..... I have been researching a Wimpey torpedo bomber for some time now so happy to pass on what I have found. I am hoping to build it as a 458 Sqn RAAF Wellington MkIc in which Lt. Col.McKenzie,, the South African CO had a 20mm cannon fitted in the blanked off nose! It was named `Little Joe', coded F and appears in photos that I posted in my original Alrfix Wimpey build; Yes Steve,...... and it is very well recommended indeed,......one of the better Wimpey books. All the best Tony
  15. Hiya Matt,..... I believe that the RAF idea of two drops in one day would have resulted in both being daylight drops,...... just that the take off for the first would have been at night,.....and the landing from the second would have been dusk,....running into night,..... both within the capability of RAF trained crews whose class mates from training ended up on night bomber sqns and who were themselves fully trained for night ops. Brereton`s fears were with the USAAF crews,...... but why he did not go ahead with the RAF proposal is puzzling and maybe just more evidence of a belief that they would win the battle whatever the case because they believed the enemy was broken? If the USAAF had been allowed to carry on and drop 1st Parachute Bde in the afternoon as planned,.... then with the RAF effort of two lifts in the morning and early evening,..... then most of 1st Airborne Div could have been on the ground on day one,........ especially if the glider effort from Brownings HQ had been diverted to take combat troops into Arnhem. Half of an Airlanding Battalion had to be left behind to facilitate Browning to deploy his HQ into the fray on day 1. Tony