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  1. I found this plastic struts very week, whole wing was moving. Finally I had to replace it with metal rods. Plastic material which was used in Matchbox kits from 80's wasn't the best. From 70's much better.
  2. Nice work, I'm looking forward in to it. Nice detailing. I had made my a two years ago, it was a hard work. This is an old kit but, it is THE Matchbox. Good luck,
  3. Nice job, I bought PE set from Eduard for my kit. To get some life in this old kit.
  4. I'm working on the same kit, different version "African Campaign" , you did nice job. This kit need a lot of pertinence and paddy , specially on wing fuselage joining point.
  5. Hello Regarding the wing, please check a blue print bellow. As you can find the trailing edge is not perpendicular to fuselage. This is from a book "Aviation Guide Fairey Battle". MPM's kit looks for me pretty accurate. Resin interior cabin parts has been painted, they are done nicely but slightly of the scale. But real challenge was to glue it together, super glue seems to be not good enough for this task. The bond was to week, I used sand paper to rough parts edges. It helps a little. This resin seems to be glue resistant, i never had such a problem before. To help hold it together I added masking tape soaked in super glue.
  6. WOW, this is more build from scratch than old Airfix. Keep up an amazing work
  7. Hi I'm planning to start a Battle light bomber kit made by MPM. Battle is most misjudged RAF bomber, in history. Mainly used in France 1940. It took heavy losses, because RAF at the time don't had any conception how to use light bombers. Plan was simple to send Battle on missions in enemy territory with out any fighter protection, count on its speed and maneuverability, as we all know it wasn't enough. Moreover, Battle wasn't equipped with self sealing fuel tanks and protection armor, made it very vulnerable even for infantry bullets. After French campaign Battle was turned in to night bomber. I will build Battle used by 300 (Polish) Squadron in late 1940. This squadron took part in early bombing rides over the France. Battle was used until beginning of 1941, then Sq 300 was reequipped with Wellingtons. MPM kit contains resin cabin interiors and some resin parts also. The rest is made from plastic, as a short run kit I didn't expect high quality. I will require a lot of work and putty, so I recommend it for a little advanced model builders.
  8. Tony as usual working very quick and surprising us with unusual rear plane markings.
  9. Very nice build, a lot of resin parts. NICE Tony. I'm looking forward to see more of it.
  10. Wow, looks like I have to do it and I will soon.
  11. Hello fellow modelers, I have pleasure to present you my Tamiya's HS 129, this is a first kit I have managed to finish on GB. The plane is in the markings from Tunisia 1943, and it had been painted with Gunze paints plus Eduards photo-etched parts.
  12. So much work on this poorly manufactured kit, I admire your patience and perseverance. Cockpit looks nice. Good luck.
  13. This how she looks after weathering. For me she is done, I'm happy with result. Maybe she looks bitten and dirty but it is how I like it. Yellow had fade a little after wash, also I applied "desert sand " pigment hire and there.
  14. Hi, it looks nice, keep going. You may dissolved paint a little and do more than one coat, it will help a lot. Check link bellow,
  15. Thanks, It has to be mix 1/10 one drop of paint and ten drops of thinner. Try your self.
  16. Very nice kit, At last, Italian plane. Good luck, I will be watching this one.
  17. Bottom after wash, I highlighted some areas with Tamiya XF55 to indicate sunlight fade effect.
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