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  1. Cheers mate, good to be back.
  2. Hi Mike. Can definitely confirm that I am the same person. Somehow the log in details wouldn't let me in, probably because I'd been away from the forum for a while and was putting the wrong ones in, do it was easier to create a new account.
  3. Hello all, returning member to the forum formerly known as "Dangerous dave". Unfortunately I couldn't log back in using my old account so have created a new one instead. Still making 1:35 scale armour dioramas and currently working on a PZKW VI Tiger. If I can post piccies of it I will do as well as some of my older ones. Regards, Dave
  4. That really is the dogs danglies, especially the sunrise photo
  5. That really is the dogs danglies, especially the sunrise photo
  6. I agree about the size of the rubble chunks but as it was my first foray I didn't think about that too much at the time. I may "edit" it and use some more finely crushed plant pot to try and mask the larger bits, and some matchstick bricks as suggested by Badder. As to the colour, I tried to match them by using terracotta coloured paint to do the brickwork on the building walls and this was about as close as I could get.
  7. Thanks Steve. As I said it was my first foray into "proper" modelling since my early teenage years.
  8. For your perusal, comments and critique, I present the very first diorama I made after returning to the hobby after 30 years. It is meant to depict a section of Panzer Grenadiers advancing under fire through a town somewhere in Northern France during the 1940 campaign. They are supported by a PzkwIV giving suppressive fire from its main armament. The kits used were the Tamiya PzkwIV Ausf D with the German Panzer Grenadier set of figures and the. Miniart diorama with a ruined house, all in 1:35 scale. The rubble is made from a load of terracotta plant pots crushed into small bits with the t
  9. Send them to Tesco. Seriously though, I'm not sure what can be done with them, apart from depicting them tethered against a fence or in a stall or stable of some sort? I used the different kit than the one you mention, it must be the one where it is "on the move" so to speak. I've tried looking for a German soldier figure who is leading horses or pack miles on't t'internet but my powers of Google-fu have failed so far.
  10. The whole base is actually two kits which form one scene, in fact a few of the Miniart dioramas can be joined together to make one large one. When I glued it to the piece of plywood I had to trim off the two sides of the bases where they joined and the plywood was also cut slightly smaller than the dimensions of the plastic base so that it all sat flat. The mouldings was then glued with PVA to the exposed part of the wood to form a nice looking surround.
  11. Thank you for your comments, they are very welcome. The base of the diorama kit is fixed onto an old piece of plywood I salvaged from a skip, amongst other bits and pieces, and surrounded by some wood mouldings from B & Q (other hardware stores are available) fixed with PVA glue and allowed to set completely before staining it with some varnish. I quite like the look of it, if I can be honest and I've used the same mouldings for my other dioramas that I have done. I will post piccy's when I get chance and had the opportunity to revisit them and improve some aspects of them to try and even
  12. Chaps (and chapesses?), your comments are very welcome, especially after seeing some your own previous work on here.
  13. I know what you mean. I've got a Tamiya Churchill to do once I've finished my Somme dio. It's the same as Badder used for his Lost in France dio so I'll be doing a variation of a theme. There's a couple of things I need to address on this one and I wish I had known about soaking the tracks in hot water and stretch them very slowly so as to give the normal track sag which you don't normally get with "issued" tracks in a kit.
  14. Thanks, Colin. This was my second dio, my first being a street fighting scene from the French campaign of 1940. I will post piccy's later if I get chance.
  15. For your perusal and critique, my diorama depicting a 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" PZKW MkV Panther and crew enjoying a break at an old farm. They are depicted in the middle of a card game with the commander and another crew member looking on while one is not sure if he should play or fold. In the courtyard a field kitchen has been set up with a couple of Heer landser getting some welcome hot scoff. The kit is a Tamiya Ausf A kit as is the field kitchen. The crew are Masterbox with the addition of the commander from my spares box ( I think he is from a Tiger 2 Ardennnes kit). The bas
  16. The boxing is just a bit of basic formwork to allow me to pour and shape the filler for the ground. I will remove it and use the base as a stencil, on the sides and front especially, to mark out on the wooden moulding I have where to cut down/sand to. The moulding is similar to this one I used in my Panther dio, which I will post on here another time. With a bit more focus.
  17. I do, actually Vince and I might just know of a good background shot. I'll try and get a couple of piccies without the missus thinking I'm even more weird.
  18. Thanks, Vince, I think the natural light brings it out that little bit better. I still have to cut, sand and stain the wooden moulding I've got for the final surround and try and save some pennies for a small brass plaque for the front. I'm hoping to be able to sand it down so it follows the ground so that it doesn't look like the whole thing is sitting in a box.
  19. Cheers, Ozzy, your comments are most welcome. I have come back to the plastic fantastic after a break of almost 30 years so I'm a little rusty.
  20. A few more with the figures in place. I know the original photo has the men walking towards the camera with the ground falling away to the left of picture but if I followed it to the letter the figures would look as though they were walking away from "the viewer" and it just didn't look right, so I've taken the liberty of a little "artistic licence".
  21. Update on the dio. The exterior filler was fine once I'd got the mix sorted, and once set was painted with 2 coats of Tamiya flat earth as a base colour. The path/track is covered with some flock material I got off an online auction site and the ground under the bushes is covered with dried peppermint tea leaves that SWMBO drinks while the opposite ground is covered with dried Dill I "found not being currently used" in the kitchen cupboard. The bushes are made from some lichen I found in the New Forest a few weeks ago dipped in PVA and sprinkled with various herbs and stuff. I'm not sure if I'
  22. I'm trying to persuade SWMBO to get me a mat of tall grass from eBay measuring 10cmx10cm for £4.99. I had a similar sized mat about 18 months ago and tear bits off as and when needed and still have a good quarter of it left. If yours is bigger than mine (snigger), where did you get it from?
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