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  1. I did some interior. I know that spartan look and minimalist design was standard these days. No control stick, no rudder pedal was too much. Therefore I had to add it. Also, to make it more realistic I added longerons made by Plastruct inside the fuselage. It looks like I had a missing part, top of the fuselage. I had to buy the same kit again.
  2. Small update. It is time to apply decals. Unfortunately, one decal was destroyed during the process. The Print Scale decals don't like decal fluid they are very thin. Lesson learned for next time use just water. Right now I'm waiting for a new one. To paint insignia I had used Montex masks, it came quite good.
  3. Weathering on this kit is superb, well done. Love it.
  4. Wow, nicely done, astonishing work. I like it very much.
  5. Hi Adriam, what is a deal with the watch? Rushing? I notice that kits we use to make as kids have shrieked. They also not that sophisticates as we remember it. Funny.
  6. Thanks, guys. Much has changed since then. Now we have a few world-class kit manufacturies. Arma hobby released the best Hurricane kit in 1/72 scale. For me, Matchbox kits will always represent my childhood in the mid 80s. SBC will be done in the US Navy scheme, nice bright colors. The kit contains instruction in Chinese, but the whole thing is so straightforward that I don't need to translate it.
  7. A long time ago in the fair country behind the iron curtain was country, Poland. A place where I grew up. Plastic modeling hobby was limited to a variety of kits you can buy on the market. One domestic manufacturer has made only 6-7 types of models. They are still made today. The quality of molds was low, decals were even worst. Hobby paint was something you never heard about. WW2 Greman models were forbidden by the state. A great leader knows witch kit is good for you. Nevertheless, my father was traveling to a decadent and rotten western Europe. He always brought me a nice souvenir, the Matchbox kit. Compare to all kits available in the country, the Matchbox seems to be from a different planet. I cherish those memories from my childhood, that is why I will build one of my Matchbox kits. I hope I didn't bore you with this introduction.
  8. WOW, Rémi Big thumb up for your perseverance with this horrible kit. I hope that you don't have nightmares about it. Keep working. I know that I won't buy it, this kit is for masochists.
  9. Hello everyone. The painting is done. I just finish stripes on the wings. I'm very happy about how the whole thing comes out, all looks nice. Next will be decals and weathering. Landing gear will be attached last, it will be easier working on the plane that way.
  10. My, I say it is a well detailed model. I'm impressed. Eduard's kit makes it easier. Nevertheless, good job.
  11. The painting of wings stabilizers is done. Now I had to pain narrow black stripes along with the green ones on the top wings. It could be difficult, I'm scratching my head how to do it right. And the propeller
  12. Looking good, don't give up. A small blob is irritating. I just finished sanding and polishing Buffalo several times. I know the feeling.
  13. Hello, there. I just finished working on the fuselage. It was a long process. But it was worthed. I had to correct any imperfection. Metallic paint is not forgiving, it much easier to prepare a surface for a regular camouflage scheme. Anyway, the fuselage is ready and the cowling too. It is time for top wings and stabilizers. Top wings in yellow, stabilizers in white.
  14. Bottom is done, It was a long and painful process.
  15. Excellent choice mate, I will be watching it .
  16. Hi It comes out quite nicely. I will be watching this build. Love it.
  17. It comes out quite nicely. Very nice one, preshading is well done. Self-made masks are superb. Not enough words to describe it.
  18. It comes out quite nicely, well done.
  19. Old propeller has been transformed into a gun house on Buffalo's nose. It looks better than I thought. I might send it down a little. The cowling is a stubborn one. Every time I paint it after sending it, it shows new spats need to be corrected. Almost there.
  20. Hi Grey Beema Is it so bad? I was building Battle form MPM, and ... I couldn't finish it. It was such a nightmare, the fuselage was twisted and banded. Canopy's plastic was not transparent and had a lot of cracs. But I thought that this one is better.
  21. Boring, applying putty and sanding, applying putty and sanding. Inside cowling goes plastic strip, this helps me to extend it a little. Early Buffalo was a bit longer. Attached engine. I used super glue to seal the gap, it makes the connection much stronger. For the final touch, putty of course. The line around cowling was cut much closer to the nose. Early models had it much narrower. I will have to add top gun housing and the conversion will be done.
  22. Beau is looking very nice. This version wasn't the best, so many accidents, especially during takeoffs and landings It gets the nickname "flying coffin" Alley Cat did a nice job on these wings I see.
  23. Hello, I'm wondering about the new Airfix Lancasters, are they good? Better than Hasegawa and Revell? Some people are complaining about large panel lines on Airfix kits.
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