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  1. Good job all-round, especially with the cowling. I too wimped out and bought the Barracuda one and it’s sitting with the export version in the stash. Yours is good inspiration to actually retrieve it and get started!
  2. Hmmm, not heard of that film before, but it sounds good on the web site. I’ll invest in some and give it a try - thanks!
  3. Well-spotted! This gets to the heart of any T4 - the NMF. After a disappointing time with the Voodoo, I did a bit of research and devoured anything I could on how to get a finish that was appropriate for an OCU machine left out in the scorching sun of an arid North-East climate... Matt of someone's model ( https://youtu.be/pMjuSZdHayE ) did a good job of experimenting with creating bare metal variance, and Plasmo ( https://youtu.be/9qJ6Q-mSaeQ ) did a great P51 with NMF and THEN added weathering with light grey oils for panel lines and chipped varnish, so I got out a P51 (hence the canopy)
  4. Canopy masks done, after the obligatory floor-wax dipping. “Hang-on! That’s not a T4 canopy there!” do I hear you cry?
  5. Really enjoying this and taking loads of notes! The seat is outstanding and I feel your pain with the wheel wells - I really struggled getting a resin set fettled for my T4. Keep up the good work! Steve
  6. I have a cockpit tub ready for the T5 version, as that one is going to be modelled in a hanger, undergoing servicing, so it’ll have a few panels open. Good luck with yours!
  7. Funnily enough, the only place I could source the decals for the OCU was a model shop in your neck of the woods!
  8. ... and a bit from today... A bit of research here and there seemed to indicate some fishing weights were required to avoid this becoming a tail sitter, which fitted neatly in the intake before temporarily adding the nose cone. A word of advice - DON’T stick the cockpit or nose wheel bay/intake in at this stage! I’d recommend dry fit and taping the fuselage halves together first, then test fitting the wings. The locating slot and “wedge” aren’t too positive, so you may have issues getting these to sit right if you glue the fuselage together first. I checked the fit, made a
  9. More progress from last night (I couldn’t keep away!). Added the resin wheel wells from CMK. Not designed for the Sword kit, seemed to fit the opening but not the thickness of the wing. Needed a fair bit of scraping the inside of the wing with a scalpel, plenty of sanding of the back surface and a tad shortening of the vertical walls once in place to produce an acceptable result. I then added some rivet detail. Once it’s had a couple of coats of paint, all I wanted was a feeling of panels, rather than anything agricultural or obv
  10. Good idea about the foil, though I guess I’ll have to drink the contents to avoid waste... I’ll fill and fix as suggested during final assembly and before the seats go in.
  11. Hi all! Bear with me, this is my first WIP post. Sword’s 1:48 T4 lightning. All the usual comments about “short-run” kits apply - no locating pins, some flash, occasional fit issues, etc., but overall, I’m impressed. I bought a few goodies to go with it, the best being Danny Coreman’s book, but there were a few diorama bits I couldn’t resist, like tow bar, FOD cover (covers a multitude of sins!), tow-tractor... I took inspiration from #propforward’s build, so all the same comments apply as to fit, filling and finish! Natural metal finish on an earlier
  12. They are huge suckers - you’ve done well to blend them in so smoothly! Good luck for the rest of the scribing! What will you use? Needle? Scriber?
  13. Cheers, Duncan! Off to order an agricultural building to fit it in as we speak...! Steve
  14. Hi all! Good looking build with a very smart finish! Did you polish it or is that the natural paint finish? I’m at the start of my T4 journey and there are definitely a few issues, but bear in mind the short-run nature, order some filler, some spare files and an extra dose of patience and it should turn out nicely. Good photos too! For reference, 226 OCU only spent 10 months at RAF Middleton St George, from June ‘63 to April ‘64, where it was equipped solely with the T4 version. Only after moving to Colishall, it gained some T5s. Some great memories from the guy who flew both versi
  15. Thanks, Duncan - Count me in for a Lanc as well; if you know a good builder for the required extension, that would be fab too...!
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