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  1. The weathering definitely changes the appearance a lot. I can see now that the orange is much less vibrant and looks ok to me.
  2. Hey there and thanks for the comment. Here is an update. Did a few highlights on the commander and added the second figure. Some touchups still rewuired. Also did weathering on the gun and side skirts. Didnt add the MG34 because it wont fit with the figures in place. Also the cable on te back of the hull will most likely be left off. There are no mounting points and I seem to lose the fun on this kit that was basically a try out for different things. But I might try the AK pencils on this one before calling it finally done.
  3. Great job Andy. Very nice varying paint job. Can you tell me how you approach tracks on modern tanks like this?
  4. Well, just because you can. Self torment was always thought to be a way towards enlightenment.
  5. That is an interesting topic with a lot of nice upgrades.
  6. Started the work the and got some detail add ons. Although these are only I part worth it. And to be honest those detail upgrades for 1/16th scale models are exceptionally expensive. A pity. It ito us also interesting to observe that the TamIya hull has so much less detail when compared with the Meng kit.
  7. Thanks guys. I am indeed not unhappy with the camouflaged uniform. Use the ak paintset here and the paints work nice out of the bottle and are dead matt in appearance. Highly recommended.
  8. Hey there a small update, gund, sideskirts and detail bits and I started on painting of the figures.
  9. Great job and interpretation of this camp. Me like it
  10. Considering that AK startet as the "weathering brand" this is a valid statement. There were still some complaints about AK 's colors being iterpretations of the real colors. Maybe that is why they offer a real color line now. But hey, that is perfectly fine , as long as the result meets or expectations.
  11. I once read that AK has quite a strong "scale effect" build in. That is really orange. Too much I would say. I like Vallejo for that, you can decide for yourself how much scale effect you wanna have. Did you try to spray towards the inside of the red patch to realise a sharp line?
  12. It is looking really appealIng. I like their kits from what I saw until now and they are adding to their range. The modulation looks effective. But some speckleing is noticeable. Will that go away during weathering?
  13. Really? That is a pity. I was toying with getting a few other sets.
  14. Well, of course. I definitely have to start on this. It is in the ready rack for almost one year now.
  15. The scene looks great. The paint job is a bit artistic here and there, but it still looks great.
  16. The detail on this little kit is amazing. Compared to the 35th scales it seems just to be the different part count.
  17. Hey there Darryl. Thanks for the kind comment. The masks were vinyl and quite stiff. The more of the surface feature you keep off the tank before painting the easier these should lie flat. Also because of the complex camo it wasn't easy to align the patches between colors and I didn't get it perfect. But close enough to my taste.
  18. Here you go some update. Worked with some AK dark panel liner and started wheathering. Vallejo mud behind the tracks, you dont see that anymore really and then some pigments and Dust washed mostly on the wheels, tracks and lower hull, but also some on the top area.
  19. The sag is quite prominent. You have to compare the wheel hub in relation to the side skirt line. It is still tight with the tracks, but the wheels come down.
  20. Ahaaaa, a Photoshop is needed. But of course your equipment is great as well. But I always wondered how people get those fantastic pictures rich and with interesting contrast.
  21. That is what I like about H&S airbrushes, you pull the nozzle out and it is pretty much stripped and this is a thorough cleanup after each session in no time.
  22. The base is great. I first thought yu would have been cheeky and bought one of the ready made mattes. As I did *cough* for my Chieftain build. By the way, why do all post war british tanks have a C as first letter? Centurion, Chieftain, Challenger?
  23. What I like about they gun mount is that you get a proper elevation and traverse. SomethIng Dragon doesn't offer in their kit decriptions although the parts seem to be there. You sprayed the vent section black. I did some red followed by weathering and steel chips. But! You don't see nothing of that after adding the mesh screens. So black or any other dark color is OK.
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