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  1. HOLY COW BATMAN that looks the business, one to be proud of thats for sure.
  2. Ok as i am in a rut and really need to get out of it i will do a Hase 1/72 F-14A. It be completely OOB even using the nasty decals that Hase think white is cream. So put me down, be a VF-111 Sundowners 1988.
  3. Forgot about this GB lol. I be doing a F-16I Kinetic with wolfpack cockpit. If i have enought time i might for a F-16F as well, we will see.
  4. Also is good i have used it.
  5. Saying that Pavla do a complete resin pit for the GR.7. But the reason i am using the Aires pit as i got it free when i got the kit as it was not needed to the person as i brought the kit.
  6. OMG i must be blind or something because i never saw that. And now you stated it i see it, ok i am a idiot lol. Don't worry next time i see Chris he can give me a cuff lol.
  7. Ok i am new to this plastic sheet rod business and to be honest i am getting really confused by it. right according to the eduard instructions i need: Plastic Rod: 0.5mm Diameter, guessing thats the thing that is O / through it? 1.mm Dia 2.8mm Dia Plastic Sheet: 1mm thick Now i thought that with these measurements it be easy to find but nope some companies have to confuse buy giving you different numbers than what they are. I feel i am getting over my head and i need some help finding what i need, i have used google before some say it's your friend and i am pulling my hair out trying to figure this all out. Can i please get some help, also if this is in the wrong place sorry i was'nt sure where to put it.
  8. Thanks Pete, i saw your build and what a beaut. I guess it will be a trail and error on my part then. Thanks to all that have replied.
  9. 2 of everything , must have cost a pretty penny as the CMK stuff alone needs a morgage these days, could'nt believe it when i saw there prices. Sticking with NeOmega for my build much cheaper. Good luck though i be watching. Also this might be helpful. Click here for your easy bird..
  10. OMG i so want lol but does anyone do a MD11?
  11. What looks wrong at the rear???? Looks good but that is off putting from an airline builder. I am a newbie so thats ment to be my mistake.
  12. Chris, how is the AA 767 decals? I have another revell kit coming and i fancy something other than BA and Lufthansa, yeah i know BIG SHOCK there. Although i have my A380 now and ready for GB if it happens and i have a couple of A320's and A319's on the way. After swapping my collection with you need to restock, told yeah i end buying it all again lol.
  13. There is an easier way, see if someone on here has the xtrakit they would trade. I am sure someone is willing to help out a fellow modeller.
  14. Holy smokes Batman that looks amazing. Just read all 27 pages and wow, you had your ups and downs on this but be worth it in the end. Having never even touched a WW1 subject you making want to. Keep the updates coming.
  15. I think people like a lot of colour, to me Air France is well boring. BA baby can't go wrong, although Lufthansa has me also interested.
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