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  1. Really awesome build, love this topic especially. I can remember exactly where I was when the mission happened, used to avidly follow all the launches, then to the Shuttle. Saw the first night launch of the Shuttle, as I went to college in North Florida, so we used to have great views of every launch. Before I was in school in FL I was in the USNR and actually watched the Columbia shuttle STS-4 (had a DoD payload) fly over my ship off the Cape. There were 3 ships, we circled in the area as a physical presence until the booster rockets were retrieved by NASA, as there were Soviet ships out there monitoring the launch and could have recovered the boosters. I also witnessed the Challenger STS-5 L tragedy.
  2. Apollo 14, with Capt Alan Shepard USN 7, the oldest person to walk on the moon, was also the first to hit a golf ball on the moon's surface with a specially designed club head that fit into a standard tool he would access to on the surface. http://www.pga.com/news/golf-buzz/feb-6-1971-alan-shepard-plays-golf-moon
  3. I will have to check, three of them are the W.German, so I'm assuming they are old, then a Testors/Fujimi issue of a USN SH-3H, and the newest is the RN Flying Tiger, so I will have to compare. I'm planning on using the Airfix HAR.3 starter kit for my RN HAS versions. (just ordered MA72068 from Hannants).The older Fujimi kits will be okay for USN HSS-2'S SH-3A's SH-3D's and RCN CHSS-2's versions. I like the early dark grey color schemes versus the lighter white/greys, overall light greys, etc. but I have an older sheet with HU.5 SAR and a single HAS.6 on it, so who knows? If I can get some Revell issues for reasonable cost, have to just refer to the postings here.
  4. Truth be told, your build is one that I've referenced for my future builds as inspiration (and a motivation to join BritModeller). I have 3 Airfix AEW kits to use for parts, like the HAS.5/6 radome and other lumps and bumps (I foolishly bought them on sale without checking for reviews and did not realize that they were still using the old Sea King mold, glad I didn't also get the HU.5 SAR). I had previously gotten the wonderful HC.4 kit first as I always wanted to do a Junglie OOB, so I thought they would update the AEW version also. I figured I could do HAS.1/2/2A's from the HAR.3 kit, from the references here and the Warpaints book, Air Power's Summer 1996 issue, Wings of Fame issues, Aircraft of the FAA since 1945, the Chartres book, etc. Plus FB pages on the FAA and Westland Helos. Like I said I enjoy the researching also. Thanks for the reference links! Greatly appreciated! Very Respectfully, Scott
  5. Thank you! Wonder when this came out, notice it's got 2017 on the sheet. Wasn't there the last time I scrolled through Hannants. Different cabs, but same roster of NAS. Going to have to pick this up before they are gone. Maybe a few more folks are thinking of using the newest Airfix HAR.3 as the bones for an HAS.1 or a .2 (like me). .
  6. Got lucky, just found Modeldecal set 49 on Ebay from Belgium for 5 EURO, 2 more for postage. Nice little birthday (today) present for myself!
  7. Thank You. HMS Hermes a/c, 814 NAS, HAS.1 del 1970, update~1979 to HAS.2, then to HAS.5, ending up preserved as an HU.5SAR. I think I have markings for her as a HU.5SAR. Thank again!
  8. Here's a question on an older kit that I hope someone will be able to answer for me. Can anyone tell me what the Royal Navy markings that are in the kit? I cannot locate an instruction sheet online for the kit that would illustrate it. Have three of the West German Sea Kings, a Flying Tiger, and a USN SH-3 waiting in the 'wings'. I always passed this particular kit by, because of the yellow plastic (I guess I am lazy) and I do not model RAF generally, not knowing that there were RN markings inside. I concentrate on building mostly naval air subjects (USN, RN, RN, RAN). Always thought that at least the green plastic in the West German was easier to cover with greys. I think I even have an old Airfix kit that I bought for the decals! I know about the Heller Sea King (same kit) with the 814 NAS decals. Now if I can find a MODELDECAL Set 49 or Model Alliance 72121 for a decent price I'd be happy. Thank you!
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