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  1. No need to guess what that may be, you already posted a picture above of that good-looking bulldog! Cheers, ReallyWonderfulDog-8
  2. Careful Jeff, you'll cause MoA to have a coronary!!! ((he likes dogs as much as he likes rivets...)
  3. Nice build as always, Mr. Ministry of Aviation Cheers, My two chocolate labs say Hi
  4. Forgot to include a link of the "speed" wing fairings: http://www.airliners.net/photo/2216967/L/ Cheers, Christos
  5. Carlos is right, the kit has it reproduced pretty-nicely. Here are some more links: http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6429117&nseq=3 http://www.airliners.net/photo/0527346/L http://www.airliners.net/photo/0583304/L http://www.airliners.net/photo/0885512/L http://www.airliners.net/photo/0845818/L Here's a large pic, enhanced down there: True, but easily fixed, a cut piece of thicker decal film (or painted thinner film) will take of this, and it may be as well doing it this way as sanding may have obliterated it anyway when joinging the fuselage. Sort of it being a tooling necessity, the other possible reason is that it may hint into a future release of the so-called "speed" improvements, i.e. the removal of the large wing fairing and replacement with a smaller and flatter one; or to make it easy for the modeller to do it themselves; for a kit of this caliber, I doubt we've seen all the available sprues, my bet is that there will be separate civilian parts, separate R-1820 parts, and who knows what else, all release in due time to maximize sales. There is probably additional fuselage male tooling to account for future non C-47 civilian releases, like what Roden did in their 1:144 releases. Indeed it does! Including the top fuselage line. I would be suspect of the Squadron plans, noticed how they show ribbed flying surfaces like the Trumpeter 1:48 kit is critisized for? I would also reserve judgement on the swallowness of the upper fuselage area until one gets built; when you compare the OOB fuselage as it is, you are not seeing the extra framing area in the cockpit window opening because it is in the clear part, and that makes the upper area seem too shallow around the cockpit IMO. I agree on the clear cockpit part, a larger piece with more surrounding area would have been easier, but I really like the way they did the clear pax windows, with some careful painting on the inside, one could simulate even the black rubber sealant! While I understand why they did the tail flying surfaces separate (see parked Dak pics) I wish they had done the flaps and ailerons separate as well; the scribing is not deep enough IMO, it needs to be deepened, the 1:1 was never a very streamlined plane. One thing they did mis is the trim tab on the right aileron but it's easily scribed. Could be they used a museum piece as reference and it may had it covered. The kit's fit is very good BTW, but be aware, you will need to thin down the wing spar some. I personally love it, I think Airfix hit a homerun with it! Cheers, Christos
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