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  1. Eventually finished putting it all together. As always, there are parts I would have in hindsight done differently and paid more attention to. If I had owned one of these, I would have made it look like this. Always thought the blue decals were ugly.
  2. I was in Dubrovnik, Croatia last year and saw some decent model boats at their Maritime Museum. Enjoy the eye candy. This is my favourite. Apologies about the lack of focus but, I thought it was interesting on how they mapped the parts of the ships in the building process.
  3. ravinmac

    Hasegawa 1/8 DR. 1

    Well Smithy, if you are interested there is an opportunity in the pipeline but, first I am working on raising my posts so that I can use the For Sale forum.
  4. ravinmac

    Hasegawa 1/8 DR. 1

    Thanks. I took my reference from the London Science Museum, they had an old beaten one there. My girlfriend thought I was nuts. She asked if I was going to date it
  5. ravinmac

    Hasegawa 1/8 DR. 1

    Here is some of the building process. Unfortunately I did not document alot. This while I was finishing the inlet pipes and considering if I was going to cut the cam shaft guides and make them more realistic. Was also deciding to clean up the back plate file marks, but as this part of the engine will not be seen as it is against the firewall, I decided against it and worked on the more visible parts. Silly thing doing this hobby is that there are alot of rabbit holes to get lost in. This is one of them, I covered the inlet manifolds with copper foil, the manifolds were sanded back and remade from plasticard for a more accurate look. I decided against drilling out the manifold, really fiddly and awkward to place, only doing the bolts. This was just after the manifold pipes were glued in position. After removing and filing back the studs on the front plate. Was replaced with 1.2 mm pins, washers and bolts.
  6. ravinmac

    Hasegawa 1/8 DR. 1

    Started building a Hasegawa 1/8 DR. 1. I got as far as doing the Le Rhone engine. This is the finished engine, well.... sort of. The ignition and fuel systems are not connected and I am trying to source the serial plate details that goes on the front.
  7. The original Aliens, what a movie. It is a great looking piece. I like the what you did with the creature in the egg. I was in Switzerland a year or two ago and specifically went to Gruyères to Giger's museum. The Alien works they have there are unbelievable, pity no photography allowed, but I did get some shots of the cafe. If you ever out there, go, it is worth it.
  8. Amazing Mirage, always had nice clean lines. I do like the finish. I am in the early stages of doing the Italeri 1/32 mirage.
  9. Here are some more eye candy of the frame
  10. Got my hands on this at a good price. As I rode one in my teen years, it holds some nostalgia. If I had actually owned one I would have probably modified it to look close to what I am building now. Here is a pic of the major parts. Still a lot of smaller parts on the sprues.
  11. That is a good build and paint effort.
  12. That is an amazing build. The checkers does make it stand out. Robert.
  13. @Kitchen Modeller Here is a picture just prior to the first coat of the final colour. The base was Tamiya's enamel fine white surface primer (87044), which I decanted. I tend not to spray directly from tins, unless I was doing a mural on a railway wall . On top of that was a very light dusting of the Tamiya LP-33 Grey Green. Then sanded down after a day drying with a 6000 grit emery cloth. The insignia was then masked over and the final light coats of LP-33 applied.
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