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  1. Thanks for the welcome. From hazy memory the last kit I did as a nipper was an Airfix (what else) Lancaster, and I seem to recall getting black Humbrol Enamel paint everywhere. This time round I got the Airfix Typhoon Starter Kit on a whim as I was walking past the local model shop, (Wonderland Models in Edinburgh) and really enjoyed the process. next kit was the Italeri F4U-4B, which nearly switch me off modelling for life. Since then invested in some Vallejo Model Colour paints and a basic set of tools and built a couple more Airfix, but I have really enjoyed Eduard kits so I
  2. Returning to modelling after nearly 40 years. Felt I had earned the right to join the forum following the spilling of a full bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin over the dining room table, much to the wife's chagrin.
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